Mirror of Snoisulli

Chapter 2

Conan's vision was filled with nothing but blinding light for what seemed ages, but in all actuality, it was only mere seconds. Just as the light faded away, he fell backwards onto the ground, facing the strange mirror. After a few uneasy glances around him, he deduced he was still in the same room that he had been in previously.

'Perhaps I blacked out and fell over?' this seemed the most logical reason to him… That is, until the walls began to ripple and everything was swirling madly around him. He rubbed his eyes and took another look around. Yup, this was definitely weird.

The room continued to swirl until it faded away into thin air, as if it were some sort of mirage. He was now left sitting in the middle of an empty dirt patch riddled with weeds here and there.

His jaw had already allowed itself to hang agape in bewilderment. What just happened? Was all that that just happened really real? Questions like these continued to flow through his mind at an alarming speed.

"Hey! You! What do you think you're doing here?" Conan whirled around to meet the eyes of a passing guard. He was quite tall, but perhaps it only appeared so, seeing as Conan was sitting on the floor and looking up. He also had short black hair poking out from under his patrol hat. Before Conan could even regain himself to speak, the guard continued.

"This place is off limits to civilians. As you can see, it's all gated off. How did you get in here?" Conan looked around and, indeed, it was gated off. Also, from what he saw of the abandoned piles of timber and rusted tools, it appeared to be an old construction site. He decided to take advantage of his innocent appearance and play dumb.

"I got lost from my parent when we were shopping. Then a dog chased me and I got in here through that hole in the fence." He gestured to a small gap he had observed earlier. Hopefully the man would by his lie.

The man sighed, letting his shoulders relax. Bingo. "Well, come along now. I'll take you to the station and we'll find your parents." The man wagged his hand behind him, signaling him to follow. Conan obeyed… for the moment. As soon as they both had exited the lot and the man's back was turned to him, Conan made a break for it in the opposite direction.

After a few minutes of deep, heavy breaths, Conan turned to see the officer no longer in sight. He smirked inwardly and looked around, taking in his bearings. 'I recognize this part of town. We passed this area on the way to the museum. Which means… that empty lot is where the museum is supposed to be!' He stood and pondered before he came to a rather blunt conclusion. 'I must have traveled back in time.' He burst out laughing at such a sci-fi idea.

"No way. Those kinds of things don't happen." 'Then what could have caused this strange phenomenon?'

"Hey! Give that back!" The voice was eerily familiar and made a chill run down his spine. He slowly pivoted to look across the street. What he saw literally caused his jaw to drop. It was him! An older version of himself stood across the street fussing at a girl his age. He half expected it to be Ran but he was wrong. Dead wrong.

"Haha. You gonna try an' stop me?" The girl held a cell phone away from him as he desperately grabbed for it.

"It's seriously not funny! You better not send that to anyone!" His face was a light shade of red.

She continued to laugh, holding him back with one hand as she hit a few buttons on the phone with her other. "But you look so cute with your ice-cream smeared all over your face, like a child." This caused his face to transition into its brightest shade of red.

"You give it back now, Shiho!"

Conan nearly did a face plant into the sidewalk. 'What's going on here? Why is Haibara, err, Shiho here? Why am I here? And like that?' Once again, his mind was racing a mile a minute.

No way any of this could be real but, here, in plain sight, was the obvious truth. There is only one truth. The words rang in his head. Well, whatever that one truth was, he was going to get to the bottom of it and the best place to start is on familiar grounds.

'Let the chase begin…' And with that, he began his silent observation.


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