Keep holding on
'Cause you know we'll make it through, we'll make it through
Just stay strong
'Cause you know I'm here for you, I'm here for you
There's nothing you could say
Nothing you could do
There's no other way when it comes to the truth
So keep holding on
'Cause you know we'll make it through, we'll make it through

From "Keep Holding On," by Avril Lavigne

The others were cheering loudly behind her, but Rose found that she couldn't feel happy until she knew what had happened to Mack. She turned to where she knew he and Flurious had been locked in combat. Rose's brown gaze fell on the lifeless body of her best friend.

"Mack," Rose choked out. The other members of the team turned to look at the red ranger. Rose sprinted to his side and shook him in a futile attempt to force Mack to show some life. 'Oh, Mack,' Rose thought, 'Please wake up. Come on. You know you want to…'

Ronny knelt beside Rose and pulled her friend into a tight hug. "He's gonna be OK. He's a fighter, Rose. He's strong. Mack is going to be just fine. Mr. Hartford and Spencer will fix him." The other boys nodded and then carried Mack to the Overdrive jeep. Rose followed, her eyes fixed firmly on the ground.

Tyzonn drove the jeep home and Rose sat in the back with her lifeless friend. "It's me, Rose…I know you can't hear me, Mack… You better not have damaged yourself beyond repair, Mack Hartford. I need you, Mack. I need you, and I love you…" Rose's eyes began to tear and she didn't bother to hide this – Mack couldn't see her.

When they got back to the manor, Will and Dax carried Mack to the underground base. Ronny put a comforting arm over Rose's shoulders, and the pink ranger leaned against her friend. "It's going to be OK, Rose. He'll be fine and you'll have a miracle that will make Mack human and you'll get married and have kids…"

"Thanks, Ronny," Rose managed tearfully. "I really appreciate you trying to cheer me up. It's nice of you."

"He'll want to see you when he wakes up," the yellow ranger said, leading Rose to the base. "You know he will. Did you ever realize you were his first memory of the team? He loves you, Rose…as much as an android can love."

The female rangers arrived at HQ to see a clearly grieving Andrew hook Mack up to a big scanner. There was silence as Andrew ran tests on the lifeless red ranger. Rose could hardly stand to watch, but she was desperately hoping that Mack would suddenly snap to attention and Rose knew that Mack would want to see her when he woke. "Tell us Mack's going to be alright."

"There's nothing more I can do," Andrew said quietly. "We've lost him." Rose's heart was in her throat as she looked at this pitiful excuse for Mack. She would never see him again…

"No, Mr. Hartford," Ronny said firmly, "If you built him once then you can build him again." She was determined that Rose live happily ever after with Mack. Rose deserved happiness.

Mr. Hartford voiced Rose's thoughts. "But he wouldn't be Mack. Whatever made him…well, him, would be gone. He would never be the same."

The Sentinel Knight appeared then, holding the completed Corona Aurora. "Young warriors, the universe is forever in your debt. But why are you not celebrating this happy occasion?"

Dax spoke up. "We don't feel like celebrating." He moved aside to show the knight what had happened to Mack.

Rose watched the Sentinel Knight move closer to Mack's body. "He fell in service to the Corona Aurora. The crown is powerful enough to take life away, but it is also capable of restoring it."

"We could bring Mack back to life," Tyzonn said hopefully.

"He was never alive," Andrew pointed out, "Mack was an android. He was a machine."

"He fought with heart," the knight said firmly. "And yet you say he has none. Pick the boy up." Andrew and Spencer did as instructed, and the knight placed the crown on top of Mack's curls.

Nothing happened.

Rose fell to the ground and buried her face in her hands, crying her heart out.