The After Effect

A/N: This story will take place after the events in mass effect, of course I have no idea what will happen in the game so this is just how I'll put it.

Shepard had emerged from the debris of Sovereign and managed to walk over to her squad and Captain Anderson. Despite the fact she was severely injured and in excruciating pain, she had the biggest smile spread across her face. She had used the very last of her strength to make it over to Kaidan without collapsing. He was not nearly in as much pain as her so when she fell he caught her and laid her on his lap, awaiting the medical team. With the last of her energy she whispered between shallow breaths, "Will you... stay with me?"

"I wouldn't dream of leaving your side." he spoke honestly, consoling her enough and she passed out. And as if on cue the med team arrived with a cot to carry Shepard back to the infirmary. They came over and Kaidan helped lay her on the cot, and instead of waiting to get treatment for his wounds he follow the med team down the corridors back to the med bay. As soon as he entered he saw Dr. Chakwas there prepared to do surgery on Shepard. As the med team put her on the surgery table he walked over to the Dr. and asked, "How bad do you think this is going to be?"

She glanced over at Shepard and took a good look at her wounds and said, "Im not sure, but it definetly won't be easy."

Kaidan was lucky, they started to begin the surgery and he was able to stay there to make sure nothing went wrong, and to stay with her like she asked him to. His medical skills could come in handy so the Dr. didn't mind him staying.

When everything seemed to be under control he used the moment to apply medi-gel onto his own wounds to stop the bleeding and prevent infection. When he finished he he sat and waited for the operation to end. Sitting there waiting fir her to wake up and be alright again, listening to the heart monitors, and waiting. Being there brought the memory back in his head of the first time he had to wait for her to awake after a battle, of course it was nowhere near as bad as this...

Kaidan entered the med bay aboard the Normandy and imedietly sought out for his commander. She was laying on one of the examination cots and was sleeping. He glanced over at the Dr.'s desk but she wasn't there, he looked at his watch to see the time. It was midnight, so she was probably sleeping too.

He walked over to the desk and saw Shepard's file reports, he knew he shouldn't have opened them but he needed to know what happened to her. She had 5 stitches and had a slight concussion, and many bruises on her body.

He walked away form the desk and sat in a chair next to her and sat there in silence. Well not complete silence, there was still that very annoying beep from the heart moniters Shepard was attached to.

As he sat there staring down at her he realized that he cared for her, deeply. And that he was worried for her safety. And that he was possibly... in love with her.

At that very moment she had opened her eyes and tried to focus her vision on the shadowy figure sitting next to her. She saw Kaidan sitting in the chair instead of the Dr., who she was expecting. So she sat up and said, "What are you doing here?"

He sat there, wide-eyed, so shocked by her awakening during his crazy realization. He was unable to speak, and just sat the gawking at her.

The sound of a flatline had brought him out of his little reverie, and he had realized Shepard was in serious trouble. Her heart stopped.

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