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Sumarry: Its just another day at Torchwood when Jack recieves a Package from UNIT and Owen finds more than what he was looking for. Jack/Iatno slash

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Chapter 1

It was just another typical day in Cardiff, people shopping, drinking coffee, eating pizza or maybe just walking around the Roald Dahl Plass. No one would ever suspect that just under the surface lay a top secret government organisation designed to protect the human race against alien threats.

Jack stood in the doorway to his office with his arms crossed over his chest watching his team working. This seemingly simple act turned into a very bitter sweet moment as thoughts and memories of his team played in his mind like scenes from a film. On one hand they were here, whole and, if the looks on their faces was any indicator, they were happy. But on the other, jack had to wonder how long it could last, how long his team could remain happy and whole. Gwen will be getting married and Jack new perfectly well she wanted a family, Tosh had experienced so much loss because of Torchwood he had to wonder how much more she could take and Owen could be dead any day now, who knew how many days he had left. That just left Ianto Jones – Jacks loyal soldier. The thought of Ianto made Jack shake himself back to reality. Ianto, despite being more than a century younger that Jack, had taught him to stop living in the past or worrying about the future and just live for the here and the now, something Jack will be eternally grateful for.

Jack turned, walked over to his desk, sat in his chair and looked at the intimidating letter that was perched on top of everything else. All Jack knew about it was that it was from UNIT and it was bound to be completely and utterly dull. They had sent it three days ago and he still hadn't even opened the envelope because he was procrastinating having to sit through a novel about the changes in policy and procedure. Jack finally opened the letter and began to read. Ten minutes past and he only managed to get through the first few sentences so he gave it up as a bad job. He was thinking of asking Ianto for coffee when in true Ianto style, he walked in with a coffee in one hand and a brown paper package in the other.

"Coffee sir" Ianto said placing the mug beside the UNIT letter "And this package just came for you, it's from UNIT"

"Yeah that would be fucking right," Taking the package from Ianto "I haven't finished the novel they sent," Brandishing the letter "And they send me more crap." Jack put the package on his desk, lent back and closed his eyes trying to calm down.

Ianto laughed to himself, he loved it when Jack went on UNIT rants. He watched his temple twitch and his nostrils flare god Jacks hot when he's angry Ianto thought. He turned to leave Jacks office when Jack said;

"Go get yourself a coffee, come back and keep me company. I think I am going to die from boredom."

"Well sir even if that were possible, I think you're the last person that would happen to." Ianto said taking a few steps closer to the door.

"OH I love it when you give me cheek." Jack said with out taking his eyes off Ianto's backside.

Ianto was about to leave Jacks office but just before he did he said "honestly sir one day I will have you for harassment."

"Looking forward to it"

Ianto returned to Jacks office 5 minutes later with his own steaming cup of coffee to find Jack staring completely awe-struck at a tiny slip of paper.

"Sir?" Ianto asked quietly "Jack are you OK?"

Jack seemed to snap back when he heard Ianto and passed over the piece of paper he was holding. As he did this Jacks expression changed from awe, to one a small child might wear on Christmas day. Ianto read the note four times and was still completely confused by it. All it said was have fun in hand writing that Ianto recognised, he just didn't remember whose it was

Ianto's confusion was written all over his face, Jack just continued to smile at him and said "Have I ever told you how much I love Martha Jones?"

"A few times" Ianto replied trying to keep the resentment in his voice to a minimum.

"Look what she sent us"

Ianto's face broke into a smile as he saw for the first time what was lying on the top of Jacks desk. There sat a red beret, with a black rim and UNIT written across the side. Ianto giggled when he remembered the time he told Martha that Jacks dabbling was 'border line avant-garde'.

Ianto now fully understood Jacks giddiness and bewilderment and he also fully appreciated why he loved Martha Jones. Ianto tore his eyes from the cap and focused his attention completely on Jack, who was wearing a very seductive smile. This smile told Ianto that they weren't going to wait till everyone had gone home to try it out.

Jack stood up, picked up the UNIT cap and placed it lovingly on Ianto's head. He let his hands slide down Ianto's face so that they cupped perfectly around the younger mans chin. Jack took a moment to study his lover before saying "Yep defiantly your colour." The two men stood transfixed momentarily staring deeply into each others eyes. Jack lent in to Ianto stopping half and inch from his lips, Ianto met Jack there for a gentle lover's kiss both men massaging the others tongue with their own. Jack let out a low moan as he felt himself getting hard.

Jacks moan lingered in the air as the two men continued with the sensual kiss. Ianto suddenly abandoned all pretences and turned the slow tender act into a hard and fast mission to get deeper into Jacks mouth. They stopped only to get air but then they continued with their tonsil bashing, their teeth clinked but neither man seemed to care. Jack was getting harder as one of Ianto's hands stayed around Jacks neck and the other slipped down to his hip. Jack moaned again when Ianto moved from kissing him to bitting at his ear lobe and neck. He seemed to be on a mission to satisfy Jack completely and Jack was only to willing to comply.

The hand on Jacks hip slid to his crouch and Ianto started kissing him hard again. As Ianto stated to rub Jack, he exhaled heavily, making Ianto grin at the effect he was having on his boss. Jack was already hard but when Ianto pulled down his fly and started to stoke him, Jack thought he could puncture a wall. Ianto pushed Jack into his chair and in true UNIT fashion took complete control.

Ianto gave Jack one last teeth clashing kiss before getting on his knees. Ianto blew softly on Jacks manhood, causing Jack to grip hard to his chair and moan "Ianto …" Ianto started to suck Jack rubbing him in away he knew made Jack go numb. Before long Jack was almost ripping the leather away from his chair and his eyes were losing focus as they slowly made their way to the back of his head. Jack thought he was about to explode when …

"Jack, Tosh just fou … OH FUCK" Owen walked in "Oh my god you could have closed the fucking door!" he turned waked away letting the door close with a snap that seemed to echo around the room.

Ianto looked like he wanted nothing more than to sink into the floor and was about to get up when Jack gave him a pleading almost desperate look and said "Don't you dare"

With a smile Ianto went back to work.

Owen sat at his desk for what felt like hours, trying to get rid of the mental image that seemed to be burnt across his eyes.

"Owen" Gwen said as she and Tosh came out of autopsy walking towards him "where's Jack? I thought you were going to get him so that Tosh can tell him what she found."

"Jacks got a lot in his lap at the moment." Owen felt himself get hot around the collar; he hoped desperately that they wouldn't ask questions.

"With what?"

"I think UNIT is fucking him over." Owen actually shocked himself with this comment and was completely disgusted.

"So what should we do?" Tosh asked them both "Suck it up and do it ourselves? Or do you think he'll come?"

Owen gave Tosh a repulsive look; he was both shocked and disturbed by her statement.

"Will who come where?" Jack said as he and Ianto left his office.

"Jack," said Gwen "Owen said UNIT was giving you a hard time, is everything OK?"

Ianto coughed and busied himself cleaning, Owen muttered "oh god" under his breathe burying his head in his hands and Jack laughed and said "Did he? Not to worry everything is fully relieved now."

"OH GOD!" Owen said, horrified by his boss.

"Funny, I just said the same thing a couple of minutes ago." Jack said, completely enjoying the revulsion on Owens face. At this Jack received puzzled looks from both Gwen and Tosh.

"Tosh tell Jack what you found" Owen said desperate for a subject change

Tosh cleared her throat and said "There was unusual rift activity about 25 minutes away from here earlier today; I didn't think much of it because it was only small. But then a baby was found by a hospital not far from that location and the doctors are baffled as to what's wrong."

"Why's that?"

"Because apparently it doesn't look like any baby they have ever seen before."

"And here I thought today was going to be quiet." Jack said as he went to get his coat "Now we don't know if this is actually a baby or if its an alien or both so Ianto can you get a cell ready and if it is a baby can you try and find around here something suitable for it,"

"So nothing from you office then sir"

"Watch it" Jack turned to the rest of the team "Tosh can you bring along any scanning device so we can see if it is in any danger to itself or others"


"Owen, you're the doctor. Bring your doctor stuff."

"Sure I'll even bring along my thing-a-majig"

"Excellent. Gwen, your driving" Jack threw Gwen the keys to the SUV.

Gwen caught the keys and was about to leave when she said "I'm sorry Ianto, but what's with the cap?"

Ianto, who was picking up a piece of paper from the ground froze, he suddenly realised he forgot to take off the UNIT cap. Owen buried his face in hands again, Tosh gasped and realised exactly what Owen meant by 'UNIT is fucking him over' and Jack just laughed, put an arm around Gwen and said;

"Don't you think red's his colour though?"

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