"No! No, come on Booth! Come on!"

It would forever be engraved in her mind. The feel of his blood would be remembered on her hands for years to come. The ashen color of his skin would remain in the forefront of her thoughts.

"You can't do this Booth, not now! Come on! You can't leave me!"

In the faint background, she could hear Hodgins yell at Zach to call for 9-1-1. She could hear Angela's sobs and the chaotic screams around her from the others who had been enjoying their evening before this.

"Think Temperance. Think! Where did the bullet hit!"

She lifted her hands off of his chest to assess what she needed to be doing, but immediately had to put them back on to stop even more blood loss. She couldn't look at his face. His eyes were too dull. They were nothing like the sparking, amused brown eyes she always associated with her partner. No. These were monotonous, full of pain and quickly fading.

"Come on Booth! Say something! Please. Say anything!"

There was a rasp of breath that came from her partner's open mouth, but it was quickly followed by a trickle of blood. The fear that ran through her body would never be forgotten.

"Ma'am, we'll need you to step back."

She felt the comforting pull of Angela. Getting up, she stumbled a tiny bit backwards. The paramedics surrounded Booth and soon, but not soon enough to her liking, he was on a stretcher. It only took her two seconds before she was off like a shot, following them.


She didn't bother to turn for Angela's call. She didn't think of anything but to get to Booth. She was slightly aware of stepping over Pam Nunan's dead body; the body that she had shot. It didn't register in her mind until after that she had taken a life.

"Are you family?"

"No, but I'm his partner."

"We're sorry ma'am, but only kin can be in the ambulance with the patient."

"He's FBI. I'm his partner!"

"And you're Agent…?"


"Get in quickly ma'am; he needs to be at the hospital immediately."

There wasn't a second's hesitation before she was inside the back of the ambulance. As the doors shut, she saw the worried faces of her team. Then, all she saw was the silver metal of the door.

She was instructed to sit on the bench next to the stretcher. She couldn't comprehend what was happening around her. Medics were shouting orders, IVs were being put into Booth's arm to stabilize his body, and pressure was being applied to his wound to stop excess bleeding.

The ride to the hospital was short. Before she knew it, the doors to the ambulance were being opened and her partner was being carried away on the stretcher. She darted after them, not bothering to accept the hand of one of the medics that had been offered to help her out of the vehicle.

"We're sorry, but you can't go any further."

A hand stopped her before she could take another step. She looked into the eyes of one of the medics that had been in the ambulance with her. Pity, sorrow, and determination were what she met. She wasn't happy about being sent to the waiting room, actually, she was downright furious, but there wasn't much she could do about it.

Sitting down in one of the waiting room chairs, she let her adrenaline calm down slightly. It was only then that she noticed her hands were shaking and still covered in Booth's blood. The recognition that she had just taken a life hit her.

Standing up slowly, she asked the nurse where the bathroom was. Running was all she could do to get there before she was in a stall and heaving up the contents of her stomach.

Pulling her knees up to her chest and leaning against the wall of the stall, she let the tears come. He had taken that bullet for her. She was the one meant to be on that stretcher, not him.

"Ma'am, are you okay?"

She looked up and peered at the face of an older nurse. Her face was kind and gentle, but concerned.

"I'm okay."

Doubt was written all over the nurses' face. She disappeared before coming back with a wet washcloth and a cup full of water.

"What's wrong?"

The washcloth was being applied to her forehead. The warmth of the water eased the unbelievably large headache that had formed.

"I'm okay. It's just…my partner was just shot."

Understanding rose on the nurses' face. She gently helped Brennan up from the floor and asked her to wait there while she went and got her a change of clothes. It was then that Brennan looked down and saw the dark red stains on her shirt and jeans. While the nurse was gone for a few seconds, Brennan cleaned up her mess and washed the blood from her hands.

Only a few minutes later, the nurse was back with blue scrubs and a white t-shirt. Handing them to Brennan gently, she said that she would be waiting outside if she needed anything. Thanking her, Brennan went into one of the stalls to change.

Coming from the bathroom, Brennan asked the nurse where she was to put her clothes. Holding out an open bag, the nurse motioned her to put them in there and said that she would take care of them. Thanking the nurse softly, Brennan returned to one of the waiting room chairs.

It was only a few minutes later when Brennan heard the quick footsteps and quiet shouts of her team.

"Sweetie! Are you okay?"

That was the first thing out of Angela's mouth. Brennan wanted to laugh. But the only person who could possibly make her laugh was fighting for his life at that moment. Instead, she bobbed her head once.

"I'm fine, Ange," she whispered. Angela frowned, but kept quiet and chose to sit next to her best friend and put an arm around her shoulders instead. Brennan heard the others sit in the chairs left.

"Temperance Brennan?"

Brennan looked up at the sound of her name and stood immediately when she saw a nurse and a doctor. They motioned for her to come with them.

"Seeley is in emergency surgery right now. We aren't positive of what the outcome could be at the moment, but it isn't looking good. It states here that he has you down as his medical power of attorney?"

Brennan nodded.

"Then we have some paperwork for you to fill out. And ma'am, you may want to start calling family members."

Biting her lip was all Brennan could do to stop the tears from coming. She distinctly tasted blood as her teeth sunk into her lip, but she didn't care.

"Did you by any chance grab my purse?" Brennan asked Angela. Angela handed Brennan the bag, and sent her a questioning look. Brennan shook her head and motioned for her to wait before she walked away after grabbing her cell phone from her purse.

"Please, if there really is a God, don't let him die. He can't die, not like this. Not for me."


This could be a one-shot, or it could be a small story. Which one should I go with? It's up to my lovely readers to decide.