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I know its stupid, to get involved with him. I know it'll only bring pain, most likely mine. He can walk away with nothing but the trophy of having shagged Hermione Granger, the most prudish person among our class at Hogwarts. I, on the other hand, will only get to walk away with a broken heart.

I know it's not logical, to fall in love with him. But there are these people in life that you just can't get enough of. You are drawn to them, even against your will, like moths to a brilliant flame. Like moths marching to their burning death in the dangerous beauty of fire.

That's what he is, the fire. I'm the moth, who keeps coming back, even though I know it's dangerous. And, like a moth, my wings will burn and I'll slump to the ground helpless and hopeless and just wanting the fire to come back and burn me all the way through.

You can't deny their pull. They know and you know that, no matter how hard you try, you can't resist.

He pins me against the wall, his lips hot and harsh and—oh God!—my back arches.

He's poison, a viper waiting in the grass to strike.

He's a spark, touching down on dry tinder, ready to spark an inferno that cannot be controlled.

He's a devil in disguise, dancing me down the path to hell.

"This doesn't mean anything."

I pull him into another kiss.

"I know."

I'm going to get burned. Hell, maybe I already am.

But that fire is going to feel so good while it destroys me.

Let it come.