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Chapter 1

"Okay guys," Naruto said. "Why don't we all introduce ourselves?"

Naruto and Sakura stared down at their three students. Nostalgia flowed through their minds as Sakura and Naruto exchanged glances. The 5 Holkages were carved in the mountain behind them.

This was the exact same spot where they had met their sensei. Kakashi-sensei had guided them since they were young. Just like they would guide these young, inexperienced ninja.

"Okay! I'll start!" A boy with red hair and bright green eyes exclaimed. "My name is Penchu Kenji! I'm from the Penchu clan and I want to be the leader of the ANBU!"

Naruto nodded. "Nice, and you?" he asked the tiny girl in the corner. She was obviously very shy.

"My name is Ponoda Kasumi, I… I would like to be a top medical ninja…" she muttered.

"Kasumi!" Naruto snapped. "Don't say 'you'd like to be' say 'you will'!" The girl leaned back, farther into the corner.

"Huh?" Naruto looked at her confusingly.

"Geez Naruto, settle down." Sakura said, walking over to the girl who was now hiding her face.

Sakura gently rested her hand on Kasumi's shoulder. "You can be whatever you want to be."

"I… I want to be a medical ninja. Like you, sensei!"

Sakura smiled warmly at the girl. "I'm flattered. I'll be sure to talk to Lady Tsunade about you."

The girl flashed a toothy grin.

"What about you?" Naruto asked the last boy. He looked somewhat older than the other ninja genin.

"My name is Sansu Mika, I want to teach at the ninja academy."

Sakura leaned back against the railing of the rooftop. "Such ambition." She murmured to herself.

"I know." Naruto agreed.

"Naruto-sensei, when do we have our first mission?" Kenji asked.

Naruto looked at Sakura for help. "Ummm…" he stuttered.

Sakura smiled warmly at Kenji. "Lady Tsunade actually assigned Naruto and I to a mission in the Hidden Sound Village, but we're taking you three with us. It's an A-Rank mission."

"An A-Rank mission?" The three young genin said in unison, Naruto looked over at Sakura in disbelief.

"We're going undercover for this mission, so from here on out Naruto and I are your parents, and you are our children.

"What? Granny Tsunade ordered that?" Naruto asked.

Sakura sighed. "Yes Naruto."

"So, Naruto-sensei and you are dating?" Kenji asked, skeptically staring back and forth between his two team leaders.

Naruto blushed.

Sakura seemed annoyed yet kept her patient exterior. "Actually," she said, reaching into her pocket and pulling out a pair of matching silver rings. "We're married."

She ignored the gasp of surprise from Naruto and slipped on her ring and threw Naruto his ring.

"Geez Sakura, this is all kind of sudden. Why do we have to be married?" Naruto asked, then turned an even brighter red when Sakura grabbed his right hand, took the ring he had just placed onto it, off of it, and placed it on his left hand.

"In the Hidden Sound Village the ninja are on constant surveillance and there's are road block at every gate. They're not letting any foreign Shinobi through. That's why we're going undercover."

Naruto stared dumbly at his palm, still blushing.

"It's only for the mission, Naruto." Sakura said, mistaking his excitement for contempt.

Naruto nodded and turned to his team. "Do you all have your ninja tools?"

The three nodded and Naruto glanced at Sakura who was removing her headband. Her pink hair flowed in the wind, the sun was setting behind the mountains casting an orange silhouette around Sakura's face.

"Sakura…" Naruto drifted off into a dreaming state, she was so beautiful.

"I'm sorry Naruto," he heard her say. "I realize the awkward position I'm putting you in, but Lady Tsunade gave us our orders."

"Sakura, I understand, don't worry about a thing, I'll be the best husband you've ever seen." He assured her.

Sakura smiled warmly. "Thanks Naruto."

"Well Team Sakura, lets get ready to leave." Naruto said.

Sakura froze in silence. Lady Tsunade had told Naruto and her that they could fight over the name of the group.

"Let's call it Team Uzumaki." Sakura offered. "Since we as of now have the same name."

Naruto stared at Sakura before smiling. "Okay deal, Team Uzumaki it is!"


Team Uzumaki headed for the only path that led out of Konoha

"This is the first time I've ever been out of the village." Kasumi said as they continued down the path that led to the Hidden Sound Village.

"Okay guys, take off your headband. From here on out you're not a ninja anymore. Naruto and I are not your senseis, we're your parents." She said, walking behind Naruto and helping him untie his headband. "Don't forget that we're married now too, Naruto."

"So Mom, what exactly are we going to tell them if they ask our names?" Kenji asked.

"Your names are Kenji, Mika, and Kasumi Uzumaki, you're traveling with your parents Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Uzumaki." She felt her heart bang in her chest as she repeated her new name in her head. Sakura Uzumaki.

Naruto had fallen silent too. They continued down the path as the sun set behind the horizon and darkness surrounded them.

"Naruto, what do you think about stopping here for the night?" Sakura asked after hours of silence.

"We still have plenty of energy left…" he said/

"Of course we do, but look at them." Sakura said, pointing at the three young ninjas. They were covered in dirt and sweat, they were all breathing heavily.

"We need to rest, they're exhausted." Sakura said as she stopped and pulled the pop-up shelter out of her bag.

"Okay kids," Sakura said, taking on a motherly tone. "You can all sleep in this shelter, don't come out for any reason, your Father and I will deal with any trouble that might befall us so just concentrate on sleeping."

They nodded, Kenji gave her a skeptical look. Like he was going to be stuck in that tent if ninjas attacked their camp.

"I'll be right back," Sakura said, pulling a spool of wire out of her bag. "I'm going to set scouting wire."

Naruto nodded and began to gather wood. By the time she returned from setting traps all around the camp he had started a small fire.

"You can sleep if you want, Naruto." Sakura said.

"You need to sleep too."

She climbed to the top of a tree and relaxed in the branches. "Someone has to keep watch."

In one jump he sat beside her on one of the highest branches. "Okay, I'll take first shift then."

Sakura stared at Naruto for what seemed like forever. "Are you sure?"

"Sure I'm sure!" he said, giving her a thumbs-up. "Even team leaders have to recharge!"

She smiled and nodded, propping herself up against the tree. She was so tired, she could feel her brain fogging.

"Thank you, Naruto." She said, just before falling into a deep sleep.

Naruto watched Sakura closely as she slept beside him. Her breathing became softer and more rhythmic.

He searched around for any kind of danger, but the place seemed quiet.

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