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Beautiful Consequences II: A Beautiful Rebellion

(Summary at the end)

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Warning: Strong Lemon Early On The section is marked for those who wish to skip over it.



Flames surrounded her on every side and a horrifying darkness filled in the few existing gaps. Somewhere in the fire her six week old baby daughter was waiting for her and she knew it was her baby by the sound of her cries alone.

She would know her babies cry anywhere.

But the more she moved towards it, the further away it seemed to become, and the fire seemed to thicken with her every step.

She gave up the pretense of walking and broke into a dead run, calling out her little girls name as panic crept up her spine, wrapped around her neck and demanded the very air from her lungs as it slammed down her throat, crushing her ribs into splinters and went to rest in the pit of her stomach, coiling and spitting like an angry venomous snake.

Smoke and fire closed in on every side, the clear black patches became non existent, and Luna felt the kind of certainty only the mother of a missing child could feel...

...she was nearly out of time.


-Beautiful Consequences

-Chapter 19



George was woken by the sounds of his wife stepping into the shower. He hesitated, thinking maybe she was hoping the heat from the water would help her sleep. Then, the sound of a sob reached him and he threw the covers back.

When he opened the bathroom door he could see her through the frosted glass, huddled down in the bathtub, her arms wrapped around her legs, her body shaking violently with her sobs.

George pushed open the shower door, not stopping to remove his boxers before he stepped under the flow of hot water to pull his wife up into his arms.

"It's okay love..." George whispered "Shhhh..."

"Ozzie..." Luna sobbed into her husbands warm skin "I couldn't find her. There was so much fire and smoke..."

George felt the familiar knot of pain tighten around his throat. He wanted to reassure Luna,to tell her it was only a nightmare, but it was a nightmare they couldn't wake from. Their child had been taken from them, some heartless bastard had come into their home while Luna had been sleeping, hurt Cincy and then stolen their little girl...their Ozzie.

"She was in the fire, and I couldn't find her." Luna whispered, still clinging to George desperately "I couldn't find her and the fire kept getting thicker..."

He knew the dream well, he'd had it himself.

Luna whispered "She was crying, it was so...so horrible."

George felt his heart break at the tone of Luna's whispers. As helpless as he felt, he had to reassure her...and maybe if he could convince Luna, he could convince himself.

"Listen to me." George lifted her face so he could look into her eyes and forced a stern tone into his voice. "She's coming home."


He cupped her face in his hands, shaking her gently to emphasize each word.

"SHES. COMING. HOME." George kissed her gently "Trust it...trust me."

Luna nodded and reached up to touch his face. "I do."

She lifted up onto her toes, pulling his head down to hers. Their lips met under the steamy spray of the shower.

"Help me George." she whispered "it hurts so much."

strong Lemon Alert

George knew what she was asking and he didn't hesitate. Maybe it was selfish, to have this bit of pleasure while their precious baby was still out there somewhere, but they desperately needed this time. He desperately needed this time, in case something bad happened to him tonight, he needed to leave her this one final precious memory of him.

Luna too realized she was being selfish and she battled within her heart. For a second her mind flickered to the small envelope in her drawer. Nothing about it sat right with her, it reeked of being some sort of trap to get her out and away from those who would protect her.

Luna knew that she could very well be leaving the cottage tonight and walking into her own death...but it was a walk she would make willingly...for her daughter.

But she owed her husband something too...a goodbye of sorts.

She clung to him now as he kissed her and parted her lips, welcoming his tongue into the place where it had been fated to belong since her birth. His hands rubbed reassuring circles over her skin, starting with her shoulders, his long fingers caressed her shoulder blades, the small of her back, and then cupping her behind for a moment before moving over her thighs.

Luna let her hands wander as well, from the tangle of his longish red hair to stroke his face and chest, then hooked her fingers in the band of his soaking wet boxers to slide them from his hips before taking him into her hands to caress the hot flesh.

"Luna..." George gasped her name, his lips now moving over her shoulder and neck, flicking his tongue over her sweet skin. She began to slide away from him, down to her knees, and she flicked her tongue over the rock hard head of his penis.

George felt his eyes roll back in his head and he closed them, letting his head fall back against the wall of the shower as she pulled him fully into her mouth. The sensation was incredible...her lips and tongue worked expertly over him though he knew in his heart that she had never done such a thing before in her life.

He gripped his hands in her hair, careful not to pull it, gently pulling her head towards him. He knew that he couldn't stand much more, he was going to climax soon and he pulled her back to warn her, but she squeezed her mouth and tongue around him even tighter, refusing to stop. George moaned, his teeth clenched together tightly to stop himself from screaming out ... it would be a terrible time to wake Freddy and Georgie.

"Luna!" He whispered "That feels so ...so fucking incredible."

His words encouraged her and she moved her head faster, her lips and tongue clenched down on him even tighter...then she moaned herself, clearly enjoying the pleasure she was giving him... even when George felt his body explode, she didn't let up, instead taking into herself all that he had to give her

With shaking arms he stopped her, pulling her to her feet and sliding her wet body against his.

"I love you Luna Weasley." his voice shook with the words before he kissed her, totally not repelled by his taste on her lips.

"You liked it then?" She asked, her eyes wide and innocent.

George laughed at her choice of words and pulled her closer "I hated every minute." he said sarcastically

Luna gave him a dirty-minded smile "In that case, I'll be sure to avoid it in the future."

"Don't stop on my account" he laughed, his lips moving over her shoulder towards her breasts "I mean, since it obviously brought you so much pleasure. You are so beautiful Luna" his lips moved over her breasts, teasing them into stiff peaks.

"I'm still so fat." Luna sighed

"Your perfect Mrs. Weasley." George shook his head , his fingers sliding over her nearly flat stomach.

He kicked the shower off and scooped her up in his arms, going no further than the floor, which he laid her on before slowly lowering to his own knees.

He allowed himself a final taste of her breasts before moving down between her legs.

"Your smell is incredible." he whispered, stroking her with his fingers "I've often wondered if you taste just as good."

"George..." Luna moaned his name a second before she felt his tongue flick out to circle her clitoris

"oh...George." She gasped "Again..."

George obliged her, now that he had tasted her he was hungry for more. her taste was incredible, better than butterbeer, better than candy.

Luna's leg circled his shoulders, her hands pressing him deeper into her. She was aggressive, wild...incredible. Then as the rush of her covered his face she went silent...George looked up to see her clenching a towel to her face, attempting to drown the sound of her pleasure...he only assumed that she was doing this for the same reason he had...

If they woke the babies they would have to stop...and neither was near ready to stop.

George felt his own urgency once again. He lay down next to her, their combined flavor was incredible as he kissed her hard.

"Since I can see that you so obviously did not enjoy that...I won't force you again." he teased

Luna looked up at him with mock horror "The hell you won't"

"Do you think we can top that?" George grinned down at her, sliding his body over hers...more than ready to claim her totally now.

Luna wrapped her arms around his shoulders "I'm certainly willing to try."

"Me too." George said, then he kissed her.

-End Lemon Alert-

George looked at the clock for the millionth time in the past hour, the difference was...now it was time. Time to go bring Ozzie home.

He handed Georgie to his sister, giving the little girl a kiss.

"I'm going to go sit with Cincy, tell Luna when she finishes nursing Freddy?"

Ginny nodded, her attention riveted on her nieces face. She was so beautiful.

George slipped out the back door, careful to keep up appearances he nodded to Tabyion and Anita and gave them a small wave as he ducked out, grabbing a bottle of Cincy's favorite fruit drink as he went.

Once outside he dumped it next to the brush by her cottage and doubled back, crossing behind the windows to his and Luna's bedroom. He stopped for a moment for what might be his final glimpse of his wife. She looked so at peace, so incredibly beautiful with their son at her breast, gently rocking him back and forth. The window was open a crack and he could hear her humming one of the lullabies that she had told him her mother had sung to her. The melody was sweet, made even sweeter by the voice of the one who hummed it.

George closed his eyes and listened for a moment. If he was walking into his death in a few moments, this was the memory he wanted to carry with him as he did so.

"Okay Freddy" Luna's voice carried out to him "Time to burp."

George quickly opened his eyes and moved away from the windows. Luna always had to pace back and forth in order to wrestle a burp from their son, unlike the girls who would practically burp on command.

He knew that soon she would be coming to the window to look out. If she caught him out here George would never be able to get away. He had never been able to lie to her and he doubted he could start now. When he was clear of the fence he pulled out his wand and apparated into the alley next to Kings Cross station.

Kings Cross, still so familiar, even after all these years.

George felt the spell before he heard it. The body bind curse. First his legs and arms went numb and his shoulder hit the wall. He slid down it in slow motion while out of the darkness something liquid and silvery was thrown over him.

Then there was the feeling of being levitated and then apparation.

He felt his fake ear painfully torn from the side of his head...

...then everything went black.


"Oh Damn!" Luna cursed

"What is it?" Hermione questioned from her spot at the kitchen table where she shelled peas

"Were out of salad dressing, the kind that George likes."

"Don't worry about it." Hermione waved it off "He can go without one meal."

"Well, this would be three actually...I keep forgetting to pick it up and I PROMISED last time." Luna put on a good show of looking worried, she had to, too much was riding on her getting out of the house.

"Tell him to go get it then."

"He's with Cincy" Luna said softly, a twinge of guilt creeping up her spine. As much as she knew it wasn't Cincy's fault that Ozzie had been taken, she hadn't been able to not blame her. "I wouldn't want to bother him."

"I guess I could go." Ron said reluctantly

"Actually, I wouldn't mind a short trip out of the house. It gets a bit stiffling at times...that is, if you'll keep an eye on Freddy and Georgie?"

"Of course...but I can take you..." Ron offered

"No, no!" Luna waved his words away "Don't be silly. I can apparate to Diagon Alley and get what I need and be back in ten minutes. Your broom will take three times as long. You'll tell George though...if he comes back before I do?"

Hermione nodded "Alright."

Luna picked up her wallet and wand and slipped quietly out the front door.

She followed the same path that George had only moments before, landing in nearly the same spot, in the same alley near Kings Cross Station.

The same spell hit her and the same sensation of silvery liquid flowed over her just before she was apparated away....and then she too found blackness.

"Ron." Hermione fidgeted at the table, her fingers picking at empty pea pods.


"Did Luna seem...off you?" another crispy pod snapped between her fingers

"More so than usual you mean?"

"Be serious."

"Thought I was."

"Fine, don't then." Hermione stood and began to pace "Something is wrong here...I just don't know...what it is..."

"Ginny." Harry fussed with a curl on Lily's head while he watched his wife cooing to tiny Georgie. "Did George seem strange to you?"

"He's George, he's always strange."

Harry rolled his eyes "More than usual."

Ginny thought for a moment. "Now that you mention it...he usually likes to watch Luna nurse the babies, he didn't go with her when she nursed Freddy though."

"Well...because were here...?"

"It's never stopped him before."

"He was fidgeting too, like he was nervous and watching..."

"The clock...like he had to be at Cincy's at a certain time."

"That's rediculous, what would he have to be at Cincy's for?" He shook his head "I mean, what about Cincy would have him nervous and jumpy? He can go out there anytime...so why would he be waiting for a certain time? Unless..."

Harry jumped up and ran through the kitchen and a still bewildered Ron and Hermione to Cincy cottage.

"Ron, I can't put my finger on it...but something about Luna's story...is..wrong."

Ron got up and went to the refrigerator and got out a soda, standing by the open door.

"Maybe she just wanted some air and didn't want company or..."

"So why not just say that? Why not..." Hermiones eyes opened wide and she stood and stalked to where Ron stood with his arm on the open door. She reached in, pulling out two bottles of unopened salad dressing.

"What the bloody hell." Ron whispered as Harry slammed back through the back door looking stunned.

"What the hell has he gone and done."

Ginny pushed into the kitchen "Harry?"

"He's gone Ginny, he's not with Cincy."

Hermione gasped and dropped the bottles of dressing, shattering them on the floor as her hands flew to her mouth.

"Luna." Ron said simply as he put his arms around his wifes shoulders "She's gone too."

A heartbeat later Tabyion and Anita came through the door, investigating the sound of shattering glass.

"We've got trouble" Harry said "Big trouble."


Luna felt herself lifting as if through a great fog. Whatever it was that had hit her, it had been powerful. She struggled to get her bearings, a sense of where she was, who she was with...but the only things she could sense was that she was sitting upright in a dusty old chair, bound, in a place that she had never been before, and that her body was dead weight, she couldn't move...just like when Vincent Crabbe had raped her in Malfoy Manor.

With tremendous effort she forced her eyes open. The room was dark but for a single lantern. The house looked to have once been very handsome, but it was dirty, as if it had been abandoned a very long time. Cob webs stretched from floor to ceiling, filthy white sheets covered every bit of furnishings, even what she assumed must be a fireplace.

In a corner a tall shadow stood with its back to her, laughing in a low voice.

It was just after Luna registered the laugh that her ears caught another sound, though this one was much, much farther away.

Somewhere in the house, Ozzie was crying.

"Ozzie!" She gasped and tried to move, this only made the shadowed voice laugh more.

"You can try all you like." the voice was deep, scarier than any Luna had heard before "My spell is unbreakable."

"Give me my baby you bastard!" Luna grit her teeth, using the only weapon available to her...her words.

"Now, Now, Mrs. Weasley...didn't your mum and dad ever tell you that name calling isn't polite?"

"Fuck polite and fuck you! Just give me my baby." Luna seethed with white hot rage. She knew that if she was free and had her wand she would have no problem using the Avada Kedavera on the monster who stood before her now, the monster who had taken her baby.

"Don't you even want to know why?"

"I just want Ozzie."

"But I want you to know why...otherwise I've done all this for nothing." He moved toward her, his face still obscured by shadow "I meant to draw this out longer you know...to make you suffer and cry over your poor little missing Ozzie longer. But I swear, I couldn't stand much more of the crying and shitty nappy's. Much more and I would have smothered her myself and...then what good would she have been to me? All my careful plans and work ruined."

Luna felt a tear dribble down her cheek. "You... monster."

He reached out a finger and wiped the tear off, he held it close to his eyes then sighed appreciatively.

"Yeah...thats what I want...your tears, lots of them...it's only right, after what you did to my father."

Luna only stared, trying to make out his face in the darkness.

"You remember my father don't you Mrs. Weasley? The man you killed? Or hadn't heard that Grahmius Skullings died...or I suppose technically, he was taken off life support."

Luna squeezed her eyes shut...she hadn't heard.

"You have no idea, how my mother agonized over the decision. I listened to her cry every night while she tried to decide, and now I listen to her cry every night because she's afraid she had made the wrong choice."

He reached out and grabbed Luna roughly by the hair, yanking hard

"And its all your fault."

"I'm sorry! I'm so sorry...I never meant to...to hurt anyone" Luna sobbed, devastated by the news of Grahmius Skullings death. "It was an..."

He slapped her hard across the face, bloodying her lips.

"Don't you dare say it was an accident! You did it to save your brats! Your whining, shitting, pissing brats!"

"I'm sorry..." Luna wimpered

"Sorry..." He laughed mockingly " He was my father! My mother needed him! My brothers and sisters needed him! I needed him and you think a simple 'I'm sorry' will atone for what you did?"

"Why take it out on my baby...it wasn't her fault..."

"You did it to save her!" He screamed in her face and then he got an evil glint in his steely eyes.

"Please...let her go home, you can have me, just...leave Ozzie out of this."

He brushed a finger down her cheek and Luna felt bile rise in her throat.

"But I have special plans for all of you."

Somewhere in the background Ozzie began to scream again and Luna flinched, Ike Skullings clapped his hands in obvious joy at the timing. He reached inside his pocket and pulled something out, tossing it in Luna's lap.

George's fake ear.

Luna's mind screamed 'George!'

"Where is he?" Luna demanded "Where's my husband?"

Ike smirked "Bound and gagged, under a sleep potion and hidden under an blanket with an invisibility charm on it, in one of the rooms in the east side of the house."

Ike picked up a bucket and began to pour the contents out on the floor.


"Where's Ozzie?"

"In one of the rooms in the west side of the house."

Luna felt her heart nearly stop beating in her chest...

"Great plan isn't it?" Ike grinned as he poured the last of the kerosene on the floor. "By the time I am far enough away for the spell on you to lift, you'll only have time to save one of them. Who will it be? The little girl...or the husband? Almost wish I could stick around to watch."

He shook his head

"I don't dare though...the whole house has been treated in kerosene, not to mention its old and musty...it will burn fast. Don't recognize it from the inside do you?" He grinned at her morbidly "It's the Riddle Mansion. It's suppose to be knocked down next month anyway...thought I would save them the work."

"Please...please don't do this." Luna begged "I won't tell anyone it was you, I promise."

"Of course you will. But that's not the point of this exercise. I want you to see how it feels... to know what its like to make a choice that ends the life of someone you love. Like my mum had to. I want to know that your crying every night for the rest of your life because your decision killed someone."

"I already know..." Luna said desperately "You have no idea how horribly I feel about your father..."

His hand was hard and swift as he reached out and slapped her again then grabbed a handful of hair, pulling her face to his. Luna was shocked by how young he looked, Ike Skullings was just a baby.

"Don't you dare speak of my father." he hissed, his voice venomous "Not when your the one who killed him."

He slid the lantern to the edge of the table.

"Wingardium Leviosa"

"Happy hunting Mrs. Weasley."

The door closed behind Ike Skullings and with a sickening crash, the lantern hit the floor, flames spread instantly over the floor. It felt like an eternity later that Luna felt the Body bind slip, freeing her.

She stood in the middle of the room, two of the people that she loved most in the world counting on her to rescue them.

George was in the East part of the house...

Ozzie in the west.

Already the flames were licking down the connecting hallways. He hadn't lied...she could only save one.

Agony covered every inch of her body...how could she save only one and leave the other? How?...how!

She couldn't! Somehow...somehow...she would save them both.

"I love you George" she whispered "I'll be back for you...I promise"

Luna took a deep breath that ended on a sob, her hand reaching east toward her husband, then she spun around and ran into the west side of the house.


"What the bloody hell are they thinking!" Hermione groaned, bending down to clean up the mess on the floor.

"I expect this of George...but Luna..."

"A parent will do whatever it takes to save their child" Tabyion said with a hint of acid in his tone "Smart or not."

"You sound like you know this personally rather than professionally Tabyion." Harry leveled him with a suspicious look

Tabyion nodded "I grew up in Brooklyn New York, in the States. I was a muggle born and your parents," he glanced at Hermione" when the headmaster of the Brooklyn School of Magic showed up on our door step to recruit me and explain to my parents they showed him the door. I was told to forget the long haired freak, that all this magic business was a load of crap.

"So I went on, finished school and enrolled in the police academy and graduated top of my class. It was when I started being in dangerous situations on a regular basis that my magical side started refusing to be suppressed.

"It happened enough that it caught the notice of the US Department of Magical Affairs...the equivalent of the Ministry of Magic. A young woman came out to take me in hand, her name was Patrice Wilking.

"I'd never met anyone like her, she knocked me to my knees. A year later I had enrolled in the magical investigations devision and we were married. A year after that our son Tristan was born and it was just after that I was given the chance of a lifetime...an offer to transfer to the UK, to work on the squad that was hunting down Voldemort. We were getting too close, had nearly recaptured Bellatrix LeStrange and her husband. Patrice and Tristan paid for it. "

"He killed them" Harry said quietly not looking at Tabyion "Didn't he?"

"Technically it was Rookwood, but, yes...Voldemort ordered it."

"I'm so sorry" Hermione whispered, her hand over her mouth

Tabyion shrugged "You can't undo the past, much as I would love to go back in time and not take the offer to work on the Voldemort case, it's done."

"Todd! Todd!" MI Janice Anita burst through the door "Theres a report of a fire at the old Riddle mansion, and they swore they heard a baby crying ."

Anita and Tabyion ran for the door, Ron and Harry on his heels.


No matter where she looked, smoke was every where. It clung to the walls, the floor, the ceiling. Far behind her but catching up with alarming speed were the flames.

And somewhere in all of this was her baby and her husband. Trapped in opposite sides of the enormous house.

You'll only have time to save one of them. Who will it be? The little girl...or the husband?

Luna refused to give up hope...hope that maybe if she found Ozzie fast enough she would still have time to get to George...but there were so many rooms.

She ran, following the sound of Ozzie's crying, kicking open door after door and trying not to wonder how she would find George when he could make no sound and he was hidden under an invisibility charm.

She would worry about that when the time came...Right now she would concentrate on Ozzie.

Ozzie...her little angel...the baby she hadn't touched, held or kissed for weeks.

Her crying was so close now, she had to be within the next few rooms and at long last Luna found the magical door. It swung open and there laying in a bundle of dirty blankets, her nappy long over due for a change,wearing a dirty romper ...the same one she had been abducted in...

... Ozzie.

Luna ran forward and scooped her up into her arms, she kissed her face and hands and every inch of the little girl that she could.

"Ozzie! Oh Ozzie!" Luna wept with relief...until the crackle of the flames behind her reminded her that they were still in terrible danger...that George was still in danger.

"Okay precious, Mummy has to get you out of here and then I have to go find daddy okay?" She kissed Ozzie's forehead again.

Obviously she couldn't go back the way she had come. Flames and smoke roared through every nook and cranny, claiming their spoils of victory. Luna looked to the window. A heavy trellis ran from the roof to the ground, she should be able to climb down.

"Of course" she thought "I'm not suppose to die am I you bastard?"

'I want to know that your crying every night for the rest of your life because your decision killed someone'

Luna zipped her light jacked around Ozzie to free her hands "Hes going to be sorely disappointed...I'm going to find you George. I will."

Luna climbed slow and careful from the third story window, a climb that seemed to take forever. At last her feet touched terra firm and she ran a goodly distance from the inferno that was once the Riddle mansion. She unzipped her jacket, catching Ozzie, then spread her jacket out on the dew wet grass and lay Ozzie on it. She turned back to the blazing house.

"I'll be back soon Precious" She glanced back at Ozzie "I'm going to get daddy now."

At a dead run Luna returned to the house. Using a rock, she smashed in a window on the first floor and climbed through. Smoke and flames were every where and Luna prayed that he hadn't been on this floor...if he had the smoke may have already claimed him.

One by one she kicked doors open, then she entered and ran in concentric circles, watching the patterns of the smoke to see if it deviated over an invisible object...but none did. She reached the smokiest part of the second floor and kicked the door open. Fortunately a wide foyer seemed to be slowing the fire, buying her a little time. The room was enormous, it could have held two of Cincy's little cottage.

Luna began to run the length of the room, she was exhausted and out of breath, still she ran on. She wasn't going to quit until she found her husband. He was everything to her and after all that they had gone through to be together...she wasn't going to lose him now.

Luna wondered how she could have ever thought she could live with out him. Oh sure...she would have gone on, she would have made due, raising the babies on her own, but her life would have been dull, void of magic, of sparkle, without George.

And to think that they had come so close to losing each other...if Luna hadn't gotten pregnant, they wouldn't be together now.

Thank GOD actions had consequences...

...such beautiful, beautiful, consequences.

Luna's mind was wandering, things were fuzzing out she might have noticed the change in the smoke pattern as she neared the middle of the room. As it was though she didn't and she tripped over the invisible leg and went down hard...falling...falling...

...falling into oblivion.


"Is that her?" Janice Anita asked as they stood over the now very angry and screeching Ozzie Lovegood

"Yeah it is." Harry yelled "Where the hell are George and Luna?!"

"Shit" Ron said looking at the house "Obvious ain't it?"

"There's a broken window, over in the corner" Tabyion jogged back over to them "It's broken in from the outside. One of them went in, got the baby out, then went in for the other."

"Lets go." Harry handed the baby to MI Anita "Take her to St. Mungo's to be checked out please?"

MI Anita nodded and with a crack had apparated away. The three ran toward the window.

"The smoke is pretty heavy, I think were gonna wanna bubble up" Tabyion yelled over the roaring fire "Maybe body shields too."

A second later the charms were in place and they crawled through the window.

Ron went to check the first floor, Tabyion the third. Harry meanwhile followed the path that Luna had taken only moments before, using his wand to create a wall of water to extinguish the fire as he went. At last he too came to the magical door. He kicked the door open, then used his wand to put out the fire and called for the others.


Harry looked closer and smiled. When Luna had fallen she had exposed a small bit of bright red hair from underneath an invisibility blanket. He pulled the blanket all the way off to fully uncover George.


Harry reached out with shaking fingers...relieved to find a pulse on both necks. The smoke was still heavy despite the extinguished fire, both were likely suffering from smoke inhalation. He performed the bubble head charm on both, giving them a supply of clean air, then he set about freeing George from his binds. That wasn't so easy.

He had been tied and then chained, a short tether ran to a wall furnace. Clearly whoever had done this meant for George to die...and perhaps for Luna to watch him die.

"Are they okay?" Ron asked as he burst into the room

"Uh yeah"

"We gotta get them out of here...the fires still..." Tabyion, who had been right on Ron's heels, stopped dead as he spied the chains. "Oh shit."

"Yeah" Ron said blandly "Oh shit"

"I can break this...but we don't really have time now. Shield your faces so your air supply isn't compromised."

Harry and Ron turned away

"Bombarda Maxima!"

When they turned around the entire wall was missing...the furnace obliterated.

Ron picked up Luna. "Holy shit...he blew out the whole wall!"

Harry picked up George, the chain now dangling, useless to prevent his escape.

"It's okay..." Harry smirked "I don't think the Riddles will mind."


Luna slit her eyes open to see nothing but bright white. Right away her mind went to Harry's story of meeting Albus Dumbledore at King's Cross after Voldemort use the killing curse on him in the forbidden forest.

Was that where she was now? Kings cross? And was George waiting for her...or perhaps her father?

Then she heard the most beautiful sound in the world...the sound of a baby gurgling happily. But if she was at Kings Cross...and Ozzie was there...that had to mean...

"No..." She groaned in agony, pounding her fists at her sides "Oh sweet Merlin...no, no no!"

"Luna!" a gentle hand reached out of nowhere and grasped hers. For the first time Luna took in her peripheral view.

"Harry." Then she looked closer "Ozzie!" She opened her arms and Harry immediately obliged. He helped her sit up and then placed the baby in her arms, all the while she bombed him with questions.

"Where's George, please Harry....you have to tell me you got him out...please...God..."

Tears streaked down her face and Harry put a gentle hand over hers.

"We found him"

"Where is he?" Luna looked around wildly "I want to see him...right now..."

"He's still being examined"

"Is he going to be okay?"

Harry nodded "They're trying to break the sleeping spell, but its a tough one, the healer thinks he may just have to sleep it off."

Luna bit her lip "How long?"

Harry looked at her nervously "Anywhere from now to a year or more...but given the intent the later is very unlikely" Harry hastened to add when he saw the panicked look on his sister in laws face

Luna nodded "Am I okay?"

Harry shook his head "You are incredibly stubborn, considerably stupid for a Ravenclaw, and fantastically lucky. Otherwise, you and Ozzie inhaled a lot of smoke, they want to watch you for a day or two. Your in holding now, you and Ozzie will be moved to a room soon and George will join you shortly."

"What about Georgie and Freddy?"

"With their Aunties 'Mione and Ginny, so you have nothing to worry about."

"Just whether or not my husband will wake up." Luna said as a torrent of tears began at her eyes

"Who was it Luna?" Another voice asked, one that had gone unnoticed and Luna looked to the other side of the room, near the door to see Todd Tabyion standing in the shadows

"Who took her?"

Luna sniffled and Harry handed her a tissue.

"It was Ik..." Her throat closed around the name, gagging her "Ike Skullings" she said it in a whisper.

"Grahmius Skullings died, Mrs. Skullings removed life support. He wanted me to see how it felt...to have to make a decision about whether someone I loved lived or died."

"What?" Harry gasped

"G...g...g..eorge and O...o...o..zzie w...ere in sep...arate p...parts of the mansion...I only had t...t...ime to save o...o...ne. I g...g...ot O...o...zzie out then w...w...went back for George...b...b...b...but I couldn't find h...h...h...im!" Luna sobbed

Harry put his arm around her shoulders

"Luna...We got to him in time, thanks to you. You must have tripped over him, you pulled the blanket off just enough so we could see his hair."

"You found him j...j...ust c...c...cause I'm a k...lutz."

"Well...if it works, don't knock it." Harry grinned, a teasing glint in his eyes.

Neither had seen Tabyion leave so they were surprised when he burst back in the room with a big grin on his face.

"We got him Luna, we got Skullings. He's going to pay for what he did."

Luna knew that she should be happy, but she remembered too well the baby face of Ike Skullings. Between the war and the the past few months, Luna had seen too many lives wasted.

It was a horrible reminder....

...not all consequences were beautiful.

She'd seen that when she had looked into the baby face of Ike Skullings.

Some consequences are horrific...


George slit open his eyes to the unfamiliar room, yet his eyes went no further than his own body. He looked like a science experiment, tubes snaked over him, above and below the blankets. He was familiar with the set up to figure out where he was. After all, he had barely left Luna's side the summer before and his wasn't that much different from hers had been. Three in the hand delivered fluid and medicine, electrodes attached to his chest monitored his heart and....OH! HOLD THE FRIKKEN BUS! ...MERLINS LIMP DING DONG!! They had even run a tube up his dick!

He was NOT going to stand for this.

George began a search for the call button and that's when his eyes fell on the next bed. Luna lay on her side Ozzie in her blanket lay wrapped tightly in her arms, both bathed in the moonlight that streamed in from the window.

George had never seen anything more beautiful in his life. He longed for nothing more than to join them...one hitch...

"What the hell did they ram a tube up my damn dick for!" he muttered to himself as he pressed the call button

Forty minutes later George had harassed himself tube free. Now he sat in the leather chair next to Luna's bed, his finger held in Ozzie's tiny fist. She stared up at him, her brown eyes dancing in the moonlight while she gurgled happily.

Luna, he knew, could sleep through anything, but still he couldn't help but wish she would wake so they could share this moment together.

And then she was awake. Her lashes fluttered and she looked at Ozzie, kissing her forehead before following the finger, to the hand, the arm, the face...


Luna looked away from him in shame.

"Hey, what's this all about?" he turned her face back

"I left you in the fire to die George! I..."

"Did exactly what I would have done. Did what anyone would have done" George kissed her softly "If you had come after me before Ozzie I would divorce you and take the children." He had a teasing glint in his eye but Luna didn't doubt a certain level of sincerity.

She began to cry softly

"I was so afraid George. I was so afraid I was going to lose you."

George lay his head on the pillow next to hers, his hand reached up to smooth the hair from her face.

"You didn't. I'm right here."

"I kept thinking about our beginning, remember? When I said I didn't want you or need you?"

"You mean when I hurt you and gave you reason after reason to hate me."

"I do want you...and I do need you George Weasley. Don't you ever forget that, okay?"

George picked up her hand and kissed the knuckles then spread her hand out on his cheek "Only if you promise to never forget how much I love you Mrs Weasley."

"Can't possibly be as much as I love you."

"Bah! You damn Ravenclaws...so competitive!" George chuckled as he leaned in to kiss her, long, slow and sweet. When he pulled back he kissed Ozzie's soft hair and nuzzled her cheek with his nose, giving her another quick peck on the cheek before looking back at his wife.

"I could never forget anything about you Luna, I should think you'd know that by now."

Luna looked at George, her heart turning into a puddle.

"I told you that first night in the Leaky Cauldron" George looked at Luna and a devilish gleam came into his eye

"George Weasley never forgets a truly spectacular hump"



-Christmas ---5 Years Later-


George looked around at the varying degrees of Christmas destruction taking place in the family room of the burrow. He could barely remember when he had hated these family gatherings...it was another time, it was George Weasley BL...Before Luna.

Before Luna his life had been one dimensional, black, white and grey. Now it was in full color 3-d. Complete with the Brood...the triplets, Georgie, Ozzie...or Zz as she prefered, and Freddy and it was about to become even more complete...

George stood

"Could I have everyone's attention please!"

From somewhere behind him George heard Arthur Weasley say

"Ahh, Looks like George and Luna won the baby Lottery this year."

"Luna and I have an announcement to make..."

"Better get on the ball Percy, or you and Penny will never catch up!"

"Really dad, who says I want to catch up?"

"Luna's pregnant! She's due May 18th!"

George ducked out before the crowd of Weasley women could converge and squatted down by his girls. He'd noticed Georgie and Ozzie consitrating far too closely on their cousin Phillip and it was making him nervous. Already the two were proving to be a handful for Cincy and their parents.

"Alright...what are you two plotting?" George lifted an eye brow, scooping up a daughter in each arm

"Nothing daddy." Ozzie said innocently

"Nothing Daddy" Georgie echoed

George settled them in his lap, gazing back to where his wife sat with their son Freddy and Nephew James, playing with a set of miniature flying broomsticks.

"Nothing hmm? Why then are you staring at Phillip as if he is wearing a sign that says fresh meat?"

Ozzie and Georgie laughed "Daddy, we promised Grandma we would be good this year!"Ozzie said

"I should think so, after you set the Christmas tree on fire last year."

"That was..." Georgie said indignantly

"...An accident." Ozzie finished. "Anyway...we don't want to do anything to boring old Phillip. We just wondered something."

"And what would that be miss?" George looked from one daughter to the other "and miss"

"His hair is so bright...like white fire...so why doesn't his head catch fire when he goes outside?" Georgie screwed up her adorable face as if pondering the question of the ages...to her five year old mind...it probably was.

George laughed and began to explain the difference between hair and fire...but the girls quickly got bored and wandered off. George looked around for his wife and spotted her. James had managed, as he did every year, to corner her under the mistletoe so his Auntie Lu-Lu (Aunt Luna Luna had gotten to be too much work years before) had an excuse to kiss him on the cheek until his face was as red as the red Christmas dress she always wore.

George decided that perhaps a little quality time under the mistletoe was called for and he jumped to his feet and crossed the room.

"Who the hell is kissing my wife?"

"Hi Uncle George" James grinned, his face beat red "If you give me any crap for Kissing Auntie Lu Lu, I'll tell Grandma you said Hell."

Luna looked at George and giggled. George grabbed James under the armpits and lifted him out of Luna's arms.

"You spend too much time around your Uncle Ron, you know that?"

"Not my fault he's Dad's best mate is it?"

"Cheeky little..."

"I won't tell if you won't give me crap for kissing Auntie Lu Lu."

George grimaced "Deal"

"Can I see your holey mess too?"

"Don't push your luck"

"Can't blame a guy for trying can ya?"

James gave Luna a quick smacky kiss on the cheek then was gone.

Luna giggled and looked back at George who was looking at her sternly, a look of censure in his brown eyes.


"You are breaking the law Mrs. Weasley" George looked at her, a playful grin on his face

"I am? What law?"

"The sacred mistletoe law of course."

Luna felt a lump the size of a grapefruit lodge in her throat. Even after six years together, George could still bring on the nervous twitters in her and make her feel like a virgin school girl.

"How do I go about atoning Mr. Weasley?"

"Use your imagination" George grinned roguishly "It worked quite well for you this afternoon in the storage room at the shop."

Luna blushed bright red "Well...it's just...getting harder to be alone at home, with the kids being so nosy."

George put his arms around her and nuzzled her ear with his nose.

"I'm not complaining Mrs. Weasley" he whispered"I love you"

"I love you Mr. Weasley" Luna kissed him softly "With all that I have and all that I am."

Luna squeezed his waist and smiled up at him. She had come so far in the past few years and the new confidence she carried only served to make her more beautiful. She had completed her court ordered therapy and had achieved so much from it that she returned to school and became a licensed therapist. Now she worked at the center on Grimmauld Place while the kids attended kindergarten in the new magical primary school that Ginny and Hermione had started.

Of course life hadn't been without its downs...Not all of his family was present...Cincy sat quietly at home. She was much better than she had been though she never completely recovered due to the head injuries. She spent long days now knitting by her window, watching the snow fall and playing with the trial of Ike Skullings had been a horrible affair for Luna and reliving the ordeal had given her nightmares for weeks afterward. He was found guilty and sentenced to life without parole. Luna couldn't find any satisfaction in the verdict or the sentence...all she saw was a life wasted. Several weeks later she had received a long letter from Eunice Skullings...an apology for not having figured out what her son had been up to, and for putting Luna through the trial. She had done so under the encouragement and not so subtle pressure of Delores Umbridge.

Luna personally visited Romilda Vane in jail to thank her for her kind letter and prayers. They exchanged letters until Romilda stopped responding.

All in all life was good for the Weasley's.

"Someone get a hose...they're at it again" Ron said loudly from across the room

"You could learn a thing or two from us" George stepped out from the arch, his arm around his wife's waist. "If you were more loving to 'Mione, maybe she wouldn't be so crabby all the time."

"I am NOT crabby!" Hermione said, her voice shrill. "RON! Am I crabby?"

"Well...a little..." Ron immediately saw the error of his ways and tried to back pedal...but in the wrong way "It's only when your trying to lose the weight you never lost after Hugo was born.."

"Merlin's arse" Harry said to Ginny "He's gonna die"

"Serves the miserable sod right." Ginny grinned "At least my husband knows when to lie to me."

George laughed and looked around the room at his family.

In the corner his children played with their new Christmas toys with their cousins...three more had been added thanks to Charlie and Bill. The family was on Percy's case now for only having Artie...it was shameful...having an only child.

In the other corner The Weasley sisters, Ginny, Fleur, Catherine and Penelope...formerly the Preggy sisters, were trying to convince Hermione that is was not the best idea to kill her husband, while in the opposite corner the men, Bill, Charlie, Percy, and Harry formed a protective cocoon around said husband.

In the middle of it all sat the patriarch and matriarch of the Weasley clan, Arthur and Molly. They weren't just smiling...they were glowing, absorbed in the disorganized chaos that was Christmas at the burrow.

George thought back six years to this very night, the night that he, the lonely boy who had fled the hell of family ran across Luna, the lonely girl who suffered the hell of no family.

That night, one single action was set in motion.

And because of that, Even after everything fell apart between them, George and Luna found each other again.

Because actions always have consequences. Its inescapable.

George noticed his parents gaze on him, he nodded to them in acknowledgment, grinned and hugged his wife close to him.

George sent a silent prayer to the heavens

"Thank you God, thank you so much.... for beautiful consequences."

He looked at Luna, kissed her cheek, and smiled.



-Thanks to everyone who has stuck with me through this story and once again I apologize for it taking so long to update. I hope you found the ending somewhat satisfying.




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Beautiful Consequences II :A Beautiful Rebellion

Lily Potter has always been perfect. Prefect, head girl, straight O's on her owls, Quidditch star...but more than anything else, she has always been daddy's perfect little girl.

Then, the summer before her seventh year she receives a letter informing her that the Tri-Wizard Tournament will be held at Bouxbatons Academy and she has been selected as part of the delegation to represent Hogwarts! But Harry and Ginny Potter remember only too well the night that Harry carried Cedric Diggory's body out of the maze at Hogwarts, and they refuse to give permission.

Lily vows she is going to get back at them for this! And of course, her bubbly always up for a bit of trouble making cousins, Georgie and Zz, are more than happy to help her get her revenge!


Lucien Malfoy is nothing like his father or older brother Scorpius. He is definitely not like Lucius Malfoy, the Grandfather he openly loathes.

Lucien has long been ashamed of the Malfoy name and has done everything humanly possible to hide in corners, even hiding behind acne and a thick curtain of his almost black hair. Just returned from Vienna after spending a year studying piano under the famous muggle pianist Geoff Derchewin, he is about to start his delayed 7th year at Hogwarts, returning to his beloved, Ravenclaw house where he rooms with his best friend Freddie Weasley. But Lucien gained self confidence in Vienna and a new man is returning to Hogwarts!

On platform 9 3/4 Lily Potter gets a good look at the new Lucien Malfoy and decides she likes what she sees...a perfect way to get back at her parents for making her stay behind and miss her chance at the ultimate achievement! !

What could possibly irk her father more than his precious little girl dating the son of Draco Malfoy, once, his most hated rival?

What Lily doesn't consider is that all actions have consequences, and some, are beautiful.

The babies from Beautiful Consequences, all grown up! Also in this fiction: Phillip and Hugo Weasley!