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It has been a year since that night on the cliffs with Edward and things in our life had taken a change for the better.

Once we got home that night everyone sat down in the living room and had a family discussion. I went to excuse myself but everyone told me to stay, that I was family. We talked about what had brought Edward and I to our choices to make the trip to end our lives.

They talked to me about how they would never know the full extent of what I went through, but that they loved me as if I was their own daughter, or sister, that I was welcomed to come to them anytime I needed. To Edward they talked about how they loved him and were sorry if they every made him feel anything less. At one point Esme and Carlisle asked to speak to Edward in private. Edward never told me what they said but apparently it worked.

Carlisle and Esme understood our need to help each other but suggested that we each go to counseling. They said that while we are a great help to each other, to truly heal we needed to be around others that knew what we were going through. After their talk both of us agreed to counseling. Edward went for depression and I went to a support group of victims of rape.

I actually enjoyed my group, it was nice to know I wasn't alone, to know that there were others that had gone through what I had, some had even made a similar plan to end their life but didn't.

Edwards counseling worked out even better then expected. He admired the work that his counselor did and the fact that he was able to help someone through things in their life and be a better person. Edward was under so much stress trying to go through with art that it wasn't bringing him the joy that it once did. Once he saw the work at the center he changed his major. He saw it as his chance to help others and possibly save lives. I had never seen him happier, more relaxed than I did the day he made that choice.

Both Edward and I volunteered at a suicide prevention center once we ourselves got a handle on thing. We felt sharing our experience with others in the same situation would be helpful. That we could show them that not only was there other ways, but that they weren't alone, there were people that understood what they were going through, that people did care about them and they would help them get through this.

Life was going great.

School had started up again and I was on my way to becoming a high school English teacher. I was student teaching at a local school and loving every minute of it.

We spent every ounce of our free time with Edward's family. They had truly become my family in every way. Alice and Emmett were like the siblings I never had, which made Rose and Jasper my siblings as well, seeing as no one was ever away from their other half.

I had attended Billy's funeral a few days after he died. Edward and his family came to support me. While none of them had ever met him, they wanted to be there for me because he was the last remaining family member I had. Jacob was there, but he kept his distance. We spoke once when he thanked me and the Cullen's for coming and that was the last time I saw him.

I loved Jake from my childhood and he was a tie to my family but the damage had been done and our friendship was beyond repair. I learned to forgive him in order to move on with my life, but it was to much to ask that we remain friendly. The last I had heard of him from random acquaintances he was happily dating someone, and he had moved on in life. The part of me that held memories of our life before the rape was happy for him. Other than that, he wasn't a thought in my mind.

I had taken Edward to my hometown to see where I grew up as a child, my old house. I took him to my parent's grave with me and he held me when I started to cry at the fact that they would never get to meet him or see how happy I was. We made a promise to come back here a few times a year to visit them. Something I had a hard time doing alone, but now I had him to be there for me.

Everything was perfect, he was perfect.

Christmas time rolled around and everyone planned to spend the holidays at the Cullen's home. It was amazing to be surrounded by such warm people, who truly loved one another.

Edward had been acting a little off for a few weeks leading up to Christmas and I thought maybe his exams were getting to him, or the Christmas season just in general. I didn't want him to have a relapse of depression so made sure to keep an eye on him. He continued to insist that nothing was wrong. I spoke to his parents about it and asked them if they had noticed any changes in him and they both said that he was being himself.

Once Christmas break started we arrived at the Cullen's and helped them decorate the house and went shopping together. It was nice to be involved in the family dynamic again. I felt like I belonged.

I watched as Emmett would lift Alice to help her put ornaments on the higher branches of the massive tree in the Cullen living room. I felt like I was in one of those movies that showcased these happy family's it was perfect down to the Frank Sinatra holiday music in the background. It was picture perfect, everyone laughing and covered in tinsel.

Christmas morning came and I felt like I was five all over again being woken up by a bouncing Alice who was beyond giddy to get downstairs and open her presents. We all sat around the tree with Alice playing Santa and handing out the gifts. I watched with wide eyes at the gifts this family gave to each other. Some of most extravagant things I had ever seen had been gifted and I had a moment of self doubt that what I had gotten everyone wasn't enough. In the end everyone loved it. Of course I was beyond embarrassed about the amount that the things they bought must have cost.

However, if I thought I was shocked then, what happened next sure threw me for a loop.

Each member of the family had an envelope in their hand and they all looked at me with huge smiles on their faces. Alice looked as if she was about to exploded, as they stood in front of me with their hands extended to me holding out their envelope.

"Start at the beginning and open each envelope until you get to Edward." Carlisle said at the head of the line.

I didn't know what to think and I was a bit worried. I slowly took the envelope from Carlisle and ripped it open pulling out a piece of paper and read what was written on it.

"Isabella Marie Swan." I read aloud.

I moved to Rosalie taking her letter and opening it.


Next in line was Alice, who was bouncing up and down.

"Do Us"

I moved on to Emmett, who shoved his letter at me eagerly while a huge toothy grin was plastered on his face.

"The Honor"

Then Jasper, who was shaking his head at the two before him.

"Of Joining"

Tears started to form in my eyes as I knew what Esme's letter must say. I took it from her my hands trembling.

"Our Family" I looked at Esme's eyes tears freely flowing from not only my eyes but hers as well as she placed a kiss on my cheek and nodded towards Edward.

Edward reached out his hand to me and pulled me toward him and handed me the last envelope.

"I love you Bella, more then words will ever be able to describe."

My hands continued to shake as I slowly ripped opened the last envelope. I closed my eyes and I pulled the piece of paper out, not wanting to get my hopes up that this is what I thought it was.

When I was finally able to open my eyes, Edward was now down on one knee in front of me as his family stood around watching.

I flipped the piece of paper over and my voice cracked as I read the last messageā€¦

"M-Marry me" I felt Edward take a hold of my left hand as I cried.

"Isabella Marie Sawn, will you do me the honor of making me the happiest man alive and marry me?"

"Yes, of course I will yes." I leaned down throwing my arms around his neck and kissing him while still crying. I could taste my salty tears mixing in with our kiss.

He took my hand and slid on the most beautiful ring I had ever seen. A silver band with tiny diamonds on the side and in the middle a small round stone, it was very simple, it was me and I loved it.

"I love you so much Edward."

"I love you too." He stood throwing his arms around my waist and lifting me. Holding me tight as he spun me around and placed me back on my feet. "You have made me the happiest man alive."

Once he released me from his loving arms the family rushed over and gave their congratulations and welcomed me to the family.

"Even though you have always been part of the family." Esme said, pulling me into a tight squeeze.

"Now we really will be sisters." said Alice throwing her arms around me.

"You're stuck with me." said Emmett as he pulled me into a huge bear hug that cut off my air flow.

"Emmett, can't. Breathe." He laughed and released me.

That was Christmas, but it is now the beginning of summer and classes are over.

Carlisle and Esme had bought us a house as an early wedding gift. We had decided to get married next spring. Alice, of course, had decided to take over as wedding planner and had begun planning the wedding as soon as she heard me say yes to Edward. So all of our free time had been spent planning the wedding and packing up our apartment.

We were saying goodbye to every part of our past that held even a small amount of bad memories. While this apartment also held some great memories, like our first kiss, I was more than happy to be on my way to our new home where we could make new memories.

After we loaded the last of our things, we took one last look around and dropped off our apartment keys at the front desk. We made our way to the car and headed to our new house, the ride was silent and we held hands, Edward rubbing soothing circles with his thumb. We pulled up to our new place and could see that everyone was there. We got out of the car each grabbing what we could and made our way into the home, our home.

The house was a small white three bedroom home about a 10 minute drive from the Cullen's home. It had a white picket fenced front yard, with beautiful flowers of every color in it. The outside had a little wrap around porch and blue shudders. Inside was amazing hardwood floors and Esme and Alice were in the process of helping us paint and decorate. This would be the home where Edward and I would start our new life together and where we would eventually start our family.

Even though all our furniture hadn't arrived yet, my family had taken things they could find and set up a small table and seats. On the make-shift table was pizza and soda. They were all sitting around laughing and eating. Someone had found all the candles they could and lit them placing them around the room giving it a dim glow along with the setting sun outside.

"Well are you going to stand there or come get some grub?" Emmett asked and motioned us over.

Edward, box still in hand, leaned over kissed my cheek and placed his box on the floor and took the one from my hand doing the same. He grabbed my hand and led me over to the family where we sat and laughed while eating, talking like we had always been part of one another's lives.

Once we cleaned up, the rest of the family decided to head home, all promising to come back in the morning with breakfast to help us finish up. Edward and I grabbed our drinks and went and sat on the porch. The cool summer night air blew the aroma of freshly cut grass all around us. Edward sat down on the porch steps and I sat in between his legs, leaning my head back looking up at him.

"I have never been happier than I am at this very moment with you."

He leaned down and looked at me, his face holding one of his beautiful crooked smiles. He placed a kiss on my lips and smiled.

"Me either and this is all thanks to you Bella." He wrapped his arms around me and rested his chin on my head.

"I love you."

"I love you too, forever."


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