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-Beautiful Consequences

-Chapter One

-The Hell of Family and The Hell of No Family


George Weasley had really come to hate the holidays. Not the holiday season , as man of business, the holiday season was his favorite time of the year. It was the two day holiday itself. Two days of family togetherness just didn't fit well into the lifestyle he'd preferred to live in the years since he'd found himself in the world without his twin brother Fred.

It was hard to believe that Fred had been gone nearly ten years. But it was easy to believe too as each year since had its own landmark. Shortly after he became engaged to Angelina Johnson. only to discover a couple of weeks later that she didn't want to see him anymore. She had realized she wanted him to be Fred's proxy. George knew he should have been hurt, yet he had felt no pain in the discovery, instead he realized that he had been using her too in way, to attempt to live the life that Fred was now unable to.

They parted friends and the last George had heard Angelina, who lived with her husband who was a business man in Australia, had just had the couples fifth child.

It seemed everybody was busy having families. The next spring Ginny, Ron, Harry and Hermione had gotten their certificates from Hogwarts. That fall Harry and Ron began Auror's training, Hermione began to study magical Law and Ginny was drafted to play for Seeker the new womens Quidditch team The Hogsmeade Hexers.

A year later, Harry and Ginny were married...followed by Ron and Hermione that fall. By spring Ginny announced that she was giving up chasing snitches for chasing babies. That spring Charlie married a lovely muggle named Catherine, Percy and Penelope were announcing their first, Bill and Fleur their second and Ginny and Harry now had baby James in tow.

During those ten years, every spring brought someone new into the family. Bill and Fleur had added a boy, little William Aurthur. Baby James was barely terrorizing the garden gnomes before little Albus Severus and Ron and Hermione' first, Rosie, put in an appearance. Charlie and Cathy added little Melissa in the 9th year and now, in the tenth, George waited to find out who would be the lucky new parent's to be this Christmas. To kill the time, he played with little James while eight year old Victoire, a mirror image of her mother, but with silvery strawberry blond hair, kept up a steady stream of chatter in his ear.

George would take the chatter any day over what he knew was coming after the "new baby" announcement.

"Mum, Dad..." Ron began

'Here it comes' George muttered under his breath 'Guess 'mione won the baby lottery this year'

"Guess Hermione won the baby lottery this year." Arther said with a laugh as he sat down next to George

George continued to mutter under his breath

'Better hurry up and find a wife George, or you'll never catch up with your brothers and sister'

"Better hurry up and find a wife George, or you'll never catch up with your brothers and sister" Arthur nudged him on the arm with his elbow.

"Roooonn!" Ginny picked up her wand and pointed it in Ron's face "You promised!"

"What's this?" Molly pushed Ginny's hand down

"You know Ginny Mum, She's always so touchy" Ron rolled his eyes

"Not all the time" Harry corrected, walking up from behind with little Albus and putting his arm around Ginny "Only when she's pregnant."

"Ginny!" Molly squealed and looked unsure if she should grab Harry or Al bus or Ginny first, so she grabbed them all and jumped up and down.

"Mum" Ginny laughed "Mum...your going to make Albus throw up. I know...why don't you go jump on Hermione and Fleur..." she lowered her voice to a whisper "They're both pregnant too"

George thought Molly's excitement was such that he might actually escape the yearly inquisition, but, no such luck. After a round of hugging and jumping that left both Hermione and Fleur looking ready to throw up George found himself seated with Molly on one side, and Arthur on the other.

He had tried in the first few years to get up when they sat down, but they only managed to follow him, six years before he even found them waiting in the kitchen outside the bathroom door.

"How lovely!" Molly began "Three new babies this year! I do hope Harry and Ginny have a girl, it would be ever so nice if he could have a namesake for his dear mother too."

"Harry has said he would like that very much" Arthur agreed "And Ron and Hermione...another so soon...What would you like George, Niece or Nephew?" he turned to George, smiling

"I would like to skip the small talk and get it over with, so shall we?" George lifted an eyebrow and grinned.

"I've no idea what you mean." Arthur pretended and failed badly, to look innocent.

"Come off it Dad" George smiled "We have the same chat every time there is a big announcement...and since we seem to married everyone off..."

"Not everyone dear." Molly looked at him sadly "I know you must have been hurt when Angelina broke things off, but thats no reason to..."

"Mum" George took her hand and gave it a squeeze, glancing over to where the rest of the family was huddled together with their kids in various stages of Christmas gift box destruction.

"It has nothing to do with Angelina. I've told you, our breakup was completely amicable and mutual."

"Then why haven't you dated anyone else?"

"I have!" It was true, he had gone out with a couple girls since Angelina, but all were lacking , none seemed to hold his interest for more than an hour or two.

"When is the last?"

"It was on a Thursday. Two weeks ago."

"George." Arthur looked at him sternly "Two weeks ago Thursday you took your mother Christmas shopping in Paris."

"Fine, alright 9 years and two weeks ago." Frustrated George got up and put on his coat. He'd had enough family togetherness. He was ready to toss a couple back at the Leaky Cauldron. "I got to go, have to open the Shop early for after season sales."

"George...we just don't want you to end up alone." Molly looked up at him sadly.

"I know Mum, but... I always had Fred, he was the best company and friend I ever had, you can't replace a brother like that with a woman. It don't work that way."

George bent down and kissed her cheek, then kissed his sister and sister in laws goodbye, shook with his father and brothers then disapperated into the snowy night for Daigon Alley and the Leaky Cauldron...and Fate.


Luna Lovegood stared out the window of her room above the Leaky Cauldron. The cobblestones of Daigon Alley were coated in a thick blanket of snow, reflecting the full moon above and sparkling like a million diamonds and sapphires were embedded in the moon blued blanket of snow.

Luna looked up and her eyes fell on an apartment window where a hundred Christmas fairies had been hired to decorate a families Christmas tree, their wings sparkled and changed colors like the fiber optic angels that her muggle friends at university had used to adorn the tops of their Christmas trees.

Christmas... how she hated it.

Luna hated all holidays. Holidays were meant for families and Luna had none. Her father, Xenophilius, had been killed ten years before when Voldemort gave orders to his Death Eaters to kill all imprisoned there, only an hour before the Auror's had taken back control of Azkaban prison.

Alone now, she sold the rights to her fathers magazine "The Quibbler" as she no longer had the resources or printing capabilities. Since running Rita Skeeters article with Harry Potter's side of the story of the night Voldemort returned, the Quibbler had become quite popular, respectable and valuable. She had made enough from the sale to put herself through wizard secondary education and muggle university.

Now, she found herself over educated and out of things to do. It wasn't money, she still had a sizable chunk of the money left from the sale of the magazine, not to mention a huge inheritance from not only her father, but her mother and grandparents as well.

Luna Lovegood had found herself quite well off. Well off enough so that, at age twenty-seven, she didn't have to work if she didn't want to.

Yet when she saw the ad posted by Tom, the owner of the Leaky Cauldron, in the Daily Prophet, for someone to manage the hotel and bar during his absence over Christmas, she had applied in person, and was hired.

She was after all, still considered one of the heroes of Hogwarts. Maybe not as notable as Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger... but she was still partially responsible for clearing the way for Harry, Ron and Hermione to collect the Horcruxes and destroy them.

"Hello?" Luna was jarred from her thoughts by a voice from below "Tom, you here?"

She reached for her sweater from the end of the bed and slipped it on, quickly skipping down the stairs... to face her fate.

"You don't look like Tom." The young man cocked a half grin that Luna recognized immediately. You couldn't have breathed in Hogwarts and not known that grin and the grin of its partner in crime, they were legends.

"Well, if it isn't George Weasley. I don't expect you to remember me...but I certainly would hope you would know at least that I am not Tom." She smiled back as she moved behind the bar, her eyes sparkling and dimples flashing.

"My hump isn't quite as large as his." She pointed her thumb at the back of her neck and pulled her long blond hair away to show her slim neck and the smooth column of pale skin.

George couldn't take his eyes off the graceful curve of Luna Lovegood's neck and a momentary urge to brush his fingers down the side of it was quickly stifled.

"No, its definitely not." George sat down on a stool and shook himself as she let go of her hair and it covered her neck again. "At least not quite. Maybe in a year or two though."

"Well, you know" Luna smiled appreciatively "That's my big goal in life...to have a hump the size of Tom's."

"Well, Miss Lovegood, I wish you luck in all things ..er...hump-ly--hump-ish-- um-- hump related."

"Miss Lovegood? So, you do remember me."

"But of course, George Weasley never forgets a truly spectacular hump."

Luna put her hand over her mouth to smother her laugh.

"...and that sounded incredibly bad, didn't it?" George winced

Luna laughed and put her thumb and forefinger about half an inch apart. "Just a little"

"Well, don't you just have a dirty mind."

"Look who's talking." Luna laughed

"Touche'! I think you hit my jugular!" George was having the best laugh he'd had in some time, Luna as well it seemed, it took her a moment to stop laughing enough to ask

"Can I get you something Mr. Weasley?" She said, a hint of laughter still singing in her voice.

"A good hard drink please Miss Lovegood. And Call me George. You know the line of course."

"Would that be the 'Mr. Weasley is my father' line?" Luna smiled as she poured a shot of firewhiskey into a glass and slid it across the bar.

"That's the line." George picked up the glass and toasted vaguely in the direction of the burrow "To my loving father and mother who love me so much they are driving me fucking batty."

"My, that is a horribly sad toast to make on Christmas." Luna smiled softly and refilled his glass

"Only one way to solve that problem Miss Lovegood..."



"And what exactly is that way Mr. Weasley?"

George looked at her sternly and raised an eyebrow "George."

Luna rolled her eyes and laughed a little "Okay, what exactly is that way George?"

"You join me and you make the toast Luna."

"Oh...I'm not sure I should do that. I am suppose to be working here." Luna smiled.

"Working? Luna..., it's bloody Christmas it's nine o'clock, Tom closes up at ten. I am the only one in here. What work is there to do?"

"I have to take care of you." Luna laughed.

"Okay, I'll pay for the whole bottle" George threw a couple galleons on the bar "I can pour my own drinks, and I haven't enjoyed talking to someone this much in a very long time."

Luna looked at George, he was smiling at her so sincerely, and to be honest, she hadn't enjoyed talking to anyone like this in a long time either.

"Oh Alright, just let me lock up first."

"Deal." George grinned


Several hours, lots of laughter and many shots later found them in front of the fire in the sitting room across the hall from Luna's room, having moved up there to be warmer as the night grew colder.

The conversation ranged from family, to school, to the announcement of the three new babies in the Weasley/Potter families, to Dumbledore's Army, and the reason it was created in the first place...

"Do you still have the scars?"

Luna proudly lifted her hand to show the scars on her hand, thirteen years old now...

George smiled faintly and lifted his own hand and put it next to hers, his own scars white against his skin.

'I Must Not Break The Rules'

He reached for her hand and squeezed it briefly then let it drop.

"Harry's are worse. Much, much worse." George's eyes hardened with the memory of the torture his brother in law had endured "I still can't believe all that evil cow Umbridge got away with. Specially after what she did to Harry."

Luna found herself stifling a giggle and failed as it turned into a full bodied laugh.

"What did I say?" George grinned, puzzled as to what had set Luna to laughing.

"Are you kidding?" Luna's eyes sparkled in the firelight and George felt a jolt of laughter building in him as well.

"You don't really think that she really got away with anything...Peeves, and the others...and the centaurs...Her life at Hogwarts was pure hell ..."

George started to laugh " That's right...I'd nearly forgotten, you guys did get her in the end. We were gone by then and missed it."

"No! Don't you remember? You started it! You started it all."

From a million miles away George heard a voice from the past

"Give her hell for us Peeves!"

"That was Fred." George smiled sadly "He was always the voice of our operations. He was braver than I in that respect."

"No!" Luna shook her head and turned and sat on her knees facing George, then she turned his head to face her. "Don't you see...it wasn't just Fred, it was you too. And what you two did, it probably saved Hogwarts. It gave us the courage to stand up to her, and you encouraged the teachers, and probably Harry too. "

George couldn't look away because Luna was holding his chin, but what really seemed to be holding him was her eyes. There was faith and belief in them, the thing he use to see whenever Fred had looked at him when they were cooking something up between then. But also, they were void of pity, something he had seen far too much of the past ten years.

"I remember it like it was yesterday, watching you and Fred fly off into the sunset that day, just like a couple of muggle movie hero's...and all I could think of was...Fred and George Weasley started it, now it's up to us to finish it. We couldn't just let things go back to business as usual. You were our heroes...we couldn't let what you did go to waste."

George couldn't speak, his eyes stayed locked on Luna's and he stared into them with an intensity that he had never felt before. Quickly she dropped her hand, her cheeks turning pink.

"Listen to me" Luna laughed "I'm twenty six years old, but get a few drinks in me and I start babbling like a silly little school girl again."

George shifted around onto his own knees so Luna was between them, then he cupped her cheek briefly before threading his fingers into her hair to caress the back of her head, gently tilting it back to bring her face up to his once again, their noses nearly touching.

"Your not silly" He said softly, his lips brushing over hers "Your not a little school girl." He kissed her again, deeper this time "And I adore the way you babble."

Luna laughed a little, followed by George, and then his lips took hers again, gently, softly, not wanting to scare her away but always wanting more, to move deeper into her. He tasted her lips with his tongue and she opened obligingly, meeting his with her own, submitting, yet demanding more in her own gentle way.

George pulled her closer so their bodies were against one another, then lowered her so she rested cradled in his arm, freeing his other hand to touch and explore. Her own hands moved over his shoulders, into his hair, and down his back.

George broke free from her lips and sought out the pale skin of her neck that he had admired hours before. His free hand working the buttons on her blouse, and his mouth moved lower, over the tops of her breasts where her bra didn't cover, George was growing light headed, she felt entirely too good under his hand and lips.

The perfume she wore was unlike any he recognized, soft and beautiful, yet playful and fun like the woman herself. She was completely different from Angelina, Angelina had attracted him because of a sense of responsibility, to complete the life that Fred no longer could. But Luna had awoken something in him, a desire that had been long dead, to have a future of his own.

"George..." Luna whispered his name and pushed against his shoulders, and he stopped, afraid that he had pushed too far.

"Oh God, Luna" He pulled back fast, hastily covering her back up "I didn't mean to...I mean, we've only just seen each other after a long time and... I'm sorry...I'll go if you like."

Luna looked up at him, her eyes filled with sadness. "I don't want you to go."

George knelt back down "You wanted me to stop."

"Were in a public sitting room, it's not exactly the most private arrangement." Luna blinked at him

"Oh. I thought..." George began to turn red

"Mr. Weasley" Luna got up from the floor and began to walk saucily toward the hall. She stopped at the door and turned back "Perhaps what they say is true..."

"What's that?" George lifted an eyebrow at her as he got up off the floor

"That you Gryffindors should leave the thinking the Ravenclaws."

She was gone and across the hall before George could react.

"Hey!" George followed her across the hall and into her room.

Luna's room was empty when George stepped inside.


A voice from behind him turned him around

"I'm here." She pushed the door shut then tapped it with her wand "Alohomora 8293"

She put her wand down on the small dresser at the foot of her bed and stepped toward George. George stood by the side of the bed, his hand out waiting for hers. When Luna slipped her hand into his he kissed the front, and then the back and palm, before pulling her close to him again, his lips once again drawn to her neck.

"You make me feel so alive." he whispered against her neck.

"I've been alone , been so lonely, for so long. George, I haven't felt alone since you came tonight." Her fingers played with the hem on his shirt, then she pulled it up and over his shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

"Are you sure Luna? I don't want to hurt..."

She quieted him with her lips, she knew what he was saying. He was saying he wouldn't there when she woke in the morning, and he didn't want her to be hurt when he wasn't. But she wouldn't be hurt, it wasn't like it would be the first time someone ditched her after one night. It was just the first time someone was honest about it the night before.

"Luna...I.." Luna again stopped him, frustrating George in his efforts to be gallant. He didn't know if this was Luna's first time or not, and he didn't know how to ask subtly. But he was afraid he would hurt her, and he was afraid if he hurt her she would leave him, and after only a few hours...something in him knew, if he lost her...

"George ..."

I don't want to be alone anymore...even if its just for this one night that I can have you...

George pulled her shirt off and undid the hooks for her bra, letting it slide onto the floor. Skin touched skin as he pulled her lips to his, his hands slid her skirt and panties from her hips and let them drop while Luna opened his belt and pants, his jeans joined her clothes in the heap next to the bed.


You make me feel alive!

George picked Luna up and lay her on the bed, then lay next to her. His hands and lips traveled from her brow to her ankles and back, until she was moaning his name, begging in ecstasy.


His breath was coming hard and fast, and he nearly whimpered as he fought for enough control to be gentle, to go slow as he pressed himself inside of her. A whimper did come when Luna began to moan beneath him, begging him to move faster., and he quickened his pace slightly but her fingernails on his back spoke of her need and desire for more, and George lost all control.

Thrusting for all he was worth as deep, as hard and fast as he could, all thoughts of hurting her gone from his mind while she writhed and bucked her hips beneath him, wrapping her legs around him tightly and smothering her face sideways into her pillow to smother the sound of her pleasure when she reached the peak, while George buried his face in the side of her neck, riding out his own.

A long while later he murmured against her neck the words that had been building in his heart all night.

"Stay with me Luna, stay with me forever."

He rose up on his elbow and smiled down at her, she was sound asleep.

God, he thought she looks like an angel.


Luna felt the sun jabbing under her eyelids forcing them to open. She hated mornings after a late night and it was all worse today. She knew she was going to open her eyes and George was going to be gone.

She wasn't wrong. Luna sighed deeply, almost sadly. She had felt so good with him, something had felt right. To think that George was going to be just like the others...it just didn't seem right. Not George, the man who was once the boy who had been her hero.

Luna rolled over and her eyes fell on the folded bit of parchment on the small table by her bed.

I had to open the shop...

I will be free by lunch

if you are, come by

around noon?


Luna smiled.


George couldn't stand it. Never before in his life had a morning passed so slowly. Had it been up to him he would have spent it with Luna in his arms, breathing in the smell of her perfume, tasting her lips, sharing her kisses.

He had to laugh at himself. Looked like his mum and dad might be getting a late Christmas gift after all.

A woman at the counter behind him was talking with another while they played with the cage of Pygmy puffs, George turned to offer them assistance, figuring he should do some work.

"Well" Said the fat woman in the blue cloak "I can't believe Tom would leave her of all people in charge of the hotel."

"Oh go on now Annabelle, you don't believe those rumors." The tall thin woman in brown shook her head

"I'm telling you, there's got to be something flaky about that one, being the daughter of Xenophilius and Ozziettra Lovegood. She's got slut written all over her."

"Annabelle, really!" The woman in brown looked around, as if embarassed

"I heard it from my niece, Romi, she went to that muggle university too. Knows a couple of those boys. They told her she jumped in the sack with them without a second thought...oh Merlins beard, I'm running late now..."

George felt the bottom drop out of his world. Luna...no, it couldn't be.

"I don't want you to go."

"You wanted me to stop."

"Were in a public sitting room, it's not exactly the most private arrangement."

She hadn't hesitated. She hadn't seemed put off in the least. And she hadn't acted like a virgin.


George turned around and found himself face to face with Luna.

"But of course, George Weasley never forgets a truly spectacular hump...and that sounded incredibly bad, didn't it?"

"Just a little"

"Well, don't you just have a dirty mind."


she jumped in the sack with them without a second thought,

"I found your note...it was really..."

She's got slut written all over her.

George felt something in him start to burn with agony. He was afraid to believe it wasn't true, afraid to trust. The idea of losing again, his memory flashed once again on Fred's face in his coffin. Torn away from him forever.

He felt like everything inside him was on fire, wasn't this why he had stayed away from people in the first place? Because the risk just wasn't worth the chance of the pain... Damn it! He couldn't do it again! He couldn't... wouldn't!

"Oh, is that where I left that."

"Left it?"

"Yes I meant to drop it off on my way back here this morning, guess I forgot to grab it before I left"

Luna felt like she had been socked in the stomach

"Oh...did you think that was meant for you?"

"Of course not." Luna laughed "I just thought it might be important for someone else. Well if you will excuse me."

Luna barely held back her tears until she reached the cobblestones, then she turned and quickly apparaited away.

George knew he should have been relieved to have her gone, but instead he felt like any chance he had for happiness had apparaited away with her, along with his heart.


-Nine Weeks Later


Luna lay on her bed in the little cottage she had bought and had risen where her fathers grand house had once stood. Thank GOD for magic... The first thing she had done was to hide it in a thick patch of trees behind a nice high fence. Thanks to the trees and the charms she put in place, the cottage itself wasn't visible from the sky or the road. She would be free from prying eyes for the rest of her life. She had hired a freed house elf to do shopping and errands and anything else that might require going into Daigon Alley.

She had no intention of ever seeing that stinking jerk of a loser George Weasley ever again... unless she gave in to her desire to spit in his face.

Luna shook her head to clear her mind and rolled over to watch the snow fall outside her bedroom window. That was better, nice and relaxing, calming.

The last thing Luna wanted on her mind at the moment was George Weasley. She hated George Weasley more than she imagined it was possible to hate another human being, definitely more than she hated any of the others before him. She hated him the most because he was the first, the only...the only one that she let do more than hold her. Deep down, she had always thought that was the reason why they left, because she never let them make love to her.

So why hadn't she even considered stopping George Weasley? Deep down, if she was honest with herself, she would have to admit that she had hoped that if she didn't stop him, it might make him want to stay.

"I've been so foolish." Luna sighed "But I can't say that I regret it. After all, he didn't really leave me alone did he?"

Luna smiled sadly and rubbed her tummy where her child lay patiently waiting to grow.

The child of George Weasley.




-Chapter Two Preview-

Luna tries to hide her secret from George and his family (not gonna happen) but when he finds out, things only turn uglier between them