A/N: This is Davey's point of view in the courtroom scene. Read, enjoy, and reviews are appreciated!


Your name isn't Jack Kelley.

Your family isn't in Santa Fe.

You don't have a bright future in the west, waiting for you.

You don't have anyone but yourself and us and your false identity.

Funny thing is we knew that, Jack. Maybe not the details of the matter, but we aren't stupid. We can look at you and know. Your mother didn't name you Jack Kelley. She didn't intend for you to be the king of Newsies, to start a revolution. She isn't off making a home for you. She died before any of this could happen.

There's sadness in your eyes, sometimes, Jack. It's always quick to fade, always quick to be replaced by whatever emotion you pluck out of your hat. But it's there, especially when you look at my family.

There's jealousy there, I think.

Snyder drops the details of your life like Les drops pebbles into a puddle; as if they mean nothing, as if they are worthless little facts and not the destruction of the identity you've taken such care to build and maintain. He thinks he's dropping pebbles, but really he's dropping boulders onto the house you've built for yourself.

Your eyes flicker to us, nervous.

Here's the truth to the lies: Francis Sullivan and dead and a criminal. No happy fairytale for you, Jack.

But we knew that.

Here's what we also know: we've never met Francis Sullivan. To all extensive purposes, he doesn't exist. But Jack Kelley does. Jack Kelley is our king, our leader, our inspiration, the best of us. Jack Kelley is a person we would die for, a person we love with all the fiber in our being. Jack Kelley is the person who stands before us; not Francis Sullivan.

We know you don't like to talk about the truth. You avoid it, run from it at all costs, hang your head when you have to face it.

But Jack Kelley is the one we know and love.

Francis Sullivan is a boy who died a long time ago, and Jack Kelley is the boy who rose from his ashes.