Author's Note: Fullmetal Alchemist and Characters belong to Hiromu Arakawa

Edward cringed as he listened to the words "Mother's Day". It was all over the news papers, TV and all that Alphonse, his younger brother, could talk about.

"Ed! Isn't it great that this world has a whole day for mothers?!" The boy cheered. His excitement was only to be met by his brother's sarcastic attitude. "What's so great about it?" Ed yawned. With that he stood up, stretched and left the room.

Al went back into the kitchen. He knew his brother and knew he was hiding how he really felt. Ed was still shaken about their mother's death even though he acted like it didn't bother him. When he thought about it Al realized he missed Trisha too. Snapping back into reality, Al saw that his glass of orange juice was completely overflown and all over the counter and floor.

Edward made his way to his bedroom and shut the door behind him. He took out a piece of paper and a pen. He started to write but stopped himself. "What am I doing?" he thought. "Well...why not?" he said aloud.

Dear Mom,
I know you'll never be able to read this, but I can't help but writing. It makes me feel better somehow. It's been 8 years since I've had any kind of conversation with you. What an 8 years they were. Life's been hectic but we're alright. Al and I I mean. We really miss you Mom.

Happy Mother's Day.


A tear rolled down his face. "Mom..."

Al knocked on Ed's door. "Brother are you okay? You've been in there forever. I'm coming in." He opened the door to find Ed asleep at his desk. His tear stained face lay on the letter. Al pulled it out from under him and read it. "'What's so great about it' huh?" He placed the letter on the table and coverd Ed with a blanket "Brother you're impossible." He grinned.