Overall Note: Again, a series of drabbles.

Title: Thanatos
Notes: This is for potterverse100, prompt #18 – Death. Hermione's POV


A last ditch effort found her knocking on the dark wood of his door. Silence. No one in the hallway – her guide had left for privacy's sake. Another knock. A short, muffled stream of listless words – whether Bulgarian or Russian, she couldn't be sure.

"Viktor, let me in."

The ship creaked, the door opened, and he looked terrible. He hadn't shaved today and his eyes were red-rimmed. When the door closed behind them, she started in.

"Viktor, it wasn't your fault."

He wasn't listening, though. She could tell. So she reached out for him instead and held him in silence.


Title: Persephone
Notes: This is for potterverse100, prompt #19 – Birth. Hermione's POV


"I love spring," she said, turning slightly on the broom. They weren't going that fast, skimming the trees with their newly sprouted green leaves.

"Vy?" he asked, nuzzling her ear and planting tender kisses down the column of her neck.

"It's like, winter is death, or dormancy, and then comes spring – suddenly there's green everywhere and you can smell life in the air, hear it, too. The days are longer and warmer… I just love it."

Snuggling back into his embrace and his kisses, Hermione determinedly shoved away thoughts of the parting that would occur at the end of spring.


Title: Hermione's Animagus
Notes: This is for potterverse100, prompt #20 – Animagus. Hermione's POV


She looked at him, considering the question for the first time, which was odd after last year. She shrugged.

"And you, would you be a bird, some flying thing?"

His smile was quick and dazzling. If only his fangirls knew he smiled like this they would never have given up so easily.

"Have thought, but no. Vot if I like flying as bird better than flying vit broom? Terrible. Tragic. Very bad." Viktor paused and gave her an assessing stare. "I know good animal for you. Similar disposition ven angry. Very powerful, could protect friends."


"Hungarian Horntail."

Viktor ducked.


Title: Solitude Broken
Notes: This is for potterverse100, prompt #21 – Professors. Viktor's POV


So many odd things in this castle. He liked the doors that masqueraded as walls, hidden behind tapestries, though. Down in the dungeon the wall was three feet deep, and so the doorframe – a perfect fit. They were in their own little world, which, as the months had passed, had gotten progressively more interesting.

Viktor was just to the point of inching up her skirt, his hand on the back of her thigh when—.

"I cannot stay!" It was Karkaroff.

"We've discussed this," came the subtle sneer.

Now tense in a different way, Viktor and Hermione stilled and listened.


Title: Year Seven: Gryffindor vs. Slytherin
Notes: This is for potterverse100, prompt #22 – House pride. Viktor's POV


He gripped her hand and ignored the stares, the whisperings.

"And which house would you have been sorted into, hm?"

She was his guide through the morass of people to the somewhat less crowded upper stands. The game hadn't begun yet, and all of the rabid first-years in the front row had turned around to ogle. She seemed to ignore it all. He gave the younger ones a small smile and inclined his head just so before pointedly turning his attention to the reason for his presence.

"Probably Hufflepuff."

Hermione laughed, and it was good to hear her laugh again.


Title: The Gregoriovich Creation
Notes: This is for potterverse100, prompt #23 – Wands. Viktor's POV


She'd been covertly staring for several months now. Finally, he let her stroke it.

"It's so hard, and yet soft." She giggled then, in the most entrancing way. "And, Viktor, it's crooked."

He snorted indignantly and covered her hand with his momentarily, as she kept stroking the shaft.

"Is not crooked. Is just not straight. Not all vizards vands are straight Is like racing broom. Handle not straight, like normal broom. Is," he paused and smirked at her, "crooked, to be better at vot it does."

"You're making it all very clear now, Mr. Krum," she murmured, so close now.