You Don't Scare Me
By Robin Gurl
Chapter 1

Notes: This has been reworked (grammar and High School nonsense, I hope, removed.). I'm hoping after I'm done beta-ing I can figure out what I was after so I can complete this story. I am sorry for the long wait but I feel it will be worth it when I'm finished. 

Robin's Age: 9 years old

Disclaimer: Batman © Bob Kane

"Batman are you sure the bad guys are here?" Robin asked. They had been chasing the bad guys and Batman had led them into this really wrecked and dangerous building. So far the young crime fighter had found nothing but darkness and spider webs. The webs were creepy.

He watched carefully through his bat light lit vision trying to follow Batman's exact steps. Batman had told him to be careful, that this was a run down warehouse and he could get hurt if he wasn't careful of where he stepped.

Out of no where a sharp pain hit his leg. He looked around but couldn't see anything. He shrugged it off thinking it was a splinter. He stepped forward uncertain of where his next step was and fell over face first. "Batman-whoa!"

Batman turned around just in time to catch the junior crime fighter as he tripped over another board and fell. "Robin You ok?"

The nine year old nodded, "Think so. Just a little dizzy." Robin felt Batman's hands lock underneath his arms and lift him out of his self made mess. The pain in his leg was getting stronger.

"That's probably just a side affect of your fall. It will go away in a minute. Now to answer your question Yes I am sure they are in here or I wouldn't have brought us in here." Batman stood Robin up then brushed him off looking for any scrapes. He found none that were visible yet. After coming to the conclusion that Robin wasn't injured in anyway and that when they got back to the Cave Alfred wasn't going to strangle him, he pushed the boy in front of him for safety reasons.

"Well then where are they? Don'tcha think they would have tried to kill us by now?" Robin glanced over his shoulder with hopeful blue eyes that his nine year old logic made some sort of light bulb go off in Batman's head. He thought this was just a waste of time. Dick had learned a long time ago not to push any issue to far with Bruce or Batman. He shook his head sighing. It was then he noticed the world was still spinning. Why was he still dizzy? He choked in a panicked cry and continue to walk forward blindly not knowing which way was up. His leg started to throb even more and he let out a whimper. "Batman-!" He whispered as he fell backwards.

"Robin, they probably have something up here somew-! Robin?" Batman caught the boy wonder as he fell backwards into his arms unmoving. Trying not to panic Batman looked around making sure they were still alone then knelt to the ground sitting the boy in his lap. The feeling of Robin's head lolling limply on his shoulder made his movements even quicker than normal. He took his hand out of his glove and reached up feeling for any signs of fever.


"Robin," He tried soothingly. "Wake up, chum."

The figure in his arms groaned as if he was trying to wake up. He reached up weakly grabbing his mentor's hand and moved it to his leg. Batman only stared with confusion. "Is it the leg? What about it, lad? Does it hurt?" Robin nodded slowly. He looked to be blinking in and out of consciousness. His body finally losing the fight, he went limp in Batman's arms.

The leg in question had a heat to it, an infected heat. What could be causing this though? Robin didn't have any injuries that he was aware of that would cause such an infection.

Not knowing what else to do, Batman pulled a little box out of his utility belt. He picked up Robin's arm gently holding the boy close to his chest. He knew Robin hated getting pricked and even though the boy was out he didn't have the moral to do it without some comfort.

He pressed a button and a quiet shhh was heard as antibacterial was sprayed on the needle to make it sterile. Carefully Batman pressed box against Robin's arm and squeezed. The red light blinked for a few seconds then turned green saying it was done. If Robin had been awake it would have been a battle and lots of tears would have fallen. For once he was glad the boy was out.

His arms still around the boy's frame he reached back into his belt and pulled out a Band-Aid. After covering up the small prick he picked up his bat-flash light and held the box up to it. He saw little green dots invading Robin's blood cells.

Cursing at what he saw, his attention went back to the infected leg. He took the bat light to it and finally saw something abnormal. Batman's keen eyes noticed a small almost microscopic dart sticking out of Robin's left leg. He carefully took it out with the Bat-tweezers and put in a small vile. If he was going to fully cure what ever this was he was going to need to look at it in the Batcave with all of the equipment there. To get Robin slightly coherent he took out an all purpose Bat-Antidote pill. The pill was larger when he placed it up to Robin's mouth. To big for the boy to take without choking. Sighing to himself that he needed to remember to bring the child size pills along more often, he broke it in fourths and put one piece in at a time. Helping Robin chew it making sure each piece was completely down before the next went in. He was hoping that if nothing else the horrible taste would arouse his partner.

A few seconds later he noticed Robin's tiny hands were clenching together. Finally, he exclaimed to himself, some movement. He helped Robin sit up in a more balanced position checking his eyes with a pen light. They followed the light weakly. The pill wasn't doing half of what it was capable of.

Content that the boy was at least half responsive he stood up with Robin in his arms and looked around the warehouse. The hair on the back of his neck stood up when he realized it had been way to easy to give Robin the antidote without being heard. Holding the boy wonder's weak body close to him his eyes narrowed. "Alright," He shouted, "Game's over."

Robin sat up weakly in Batman's arms glancing around the dark room with wide glazed blue eyes. He unconsciously wrapped both of his arms around Batman's neck clinging tightly.

When no one came out of the shadows Batman's senses went to the next level of awareness. That was when he picked up the sound of Robin's strangled breathing. "Chum, what is it?" He patted the boy's small back soothingly not knowing exactly what he was comforting.

"The dark is gonna get me."

Batman's eyes widened with half amusement. "Robin," He chuckled. "I thought we were over this one. It's been a year."

"No please. Don't let it get me." Robin's body wriggled in Batman's arms nearly falling out of them in the process. He tried to bury himself further into his mentor's arms.

Batman started to say something but then he remembered who they were fighting against. "Dear God, I hope this isn't what I think it is." He knelt down and tried to sit Robin on his feet.

A sound of a board being stepped on made Robin all but jump back into Batman's arms. The Caped Crusader perked up and surveyed the room. He reached up and pushed a button on the side of his cowl turning his night vision on.

The games were over. Robin had been exposed to the fear gas, Scarecrow wasn't going to get away with this. His other arm was busy trying to comfort the shaking form by his side. Then he saw it. A tiny blinking light. His eyes went wide as he realized it was a trap. In a matter of seconds he had Robin securely in his arms shielded from any flying debris and he took a flying leap towards the opposite side.

"B..Batman wha..what's going on?"

"Robin hide your head." He commanded pulling Robin closer and getting ready for the explosion.

Then it went off. The roaring sound shook the entire building and old rafters fell down from the ceiling crashing down around them. All but one of the walls were still intact. Smoke bellowed out of the window frames as glass was heard twinkling to the ground at the base of each frame.

The box Batman had hid behind was still standing as well. He relaxed leaning against it breathing hard. "That was close." Then he felt a wetness on his leotard. His first thought was he was either hurt or Robin was. "Robin, are you alright? Answer me!"

The Boy Wonder lifted his head and stared up at his mentor tears streaming. Batman let out a sigh of relief and just hugged his partner to him. "I want to go home." Robin sobbed. Even though Batman knew it was the fear gas talking he'd never heard Dick sob like this. He was glad of it to, he felt his heart start to beat faster, what was he to do now?

"Robin, everything is ok now. That was the worst that could happen and we're still alive." He brushed some of the black hair out of the boys eyes. "Trust me?"

Behind them a figure appeared looking quite perturbed that the bomb had done nothing but ruffle some feathers and blow the warehouse to Kingdom Come. "Damn it. Why can't you just DIE?"

Batman twirled around Robin in his arms standing face to face with the man they were after. "Professor Crane, I knew it was you." His arms tightened around the crying bundle in his arms when he noticed his adversary was eyeing the boy.

"I didn't expect anything less of you Batman. It just took a little longer than usual for you to find the place." The man in the costume crossed his arms. Then he smirked, "I see my fear darts work perfectly."

"Give the boy the antidote and let him go. It's me you want."

"On the contrary. You see, I've tested my fear gas on grown human beings: females and males. I've tested on animals of every kind but I've yet to try it on a child."

"I get it." His glare narrowed. "You think that because a child has fears the gas will react different than an adults. With me you have to create the fear with Robin all you have to do is tap into his subconscious, his dreams."

"Exactly. My you are what Cat Woman says you are. She brags about you all the time you know, in Arkum? It's never ending. I'm beginning to see why she likes you." Behind Scarecrow his henchmen started to come out of the shadows all of them smiling. "If you won't come willingly then I'm afraid I'll have to resort to violence, such a bad way to go but it's your choice."

"You're mad if you think you can just take Robin and test on him."

"As I said before. Your choice Batfreak. Men, get him. Just keep them alive!"

"Oh I see how it is," The Caped Crusader smiled slyly. He pulled one hand away from Robin's shaking form and threw a batterang out. It knocked three guns of their hands.

Batman jumped back nearly missing the object that was thrown at him. Pulling Robin closer he looked around to see that he was surrounded. Another object flew thru the air and made him loose his grip on Robin. The limp body fell to the ground hitting it hard.

The next thing that Batman saw was Robin being drug by his arms out of the room. "ROBIN!" A pain in both arms made him fall to his knees. He heard Scarecrow laughing as his vision went. "Robin…"

End Chapter 1