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I sat in the chair in the living room, watching intently as Emmet played a video game. Smirking, I knew he was going to lose, Alice had told me already. Finally, he lost.

"Damn this game!"he bellowed, throwing it on the ground as Esme walked in.

"Emmet, language please"she said eying him as Jasper and I roared with laughter. Alice was rolling on the ground laughing as well, but then she froze. I watched her stiffly as she seemed to come back to life.

"We need to get to your meadow quickly"she said looking at me. I nodded and soon we were running towards it. I like the running, it felt good to know that nothing could run farther than me, except maybe Jasper or Emmet. As we came closer the smell of two vampires hit me and we raced faster.

We stopped coming up to two bodies, lying motionless on the cold ground, and the sound of two laughing vampires. I growled and ran up to them.

"Relax there's one more little one we want to get and then we're out"he hissed.

"No get out now"Carlisle said calmly, they shrugged and headed off.

"Quick find the little one"he hissed and we were off, running around not knowing where it could be. I didn't like this, a little one that meant that the now life less bodies were the parents, someone was now alone thanks to my kind. I always hated the monster I had become, knowing that I would probably be damned to hell for my actions. Whether they were filled with good intentions or not, I had a price to pay. As I walked around the most tantalizing scent seemed to come from the bushes.

"Easy Edward control yourself, this could be the little human" I thought quickly, knowing the course of my actions had to be controlled. I slowly crept towards the bush and froze, the smell was becoming stronger.

"Easy Edward I coming your way, don't worry Jasper isn't anywhere around here, we can smell the human as well" Alice's thought came through and I nodded, even thought she wasn't there.I knew that it would mean trouble if I went further so I stayed where I was.

"Thanks for waiting"Alice muttered as she stopped next to me. I nodded as she went closer.

"Hello"she said out in a soft baby voice,"you don't have to be afraid of us, we're the good guys"she said and then it happened.

A wimper came throught the bush and a small body came forward. It was a small girl, her face was slightly paler than most humans and her brown eyes seemed to bore into us, as though she could read minds. I watched as a tear fell down her cheek, her long brown hair stopped at her shoulder blades, she looked beautiful.

Alice smiled and held open her arms, the little girl eyed her and came running into them, obviously not noticing how cold they were.

"Sweetie how old are you"she asked as I watched the rest of our family stop close behind. The small girl lifted up four fingers and watched all of us with fascination.

"Oh god" Esme whispered and she turned around, I could understand that having a young girl would remind her of her own child that she had lost before she became a vampire.

"Well lets take her home"Carlisle said and Alice picked her up, strangely the little girl didn't seem to mind and held on with a death grip. I chuckled softly as I watched her, how could this small angel end up with demons like us, not that we acted like them, we just ended up like them.

We soon got into the house and laid the girl down for sleep in the guest room.

"Now what do we do with her" Carlisle asked firmly, that was the question most of us were dreading at this point.

"Well unfortunatly the parents weren't 'drained' so the vampires took them with them. She literally is unknown to the world"Alice muttered,"Besides, unfortunatly I saw her living with us"she said calmly as the room grew silent.

"Ok, but cautins must be taken. We must feed more often, Jasper stay away until you can get use to the smell, we'll now have to start buying human food" Carlisle said as we all nodded, "are you all willing to take this human in"he asked us quizzicly

"Yes"Rosalie said.

"Yeah" Emmett said smiling.

"Definetly"Jasper whispered, but I could still see that he was terrified to be close to her.

"As long as it's safe for her" I said seriously, I didn't want to put the girl through any more torture.

"My first child"Esme whispered and Carlisle laid his hand on her shoulder as they nodded. As we all looked towards Alice we laughed at her. She was bouncing up and down, her smile was not only visible by her mouth but by her eyes as well.

"Oh my gosh this means shopping, decorating, and more shopping because you know humans do grow"she said counting on her fingers for some reason. We all continued laughing.

Soon the laughter died down and Emmett was playing video games against Jasper once more, I watched very closely until Alice tapped my shoulder.

"We need to go see her"she mouthed and I nodded. We headed up stairs and opened the door, she laid there comfortably.

"Alice when did you do this"I muttered and she smiled. The entire guest room was turned into the perfect room for a small child.

"Come closer"she whispered and held a small locket,"this was on her when I put her to bed"she said and she opened with a gentle tone.

Isabella Marie Swan

We love you so much

Alice sighed and looked like she could cry,

"Isabella"I said softly and she turned over to us. We laughed and continued to watch her, truly fascinated by her sleeping. Then as we stopped laughing she made a face and grabbed a teddy bear.

"No"she said and hit me in the head. I was to stunned to laugh, but Alice was rolling.

"She...s...she talks in her sleep"she laughed and I rolled my eyes. Alice went back downstairs to tell the others and I slowly left behind her. As I got to the door I looked at her one last time.

"Good Night my Bella"I whispered and closed the door.

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