A/N: I have absolutely no excuse for writing this, other than I was reeeeaaaaly bored, and driving to an SCA event...I would like to point out that the samurai did actually 'do' their apprentice...theres a lot of historical stuff in here...

This story blows, just to warn you, it's the closest thing you'll get from me to 'wham, bam, thank you ma'am', since I cant bring myself morally to make it a one nighter...


Naruto hid in the shadows, watching people as they went past, dressed in their warm winter kimono's. He envied them their comfort as a cold breeze blew up his spine, as if the thin fabric of his kimono weren't there, making him shiver.

He sniffled miserably as snow fell from the darkened sky over Kyoto, closing his eyes. There was no hope for poor, orphaned kids like him...if they lived to adulthood, they existed simply as thieves and prostitutes...

He sat down miserably on an abandoned crate, his stomach growling loudly. How long had it been since he'd eaten? A week? Three days? There had been the half-eaten dango that little girl had given him...

He sat in the alley as people passed him without casting a second glance. He was just a piece of trash to them...cast aside and forgotten...

He got up, stiffening his resolve. He felt like he would die of huger if he didn't do something soon...

Naruto set out in search for an easy target, anything would do. The snow settled in his blonde hair as he trudged along the streets, his cerulean blue eyes scanning the warm shops as his bare feet hit the snow-covered ground.

He quickly found a vender selling some sort of meat on a stick. A man carrying the two swords of a samurai was talking to the vender, distracting him as Naruto reached out with nimble fingers, taking a skewer and turning away calmly, his heart racing. He couldn't believe he had gotten away with it...it was so simple...

But alas, his luck didn't hold as he heard a loud shout behind him. Naruto broke into a run, eating the meat as he went. He could hear the clink of the Samurai's armor closing in on him fast as he dodged past two geisha and a monk, turning the corner and running into a dead end. He froze, his heart pounding. Surely this was the end for him?

"That's the kid!" The vendor shouted angrily as the samurai took Naruto's wrists firmly. Naruto looked up in fear at the man who was holding him.

To say he was handsome would have been an understatement; the man was a god. He had sleepy looking bedroom eyes that would have been the envy, or downfall, of any geisha in the area, and a mop of silver hair, despite his young face. A large scar ran down the left side of his face, making him look even more exotic and masculine, and his eyes were mismatched, simply adding to his ruggedly handsome visage.

Naruto froze, his heart pounding. What was going to happen to him now? Would they kill him? Turn him over to authorities? What?

The samurai looked down at Naruto closely. "This little thing?" He asked coolly. "He's just a scrawny little orphan kid..."

"He stole food!" The vender snapped. "He should be tried in front of the daimyo..."

Naruto's heart pounded. The daimyo? It was just a little food...he was hungry...

The samurai scoffed, pinching Naruto's chin gently and looking into his face. "Ah...this kid...it seems like such a burden to trouble Lord Jiraiya with him..." He said, examining Naruto as if he were livestock, even lifting his kimono and peering at his member. Naruto flushed at the blatant violation; he didn't like his manhood flashed to the entire street, no matter how proud he was of it!

"Cant be much older than thirteen..." the Samurai muttered, turning back to the vendor. "I'll tell you what, I'll pay you for your trouble, if you just let me take care of the boy..." he said, tightening his grip on Naruto's wrists.

Naruto's heart felt like it was going to slam through his chest. What was going on? Was he going to kill him? Beat him?

The vender glared. "Double for the food, and a little extra to shut me up..." He said, eyeing Naruto.

The samurai scratched the back of his head. "Ah...that seems a little steep...especially since he's such a diminutive little creature..." He said, shaking Naruto slightly. Naruto squirmed in the mans firm grasp in a futile attempt to get away. "I'll pay for the meat...if its that big of deal, I suppose we couldwake Lord Jiraiya and Lady Tsunade..." He said lazily. The vendor scoffed.

"Fine..." He snapped. The samurai shoved some ryuu into the venders hands.

"This should suffice..." He said, dragging Naruto roughly down the street. Naruto fought slightly, dragging his heals and squirming, trying to force the samurai to let him go.

"What do you think you're trying to do, kid?" The samurai said with a laugh, pinning Naruto's wrists to the outside of one of the shops with one hand. "You cant get away..." He said with a twinkle in his eye, leaning down to peer at him through mismatched eyes. "Besides, where would you go, eh? No family...no home...you'll die before the winters through..." He said, leaning closer and giving Naruto's ribcage a slight squeeze, feeling the bones through the thin fabric and flesh. Naruto could smell that the samurai's clothes were perfumed with an expensive smelling incense. The samurai reached out a hand, stroking Naruto's cheek gently, almost affectionately. It was something that Naruto wasn't used to, and it made him blush sweetly. "It would be such a shame to lose a fine young man like that..." the samurai said, leaning closer. Naruto closed his eyes, tilting his head away and the samurai pulled back.

"Let's get going...I have work to do..." He said, hauling Naruto of down the street. Naruto tried to scream, tried to protest, but no one even cast a second glance.

He took Naruto to the back section of town, a rather nice residential area near the main shrine. From here, Naruto could hear the loud booming of the Taiko drums and several monks chanting from sutras, creating a peaceful, comforting air in this section of Kyoto. It became clear to Naruto then, that this man was no ordinary samurai.

They were met at the door by his retainers, all strong looking young men, who cast strange looks in Naruto's direction when the samurai brought him in. He called for his female servants, who came forward and immediately began to gush over Naruto and how cute he was. The samurai cleared his throat and the women bowed.

"When you're done with him, bring him to me..." He said, removing his cloak and handing it to one of the women.

"Hai, Kakashi-sama..." one of the women said with a bow as they took Naruto away through a maze of sliding doors to a bath near the back.

Naruto was confused. Why was this happening? Who was this man?

He wondered as the women stripped him down, discarding his ragged old kimono and coaxing him gently into the steaming hot bathwater.

The women began to clean and scrub until the bathwater was black with dirt and grime and Naruto's skin was red. They brought him a clean kimono made of fine blue silk, tying it with an orange sash. Naruto couldn't understand what was going on. Why was this happening? He was supposed to be punished for stealing...Why?

He tried to ask the girls questions, but they simply pinched his cheeks and ruffled his hair, telling him he was adorable and cute.

He sighed as they led him back through the crazy maze of the house, coming to the inner most room. They stopped about six feet away from the door, falling on their knees in a bow, urging Naruto forward.

Naruto's hands trembled as he slid the door open, bowing awkwardly. He spotted Kakashi in a deep blue kimono with an ocean pattern on it, sitting on his knees on a padded cushion . He looked so calm and handsome, one of his swords was laying across his lap. Naruto stared as Kakashi motioned him forward, and Naruto shut the door behind him. There was delicious smelling food set out on the table, all arranged very neatly, looking more like art than food. Naruto's stomach growled loudly, but he stayed where he was.

"I assume by now you know who I am..." The man said calmly, picking up his teacup. "if you don't it doesn't matter, I'm nobody important...I am Kakashi of the Hatake clan..." He said with a polite nod.

Naruto stared. This couldn't be theHatake no Kakashi? The legendary swordsman? But why? Why him?

"Uzumaki Naruto, is it?" Kakashi asked, tilting his head back slightly as he motioned Naruto closer.

"H-how did you know my name?" Naruto said, his blood pressure rising despite the calm atmosphere of the room. He felt his stomach growl again, the smell of the food permeating the room.

"We'll just say...I knew your parents...don't be shy, boy, come closer..." Kakashi said, taking Naruto's wrists again and pulling him down before him.

Naruto blinked his cerulean eyes in surprise as Kakashi reached out again and brushing Naruto's bangs away from his forehead.

"You look just like your father, you know? He was my sensei..." Kakashi said quietly, shifting and setting the sword on the low table beside the food. Naruto's stomach fluttered. He didn't know anything about his father... why was this man, Kakashi, telling him this?

"Are you afraid?"

Naruto nodded slowly, watching the man closely. He just couldn't get over how gorgeous this man was, his face, his strong bearing...he made Naruto's heart pound strangely.

"Don't be...I won't hurt you..." Kakashi said softly, his hand traveling down to Naruto's shoulder, fingering the collar of the kimono, before pulling it away.

"Let's eat something, shall we? I know you are hungry..." He said kindly, indicating the dishes set out before them. They ate in silence for a long time, or rather, Kakashi watched with a smile while Naruto stuffed himself. Kakashi called for the ladies to clear the empty plates away when they were finished, and Naruto watched in awe as on of the prettier women poured them tea with perfect grace, her raven hair combed up on top of her head and tied with a white ribbon.

Kakashi looked somewhat troubled as he dismissed the beautiful young woman and picked up his teacup.

"I assume you know why I brought you here...other than your parentage..."

Naruto stared at him, shaking his head. This whole thing was serving as a horrible shock to him.

Kakashi sighed, staring into his tea for a long time before he spoke.

"I'm in need of an apprentice...since my last one was relieved from my service...and I have a duty to your late father..." He said evenly, still staring into his tea before looking up at Naruto with those intoxicating mismatched eyes. Naruto nodded slowly, staring into his teacup. Kakashi reached over with his thumb and brushed some crumbs off of Naruto's chin. Naruto looked up with startled azure eyes, the sensation from Kakashi's touch pooling strangely in the teens groin.

"You don't have to answer right away..." Kakashi said, pulling his hand away. "just consider it...and understand the duties of a samurai's apprentice..." He said, leaning forward on his knees, making Naruto tense slightly as one of Kakashi's hands landed on his thigh, the teens manhood twitching slightly. Naruto shuddered and scooted away slightly a blush spreading across his nose. He stood up, the beginning of an erection evident beneath the soft fabric of his kimono. Kakashi smiled slightly and Naruto flushed crimson, staring at the floor.

"Do I have a choice?" He asked quietly. He felt embarrassed and awkward around this man, yet strangely drawn to him.

Kakashi smiled. "Not really...but I'll do my best to give you one...and I won't lead you astray..." He said honestly. "It took me this long to track down my lords son, it was by chance we met in the situation that we did...but I'm not letting you go free easily..."

Naruto nodded. "What all does this apprenticeship involve? You make it sound like there's some bug sacrifice involved... " Naruto said, sitting down again and folding his hands over his crotch, trying to mask the already obvious bulge.

"There's a lot of hard work involved, and your complete loyalty, along with other duties that you will fulfill...I'll show you now, if you give me permission..." Kakashi said, edging closer to him. Reluctantly, Naruto nodded, his eyes wide with anticipation.

Before Naruto knew what was happening, Kakashi had pinned him to the floor, untying the teens kimono, throwing it open and nibbling on his neck. Kakashi's other hand moved down and was caressing Naruto's thigh gently, the teens erection throbbing impatiently. Naruto remembered when he was a kid, several men had given him money to suck them off, but this was totally different...Kakashi was gentle and sweet in his actions, like he cared what Naruto thought, and he cared about Naruto's pleasure...

Naruto moaned, an electric feeling pulsing through his veins as Kakashi's naked thigh brushed against his erection. He stared up at the silver haired samurai with confused, lust clouded eyes.

Kakashi smiled down at him, swooping down and nibbling in his jaw.

"I can give you more if you just say yes...I can give you what your father gave me...I can train you...and show you so much more..." He murmured into the blonde's ear. Naruto looked up at the man on top of him as Kakashi let the head of his large erection rub against Naruto's.

He felt his words hitching in his throat as Kakashi's fingers massaged his balls gently, wandering farther back and caressing the sensitive skin between his balls and his puckered hole.

"Just say yes..." Kakashi repeated, almost begging as he nibbled on Naruto's ear. "But remember...once you do...I'm not letting you go easily..." He murmured.

Naruto let his hands wander up Kakashi's back, letting his hands fist in the thick midnight silk of the older mans kimono. Slowly, Naruto nodded, giving Kakashi the consent.

Kakashi leaned down, kissing Naruto on the lips, urging the boy's mouth gently open with his tongue.

Naruto moaned as Kakashi pressed his erection flush against Naruto's, their balls brushing gently against each other as Kakashi's callused hand rubbed his dusky pink nipple, massaging the erect pink nub. Naruto wriggled and gasped beneath him, looking wantonly up at Kakashi's face. The older man pulled away, bringing Naruto up with him.

Kakashi rubbed Naruto's shoulder gently, feeling the pronounced bones.

"Right now...you are far too frail to do anything more than that...but we will start training tomorrow..." Kakashi said, leaning down and kissing Naruto again, his hand falling gently into Naruto's lap and wrapping itself gently around Naruto's erection. Naruto stared at Kakashi who was smiling down at him.

"I know you don't know me well right now...but I know you, since before your parents died...I'm so glad I finally found you..." He muttered, kissing Naruto's scarred cheek and running his fingers up the teens erection. Naruto shivered at the mans touch, looking up at the samurai.

Kakashi hand began to slowly move his fist up and down Naruto's cock, playing with the pre-cum at the tip, swirling his thumb in the slit. Naruto moaned, leaning back on his hands and closing his eyes from the pleasure.

He heard a second sound as Kakashi began to pump himself, pre-cum flowing freely out of the thick organ. Naruto opened his eyes, staring at Kakashi's cock, at the thick thatch of silvery hair at the base...

The teen reached out a trembling hand, touching the organ gently. Kakashi moaned at the touch, the organ twitching slightly in Naruto's slender hand.

Naruto began to copy the movements of Kakashi's hand, increasing the pace and squeezing a little harder than the older man.

Naruto let a small gasp escape his lips as he felt his climax nearing, his slight muscles clenching tightly as a white hot orgasm ripped though his body, making him cry in pleasure as cum shot out of the slit. Kakashi came moments later, covering Naruto's hand and saturating the midnight blue kimono. Naruto slumped forward against Kakashi, letting out a soft sigh. Kakashi smiled, pulling the boy close and held him, kissing him sweetly.

Naruto looked up at Kakashi through lust-glazed eyes with a smile.

"Honest...I can stay here with you and become a samurai?" He asked. Kakashi nodded, stroking the boys cheek, lifting him up and carrying him into another room. This one was dark and warm, with a large futon along the west wall. Kakashi laid Naruto down in it before peeling off his own kimono and folding it neatly, setting it aside as he crawled in beside his lords son.

Naruto snuggled into Kakashi's arms, settling his head on the mans chest and closing his eyes. Kakashi smiled, smoothing the boys hair as he drifted off to sleep. He had placed several guard around the house, but he doubted his new apprentice would run off any time soon...