A/N: In the past couple of weeks I have watched both the original trilogy and the prequel. And went to a Star Wars exhibit. To be honest, I went a little bit Star Wars crazy. And this was born. It's not meant to be slash, but I suppose that, if you squint, you could twist it to be Ani/Obi-wan. Otherwise it's just an Ani/Obi brother-son-father-friend relationship. Enjoy!

Dark Phoenix

When I was still alive, even so many years after, I would still wake up from nightmares, his screams ringing in my ears, the scene lit by the hellish red glow of molten fire.

He was always fire.

A long time ago Master Yoda taught us about phoenixes. Mythical creatures born of the Force, who were consumed by flame and rose from the ashes.

Anakin, he's a dark phoenix.

I can still hear the screams and the groans as the fire consumes him. Dark fire, that was always in him. Fire I thought he could overcome. Fire that overwhelmed him.

I saw it, enough from our first meeting. He was a spark, a firestorm in human form. Qui-Gon recognized it, embraced it.

I was afraid of it.

But I thought he was strong enough, thought we were strong enough to fight back the flames. To harness them, use them for good.

It was always fire.

Luke had some of that fire too. Like father, like son, after all. But Lukeā€¦it was like comparing a tame camp fire to a raging tornado of fire. Like comparing a song bird to a phoenix.

It was fire that destroyed Anakin Skywalker so many years ago, and Darth Vader, a twisted creature of black and wires and darkness, rose from the ashes.

Dark phoenix.

It has always been fire.

Fire that consumed Ani, fire that destroyed my brother, and fire that brought him back. Fire that destroyed Darth Vader.

And Anakin Skywalker was reborn.

A phoenix from the ashes.