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Chapter 9

It was 10pm in Cardiff and the inside of the Hub was unusually quiet. This was due mainly to the fact that the only inhabitants were an immortal American and a skinny Welshman. Jack had flashed Ross his trademark smile and convinced him that the report would be sent within the week. Gwen decided to be with her she felt that she needed to be held and Owen and Toshiko left together in Owens car.

Jack and Ianto were sitting on the sofa, holding two steaming cups of coffee. Jack was filling Ianto in on the conversation he had with Doctor Stephanie Myles.

"She then proceeded to tell me that we know too much about everything, we are in constant pain and that our eyes are full of darkness."

"She's probably right" Said Ianto, putting his now empty mug on the small table that was next to the sofa.

"That's what I said," Jack said putting his arm around Ianto's waist and pulled him close. Ianto let his head rest on Jacks shoulder. "Mr Jones, you have this scary gift that lets you know exactly what I am thinking, how is that?"

"I don't know Jack, maybe I spend way too much time here with you, perhaps I should leave." Ianto said getting off the sofa

"Don't even think about it, don't you dare." Jack grabbed Ianto's hips and pulled him on to his lap.

Ianto turned himself around so that he was straddling Jacks lap. Ianto took full advantage of his position, and started nibbling Jacks ear lobe and placed soft wet kisses along Jacks jaw line. Ianto's hands moved down Jacks sides and up his chest again.

Jack put his hands on Ianto's hips and let his head fall back to allow Ianto better access. "That reminds me of something else Stephanie said."

"You are not seriously thinking of Stephanie now." Ianto said biting Jacks ear a little harder than he normally would have.

"Well you a very good distraction" said Jack "but to be perfectly honest I haven't really stopped thinking about something she said."

"Tell me" Ianto stopped kissing and nibbling Jack but did not move from his position.

"Well I was walking away from her and she stoped me. She said that shouldn't be scared of what you and I have. Then she said that I will realise something about us, hopefully soon, and when I do I shouldn't worry about the future and just think of now." Jack said this looking deep into Ianto's eyes. With a cheeky grin he added; "Then she kissed me."

"That's strange," said Ianto in all seriousness "Who in their right mind would want to kiss you?"

"You kiss me." Jack said playfully smacking Ianto's bum

"Yes, yes I do Jack." Said Ianto. "Like I said – 'who in their right mind would want to kiss you?' I haven't been in my right mind in years."

Jack laughed and said; "but don't you think that was weird?"

"Well I thought she was a bit strange from the beginning." Ianto said, resuming his attack on Jacks neck.

"That's only because she went through your desk." Said Jack. "I must say though, I am surprised that you were so nice to her after that."

Ianto laughed into Jacks neck and "Well yes I was completely polite to her but I did serve her decafe all day."

"Ianto Jones that was a sin in the eyes of Torchwood as far as I'm concerned." Said a wide-eyed Jack."

"Well Jack if you are that concerned about sins, perhaps I should leave, because we both know where this is heading."

"Oh I don't think so Jones, I told you before – you're not going anywhere."

"Is that a fact sir?"

"Oh yes, all day you have been walking around, giving me lip and being a complete tease and you wore your cute suit today and lets not forget the fact that you are always irresistible."

"Yes, let's not forget that fact."

"Now I have no choice, but to devour you whole." Jack said with a smile.

"Sir, yes sir." Ianto said mirroring Jacks grin.

Jack pulled Ianto in for a kiss, a deep, sensual kiss. This kiss was different; usually their kisses are fast and needy. This time it was soft and slow and filled with unsaid emotions. Neither man knew who was leading this delicate act, but neither was trying to stop it either.

The two men were enjoying the act immensely, so much so that they completely forgot that seconds before they were planning to make the other forget their own name. Jack carefully flipped Ianto over so that Jack was on top, his young lover breathing deeply below him.

The kissing continued as Jack worked on Ianto's tie and shirt buttons, the pace stayed slow the same pace as the kiss. Once buttons were undone, Jack moved down to kiss his chest and let his hands explore the young mans toned torso.

Ianto pulled his arms out of his shirt and slid off Jacks suspenders. In the process of pulling off Jacks shirt, they fell onto the Hubs cold floor. They didn't seem to notice though, they just let their hands explore with their mouths locked.

Ianto slid his hands down Jacks body, till they found his belt. Once the thin strip of leather was discarded on the ground, Ianto went to work on Jacks pants. The entire time, the kiss was not broken. Ianto let his hand brush against Jacks arousal, earning him a satisfied moan from Jack.

Once Jack was completely lacking in clothing, he decided Ianto was wearing too many clothes and he needed to rectify that fact. It wasn't long before they were both naked Jack was kissing every part of Ianto's body he could locate. Their arousals were brushing together they were both moaning and panting.

"If you're not careful Harkness, I'm going to come home way too soon." Ianto panted into Jacks ear.

"Well we can't have that now can we?" Jack said pushing himself up off the floor.

"And where do you think you're going?"

"Supplies." Jack said simply

"Jack couldn't help but smile when he came back holding lube and condoms. Ianto was lying exactly where Jack left him on the floor, standing tall.

Jack positioned himself back on top of Ianto, kissing every part of the body beneath him that his lips could find. "You ready?" Jack breathed, running a tongue over Ianto's left nipple.


Jack covered his fingers with lube and started to slowly pre-pare Ianto. Ianto bit his lip and started moaning into Jacks chest. Jack slid in a second, third and finally a fourth finger, Ianto started rocking his hips gently, urging Jack to go deeper.

Jack removed his fingers, which made Ianto make a disappointed groan. Jack rolled on a condom and covered himself in lube. He held Ianto tightly and slid himself inside slowly. They found their pace with ease and soon both men were moaning with pleasure. This wasn't like it usually was either, like the kiss; they were normally rough and fast. There was so much emotion this time, emotion so deep.

Jack bit into Ianto's shoulder as he came followed by Ianto spilling his seed over Jacks chest.

Jack fell onto Ianto's chest panting, sweating and swearing fluently. Once they had come back down to earth again, Jack said; "I think we are going to need a shower."

"Now that doesn't sound like you Jack." Said Ianto. "You're usually the one that wants to go to bed sweating and smelling of sex. Normally I have to drag you to the shower,"

"Not like me?" Said Jack with a grin "What part of wanting to see you naked and wet not completely like me?"

"Oh that's right I forgot, you're a complete sleaze."

Jack stood up and held out a hand for Ianto to help him up. Ianto gratefully accepted. They started walking towards the showers, they stoped because Ianto spun Jack around and said;

"Are you OK? After today, after what happened, are you OK?"

"Of course I am."


"I will be," jack wanted to say 'I will be as long as you stay with me' but the words got stuck somewhere behind his Adams apple.

One very steamy shower later (the water temperature having nothing to do with the steam), Ianto could be found curled up in Jacks bed, watching Jack look for pants. He ended up giving up on the helpless cause and decided he would just sleep naked (which would make tomorrow morning so much easier). Jack looked over too Ianto and he couldn't help but smile. Sudden realisation hit Jack like a sack of potatoes; he now knew what Stephanie was talking about.

"Jones, Ianto Jones," said Jack with the world's largest grin "I have something I have to tell you."

"And what would that be Harkness?" Ianto said with a tired smile.

Jack slid into bed next too Ianto, so close that they were almost touching but not quite "I think I love you."

"You know Jack Harkness I think I feel the same."

Ianto Jones and Captain Jack Harkness were happy and in love for two more years, two years exactly. Ianto Jones got caught in the cross fire between Torchwood and a Cyberman that was hiding in the sewers after escaping from London, escaping from the battle at Canary Warf. Doctor Stephanie Myles (who didn't end up taking the retcon and took over Owens job as resident medic) conducted the autopsy.

The results found that Ianto Jones died from a bullet to the heart, the bullet was found to be a match to ones in Jack Harkness' gun.

Jack Harkness held on tight to Ianto Jones' cold dead hand and said; "Two years ago today, I told you I love you. On that same day you told me that one day the memories I have of us will fade, they wont I simply refuse to let them."

Years and years and years pass, and on the planet of New Earth in the city of New New York, the face of Boe is dying. He is dying in the company of a Time Lord, a human and a formally psychotic cat. His last thought is of the young Welsh man he always loved, the Welsh man he never forgot.


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