A/N: The sequel to Camp Wilderness, picks up minutes after it is over. The story won't make sense without reading that one first.

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Chapter 1: Pain


I began to pick up speed as I raced away from Forks. I didn't know where I was going, but everything about Forks reminded about a life I thought I knew. How could my parents lie to me? How could they put on a charade for ten years? How could they sacrifice their happiness?

The trees passed in a blur of green as the tears continued to fall from my eyes and down my cheeks. I felt completely alone. I was cold and alone, and all I wanted was to go back to the day before, back to when everything made sense. Back to when I was happy, and my world had not fallen apart.

I drove for a long time with no real goal in mind. I heard my phone ring, but I refused to answer it. I didn't need to hear that everything was going to be alright, because it wasn't. Things were never going to be alright again. My phone rang and rang, but I continued to drive through the rain and my tears.

I finally came to a stop on a trail I would recognize anywhere. I climbed out of the Jeep not caring about the rain as I followed the barely visible trail to the meadow, our meadow. The thought of Edward brought even more tears. How could I possibly have a relationship? The one relationship I counted on as stable had fallen apart before my eyes, and I didn't even notice.

I stumbled through the trees not caring about the inevitable falls, until I saw it. The dark green meadow glittered even through the rain, and I just curled myself into a ball. I felt the rain falling down on me, and heard the water flowing in the background. I closed my eyes, but the tears never stopped.


I sat in the empty tables of the cafeteria staring at my phone. I knew they had arrived, because Emmett had phoned Rose. Rose was currently speaking to him, yet my phone didn't ring. It was very unlike Bella for her not to call, she knew I was worried about her.

"She'll call." Alice said with a small comforting smile her small hand covering mine. "She may be dealing with a lot."

"I know, I just wish I could help her." I answered looking across the cafeteria where Rose was still talking to Emmett.

"Why don't you call her?" Alice suggested. "Staring at the phone is not going to make it ring." She added placing the phone in my hand before getting up. She was right, I could call myself.

The phone rang a few times before I heard my angel's voice. "Hey! You reached Bella, I can't come to the phone. Leave me a message!" Her voicemail said as I sighed.

"Bella, love, it's me. Please call me, I'm worried about you. I love you!" I said before hanging up. I hated waiting, and I hated not knowing.

"Edward, Emmett wants to talk to you." Rose said to me handing me her phone. She looked rather upset and depressed.

"Hello." I said hoping Bella would've taken her phone from her brother.

"Edward, have you seen or spoken to Bella?" Emmett asked in obvious panic.

"Not since she left, what's wrong? Where is she?" I answered my heartbeat increasing. Why was he asking where Bella was? She was supposed to be with him.

"She ran away about two hours ago, and she doesn't pick up her phone. She was rather upset." He explained. "I was hoping that she had contacted you."

"Why did she leave upset?" I asked the dread starting to build.

"I think she should be the one to explain, it's not really my place. But do you have any idea where she might be?" He replied as I wracked my brain for possibilities.

"I think I may know." I responded the answer hitting me like brick in my chest. She could be in only one place.

"Where? We need to find her." Emmett stated.

"I'll go get her, and take her back. I promise." I said hanging up and rushing out of the cafeteria. "Alice, Jasper." I called seeing them.

"What happened?" Jasper asked picking up on my frazzled emotions, I was literally on the edge.

"It's Bella, she ran away and I need to go get her." I explained.

"Go." Alice said.

"We'll watch your campers." Jasper added.

"She'll be fine. Just be there for her." Alice interjected hugging me before I rushed out into my Volvo speeding through the pouring rain. I needed to get to Bella before dark.


I was in the meadow searching for answers to unknown questions. Nothing made sense, and I felt as if my entire world had collapsed. My tears had dried out, and the only thing that escaped me now was my dry sobs. My whole body shook with grief as I tried to figure out just what had gone wrong.


I drove through the rain at speeds that tested the very engine of my car. I needed to get to Bella, and I needed to get there fast. As I approached the trail that led to the meadow the rain only seemed to pour down harder causing very little visibility.

I slowed down as I spotted the trail slightly relieved to find Emmett's Jeep parked to the side of the road. I quickly jumped out of the car running for the Jeep hoping to find Bella still inside. Yet, I was not surprised to find it empty.

I raced down the familiar trail jumping of fallen branches and logs. The rain had no effect on me. I needed to get to Bella, and every second I wasted was too much. I needed to be there for her when she needed me most.

I reached the clearing about ten minutes later finding my angel on the floor soaked to the bone. She was shivering from the cold and her sobs were breaking my heart. "Bella, love." I said softy kneeling beside her.

"Edward." She whimpered in a low heart wrenching voice. There was pain written all over her face. Her normal bright brown eyes held nothing but pain and betrayal.

"Bella." I cried lifting her effortlessly and holding her close to me. Her body was as cold as ice. "We have to get you into warm clothes." I added as she clung to me tightly.

"I don't want to go anywhere." She managed to say through her sobs.

"Bella, you need to get warm." I complained as she shook her head.

"Everything was a lie." She suddenly said her body shaking. "They lied to me."

"Who lied?" I inquired rocking her my hand combing through her wet hair.

"For ten years. It was all a lie." She continued as I let her speak. "They were supposed to be happy. They didn't even fight anymore."

I stayed quiet until I was sure she was done. She clung to me tightly, but she was no longer drying. "Bella, we really need to get you into warm clothes." I said ignoring the fact that I was frozen as well. The temperature had dropped significantly, and our wet summer clothes did not protect us from the wind or the cold.


It was a huge relief to have Edward holding me. He made me feel safe as if everything was going to work out. He held me close, and I barely noticed when he picked me up, and began walking away from our meadow. He was my constant, my rock.

"Bella, please change." He pleaded setting me down in the car. Our overnight bags were still in his car. "You're going to get sick."

I nodded in comprehension as he stepped away from the car giving me time to change into one of his shirts and a pair of sweats I had. The warmth encircling me, as I finally realized just how cold I really was.

I saw that Edward was on the phone, and that the rain had stopped. I knew I had to explain what had happened, no matter how hard. My heart and soul still ached, and I knew it was an ache that will never go away. No matter the explanation my parents had, they had lied to me for ten years.

Edward changed quickly to before we drove towards Forks. "You know I'm willing to listen." He said his voice filled with love and concern.

I stayed quiet for a few minutes staring at the green flashes of trees. How could I possibly explain to Edward what had happened? He would never understand, because he had the perfect family, the family every person dreamed of having.

His free hand traced my fingers as I finally looked up into his beautiful green eyes. "My parents have been separated for ten years." I admitted sadly a single tear escaping my eyes.

"Why didn't you tell me?" He asked.

"I just found out, they have been lying to Emmett and I. My mom is dating my high school gym teacher." I continued waiting for him to run. "My family is broken."

"Bella." He said as I pulled into the hospital for the second time that day. "You should hear your parents out. Your mom needs you right now, and they both love you."

"But they lied." I complained not moving from the car.

"They did, no one is saying they didn't. I am sure they only did it, because they love you." He stated.

"Are you taking their side?" I inquired in an angry tone of voice that even scared me.

"Bella I will always be on your side, but I think you should give them a chance to explain." He continued as he got out of the car walking over to my side. "I'll go in with you."

"This is not the way I wanted you to meet my parents." I said realizing that Edward was walking in the middle of a crisis.

"Me either, love, but I don't mind. I'm here for you." He said softly as we walked in heading straight to my mom's room.


We walked into the hospital and I was not surprised to notice that it looked like any other hospital. We walked down a long hall, and I instantly spotted Emmett's imposing form against the white wall. His skin almost camouflaged into the wall, he was extremely pale.

"Bella." He stated running towards us and embracing his sister tightly. "Don't you ever run off like that again."

"I'm sorry." She said weakly.

"Thank you, Edward." He said to me as I nodded.

"How's mom?" Bella asked.

"She just woke up, and dad is in there with her. I think they both want to talk to us." He explained as Bella gripped my hand tightly.

"And Phil?" She inquired with an icy tone that didn't belong on my angel's lips.

"He went to get cleaned up." Emmett answered dryly as the hospital room opened and a man, who had to be Bella's father, motioned them to come in. His eyes rested on me for a few seconds before lingering on my hand that held Bella's.

"Go on." I urged kissing Bella on the head. "I'll be right here."

"Don't leave." She answered.

"I'm not going anywhere." I assured her kissing her hand. "I love you."

"I love you, too." She whispered before following Emmett into the hospital room.

I leaned against the wall sliding down to the floor. I really didn't know how to handle what Bella was experiencing, but I vowed to be there for her. I was going to be anything she needed, and I wasn't going anywhere. She was the woman I loved, and I was going to help her through this.

A/N: I was asked by a number of readers why Camp Wilderness ended where it did. It purposely ended where it did, because of the shift in the story. One of my readers/reviewers (amgglekim) points out a wonderful point. The end of Camp Wilderness marks the end of Bella's innocence, it is a major turning point in her life.

Many answers will come in the next chapter as Bella struggles to deal with the new reality that is her life. I know ten years sounds like a long time, but the explanation to everything is coming.

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