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Mirror of Snoisulli


There were kids everywhere. I mean, everywhere. It was only to be expected though seeing as today was the grand opening of the new museum. Because of that, it was a hotspot for elementary school fieldtrips. Small packs of the little hobbits were scampering here and there leaning in as close as they could, without being yelled at of course, to get a closer look at things. For the unfortunate items behind glass, their casings were smudged and dirtied by grubby little faces and fingers.

Conan heaved a heavy sigh of annoyance. He'd disliked being around so many young kids since the first day he started first grade… again. But what he hated more was the fact that he was treated like he himself was one of them.

"Conan-kuuuuun!" his head whipped around to see the energetic trio running up to him. They were followed by one not so energetic young girl walking at her own pace.

"We're going to go look at the Egyptian stuff! Come on! Let's go!" the speaker, Ayumi, proceeded in locking arms with him and pulled him back in the direction from whence they came. Ai stifled a giggle as they passed and simply grinned evilly. Conan shot her a glare.

The Detective Boys, as they called themselves, continued to drag the poor Conan around into all of the exhibits they could. Egyptian artifacts, futuristic space crafts, cavemen, ancient Greek statues; they all resulted in 'ooo'ing and 'ahhh'ing from them. Conan found this all very amusing and continued to baffle them even more by spilling out his vast knowledge of useless things for each exhibit.

Genta got a headache and decided headed off to the snack area to get an ice cream, or two in his case. Mitsuhiko was trying to one-up Conan the entire time with what little he knew. It made the on looking Ai smile at his futile attempts. Ayumi stared at him with glistening eyes. He knew exactly what she was thinking.

Ding Dong. The intercom of the museum chimed. We will be closing shortly. We ask that you please gather up all your belongings and make your way to the exit. We hope that you enjoyed your stay and please don't forget to stop by our gift shop before you leave. Have a good day!

The room in which Conan now occupied was now empty. Ayumi and Mitsuhiko had went to fetch Genta from the snack area and told him to wait for them. Knowing they would lecture him if he headed off on his own, he decided to take a quick look around until they returned.

Only then did he realize which room he was in. Above the door way it said in both Japanese and English Illusions. One didn't need to know that to tell anyways. The entire room was filled with add colored paintings and photographs that boggled the mind. On the wall was a monitor with flashing neon colors.

'Pft… that won't give someone a seizure or anything…' He casualty walked around until he stopped in front of a large mirror. It was handcrafted from what appeared to be Cherry Oak with intricate designs carved into it. There was fancy English text engraved into the top of it. It read 'The Mirror of Snoisulli'.

'Hmm… is that someone's name? How odd…' However, that wasn't the only odd thing he noticed. When he looked into the mirror, he didn't even see his own reflection! The only thing there was a mirror image of the room he stood in.

Just as he was about to turn away his head began to feel very dense, as if it was filling with water. His arms were limp and heavy at his sides and his knees were beginning to feel like they would buckle under the intense weight. He swayed back and forth and began to fall forward. Instinctively, his leg came out to stop his face from meeting cement and instead he took a step forward. Just like that, the domino effect began. He stumbled forward, unable to stop himself. As he prepared to knock into the cold surface of the mirror, when he made contact it felt nothing like what it should have. The entire mirror rippled and the surface emitted a soft white light. And then he fell through. He fell through the mirror! His mind totally blanked and all he could see was white.


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