"Batman are you sure the bad guys are here


By Gurl Wonder

"Batman are you sure the bad guys are here?" Robin asked.


They had been chasing the bad guys and Batman had led them into this really wrecked and dangerous building.

Batman turned around just in time to catch the JR crime fighter as he tripped over another board and fell.

"Robin You ok?"

The 10 year old nodded, "Think so. Just a little dizzy."

"That's probably just a side affect of your fall. It will go away in a minute. Now to answer your question Yes I am sure they are in here or I wouldn't have brought us in here." Batman stood Robin up and pushed the boy in front of him for safety reasons.

"Well…then where are they? Don'tcha think they would have tried to kill us by now?" Robin thought this was just a waste of time. But he couldn't back talk  Batman. Nope that was a no no.  He shook his head. He was still dizzy. He couldn't tell which way to walk the ground was moving. :: Keep going. show Batman how good you are. What is going on? I feel like I've been gassed. I feel like I am going to black out::

"Robin, they probably have something up here somew-! Robin!" Batman caught Robin as he fell backwards unconisous. He moved Robin into a sitting position in his arms. Shaking him gently, "Robin..Robin..ROBIN!!!!! Wake up!!"

Robin groaned trying to wake up. His body losing the fight, he went limp in Batman's arms.

"Great Gotham what's going on?" Batman pulled a little box out of his utility belt. He picked up Robin's arm. The box took a sample of Robin's blood. Batman held the box up into what little light there was in this room.  He saw little green dots invading Robin's blood cells.

"Poison. But how? Robin didn't get hit with any dart. Did he?" Batman checked his young partner over. Then noticed a small almost microscopic dart sticking out of Robin's left leg. He carefully took it out with the Bat-twizers. Then he took out a small pill. When he put it to Robin's small mouth he noticed that it was too big for him to swallow. So he broke it in fourths and put one piece in at a time. Helping Robin chew it (by moving his mouth up and down) hoping it would rouse Robin.

It did but not all the way. Robin looked around with glazed eyes. His pale features showed confusion and a lot of fear. Robin's lips moved but nothing came out.

"What is it Robin?" Batman asked softly.

Robin didn't answer he just clung to Batman into a tight almost strangling hug and buried his head in Batman's shoulder.

Batman sat there in shock. He put his arms around the small body that was clinging to him.

"It's ok Robin..Your..safe. I promise. Robin what's wrong?"

Robin had started shaking. Finally he croaked, "Sca..Scare..Crr.Crow."

"The Scare Crow did this to you? Robin answer me."

Robin nodded.

"He will pay. Let's keep going and once we find the villains, we can go back to the Batcave and I will use the Bat-Scare Crow antidote. Come on." Batman stood Robin up gently.

Robin hid behind Batman, holding his hand tightly.

They walked from room to room.

Robin was jumping at every sound and movement.

He was talking a little bit. But when he did you could barely hear him. Batman had to get down near Robin's mouth to hear what he said.

"Batman we've been thru every room in this place. And I am getting tired…"

Batman didn't hear all of what Robin said. But he heard the part 'I am getting tired.' Which worried him.

"Stay awake for a little bit longer Robin. I know you can do it. Come on we're almost done. Hey short stuff look at me."



"Sorry…ca..can..can't stay awake…t..tir…tired…" Robin leaned back into Batman falling asleep immediately "ROBIN…..Wake up lad. No use he is was too tired. Now I guess it's up to me to stop the Scare Crow."

Batman picked the sleeping crimefighter up and carried him into another room.

15 Minutes later Batman walked into a room and was ambushed by Scare Crow's men.

"What the!?!" Batman jumped back nearly missing the object that was thrown at him. Pulling Robin closer he looked around to see that he was surrounded.

Another object flew thru the air and made him loose his grip on Robin. The limp body fell to the ground hitting it hard.

The next thing that Batman saw was Robin being drug by his arms out of the room. "Robin…..Ungh" An object had hit Batman square in the face, the dark night fell face forward unconisous.                                                         


End Chapter 1