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Polar opposites. Red, a passionate color, the color of anger, love and a fiery intensity above anything else. Yellow, a color of happiness, the sun and an overall passive color. You could probably see the dilemma between them. So passive and fiery, so different, they work with each other perfectly to make something beautiful.

A true work of art.

The two boys sat on the ground, coldly staring at each other. One boy is thin and perfectly shaped, almost as though someone had carved out a perfect body for him. The other boy is not quite as thin, but is not a pound overweight.

One boy is blond, the other has red hair. One sits with his feet stretched in front of him, the other sits with the bottom of his feet touching each other, with his hand inside of the circle they make so he slightly leans forward.

The both just want to provoke the other so they can lose, they can prove that they are better. Better at what you may ask?

Reader, the answer is simple. Art.

One is bang, the other eternal.

You could fight and fight about this subject for as long as you want, but you must learn that art is what you make out of it.

Reader, they haven't realized it yet, but they are the road to realizing what it means to learn, live and love.

The blond boy flipped his long hair out of his face.

"You lose."

"Do not Danna, un." "I simply had to move the hair out of my eyes so I could get a better look at your beautiful face, yeah."ン

The blond boy playful stuck out his tongue.

"Every time you do that, I could rip out your tongue and make your palm mouths eat it."ン the red haired boy responded to other boy's playful gesture.

"Well, geez Danna, you wouldn't make quite a big deal out of it unless you secretly like it."ン

The blond haired boy leaned forward so he was face to face with the boy.

"You don't right? Cause then all young and handsome boys like me would have to watch out for Sasori Danna, the pedophile, un."ン

"Ah yes Deidara, I secretly love you and just want to run through a field of daisies with you."

Deidara leaned back and breathed out an air of relief.

"That's good Sasori Danna, I was afraid I'd have to leave the country because of you, yeah."

"Don't flatter yourself brat", Sasori snarled, slightly raising his upper lip into a sneer.

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