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"Hey Ino," Shikamaru said carefully. "You look fantastic."

"Thanks," she replied, somewhat startled, but definitely pleased. "So do you…" he smiled at her before turning to his date.

"Uh, Temari? Do you mind if I ask Ino-chan to dance?" he asked. Temari smirked.

"Not at all. Have fun, I'll see you around later," she said, walking away.

"So…shall we?" Shikamaru reached out a hand to Ino. She looked at it for a moment, wide-eyed, before slowly slipping her fingers into his outstretched palm.

"Are you sure you should be doing this with me? Didn't you come here with a different blonde girl?" Ino asked him hesitantly.

"She understands...anyway, it looks like someone else has taken notice of her," he nodded towards Temari, who was currently deep in conversation with none other than Shino.

Naruto and Kiba were still arguing, completely unaware that Hinata was dancing with a chunin from the Rain village. Neji and Tenten were in their own little world on the dance floor; Lee and Sakura were cracking up in hysterics as they spun around in circles together.

"Besides, I think I came here tonight with the wrong person…" Shikamaru added softly.

"I'll be sure to let Choji know you wanted to ask him," Ino giggled nervously, looking over at their old teammate. Choji was actually not eating any longer - he appeared to be distracted by an attractive female chunin from the Sand village.

"Very funny," Shikamaru replied, pulling Ino towards him. "You know who I meant."

"I do?" she asked coyly, trying to cover up the erratic beating of her heart. Sasuke certainly never made me feel like this…she thought, her pulse still unsteady.

Shikamaru played it cool, although his own heart was nearly jumping out of his chest. He took Ino's hands and placed them around his neck before sliding his hands around her waist.

"You do…" he whispered confidently in her ear, sending delighted shivers up her spine.

He leaned in even closer and her breath caught in her throat. Neither spoke a word, but moved effortlessly together across the dance floor. Temari watched them a little sadly.

"I knew they would end up together," she said softly to herself. Shino still stood nearby and heard her.

"You did? Ino and Shikamaru?" His normally monotonous tone expressed surprise and doubt. He fiddled with his dark glasses a little. It was awkward enough for him to be in a suit tonight, but without even a tall collar to obscure his face, Shino felt very exposed.

"Yes…it was one of those feelings, you know?" Temari replied, glancing over at him.

"Do you…want to dance?" he asked suddenly. She nodded and they moved onto the floor together. Temari fit comfortably in Shino's arms…it wasn't as awkward as she thought it would be, but something was bugging her.

"May I?" she lifted her hands to his glasses. He hesitated for a moment but then nodded slightly. She slowly pulled them away. A pair of warm hazel eyes peeked out at her. Temari looked at him in shock.

"Wow…you shouldn't cover up so much…you look good without the layers." Shino smiled, which made his eyes light up. He and Temari continued to dance, although the blonde could now feel herself blushing.

Ino and Shikamaru were oblivious to Temari's discovery. The dark-haired boy finally broke their silence.

"So…I was taking these lessons and I never really got to try out what I learned in a real world situation…" Shikmaru trailed off.

"Oh? That's too bad…Myabe you should pay the teacher before you go off and try to use your new skills to –"

"You talk way too much sometimes," Shikamaru cut her off before completely silencing her with his lips. They kissed for a good amount of time before coming up for air.

"Was that payment enough?" he asked with a sly grin.

"Damn…I'm a REALLY good teacher," Ino said shakily. Shikamaru laughed softly and leaned in again. This time Ino pulled away.

"I think you're ready to learn some new techniques…" she smiled mischieveiously.

"Only if I get to try them out on you…" he replied in a playful tone.

"Oh, I'm counting on it…" Ino said.

And that's how Shikamaru Nara got his first (and second) kiss.

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