Chapter 6

It had begun like an ordinary day, at least that's what Kyoko thought at the time. As she went down the stairs Kyoko noticed that there was an extra person sitting at the table. It took her by surprise to see Maria at the table, she didn't expect Maria to know where she lived. Getting over her shock Kyoko greeted the Okami-san, Taisho and Maria.

"Maria shouldn't you be on your way to school instead of being here," asked Kyoko. "I don't mind you being here but school is important and I don't want you to miss out on making friends and school activities," said Kyoko.

"I'm not going to school today Big Sis because I want to spend the day with you," answered Maria.

"I don't have a problem with you spending the day with me but does the president know you're going to be with me," said Kyoko.

"I already took care of that Big Sis and I even brought my lap top with me so I can receive and send my daddy his e-mails," said Maria.

"That's great Maria, I just hope that you don't mind that I get off late," said Kyoko.

"Not to worry I also plan to spend the night if you don't mind, I do need your help with my school project," reasoned Maria.

"That's ok as long the Okami-san agrees," responded Kyoko.

"That's wonderful, you haven't had anyone over since your friend Moko and that was weeks away," said the Okami-san.

"Great then let's get going or I'm going to be late to work, I'll introduce you to the guys from Bridge Rock," said Kyoko.

"I've seen them around but I've never actually met them," said Maria.

"They're nice guys and they take care of me," said Kyoko.

"Um Big Sis do you mind making dinner when we when come home, I've been craving your cooking ever since the party," said Maria.

"Alright but with the condition that you have to help me prepare it and after that we can work on your school project," said Kyoko.

"Deal," said Maria.

"One more thing, don't address me as Kyoko, just call me Bo, I don't want too many people to know that I'm Bo," said Kyoko.

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