Okay, I've seen hudreds of these and I wanted to make one myself

Okay, I've seen hudreds of these and I wanted to make one myself. I hope it's funny. If not, then tell me and give me suggestions. Okay, here I go!

DISCLAIMER: The Twilight series is owned by Stephenie Meyer and no one else.

Bold: Bella

Italics: Edward

Underline: Alice

Bold Italic: Emmett

Bold Underline: Japser

Bold Italic Underline: Rosalie

Wow, I was so bored. I mean, how many times can one endure the torture of 1500's literature? Not the books, those were good. But the lessons are completely insane.

I was just about to finish my doodle and start a new one when a folded piece of paper hit my elbow.

I opened it up and read the note writen there.

Doodleing again?

Yes, I am so bored.

Well, I can understand. This class is very boring.


Yeah, and it's only the first day. And isn't it weird that all six of us are in the same class?

I couldn't care less. Isn't it a good thing?

Rose, be nice.

Just making a point.



I want doodlecakes.

What's a doodlecake?

I don't know. I'm being random.

Well, it's not like we can eat anything anyway.

Well, nothing but our smexy lovers.

That's disturbing.

Don't say it's not true.


What? Am I not smexy?

No, you are. it's just a strange word.

Random, remember?

Right now, he's probably slow dancing with some beach blonde tramp and she's probaly getting frisky...

Right now, he's probably buying her some fruity little drink cause she can't shoot whiskey...

Right now, he's probably up behind her with a pool-stick showing her how to shoot a combo...

Emmett, you know this song?

Heck yeah! You don't?

I do.

Bella, he said I do! He has to finish the verse! And kiss you!

Sigh Fine. And he don't know...

That I dug my key into the side of his pretty little souped up 4 wheel drive...

Carved my name into his leather seats...

I took a Louisville slugger to both headlights...

Slashed a whole in all four tires...

Maybe next time he'll think before he cheats...

That was weird.

It was. But it was fun.

Was it?

Alice, what was with the kiss thing?

A rule of note passing.

Since when?

Since I just made it.

Okay then...

Hey Eddie-poo?

Emmett why did you just call me that?

I'm bored.

Oh, well what did you want? And don't call me that again.

I already told you. I'm bored.

Well, here's something to think about. Have you noticed that he sways when he talks? Like, all the time?



Eddie-poo? No he doesn't.

Stop calling me that!

Why? It's funny Eddie-poo.

She's right. It is.

Smexy Eddie-poo. I like it.

That's disturbing, Bella.

I agree.

Me too.

I think it cute. She's got a nick-name for him now.

Thank you Alice.

Yes, thank you, Alice. Buty how did we get from the topic of me swaying to me being smexy?

A) Because you are. And B), who said we were done with that topic yet?

But Eddie-poo doesn't sway.

I know.

Then why did you say he did?


The Queen of it since she got changed.

Thank you Rosalie.


Okay, but who were you you talking about, love?

You havn't noticed? Look up front.

You mean Mr. Valouciour?

Doi. It's so funny too. Sometimes, he even starts bouncing.

Like now for instance?

Exactly. You mean to tell me you guys never noticed? I live with a bunch of blind vampires! Go figure!

We've taken this class to many times. You stop noticing what the teacher does after a few years.

Whatever you say Eddie-poo.

I really wish you wouldn't call me that.

But it's fun! And it's your nickname!

Sigh Why was I cursed with this name?

Because you were. So get over it.

The bell rang ending our day of not passing. It had been fun.