Hello, OnlyOneSymptom here. This is my first fanfiction, but not my first work of fiction, so I hope you enjoy it.

Just one bit of clarification before I begin: Droit de Seigneur refers to the rights of lords during medieval times. Today it has gained a slight different meaning. Specifically, that a lord was entitled to the 'maidenhead' or virginity of the women on his lands. Now don't freak out on me here. No one is going to be taken against their will. Relax. But the title still fits, I promise. It will be explained later.

That's all, really.

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Droit de Seigneur

Chapitre Un

I stood on the edge of the square at the front of the crowd. My father, constable of our town, had to be there early, so I did too. Like any day in our part of the country, it was overcast. It was also winter and very cold. I pressed back into the crowd for some semblance of warmth.

The crowd was rather nervous, shifting from foot to foot and murmuring gently. Our lord was returning today. We hadn't really had one in a very long time, since the family who owned our lands hadn't returned to their ancestral homeland as far back as anyone could remember. The family, under the head of the mysterious 'Count,' preferred the city to our backwater town. They handled the necessary affairs by messenger and left us alone.

But no longer. Today our Count returned and our days of practical self-governance were over.

The people around me were shifting uncomfortably. No one had ever seen a member of the Cullen family before. We were anxious to meet our new lord. Would he be kind to us or cruel? Only time would tell.

A hushed silence enveloped the crowd as the sound of hooves clattered in the distance. The noise grew until a party of seven stately horses entered the far side of the square. Their riders dismounted and approached the stated that had been erected in the square.

I couldn't really see much about the family from where I stood except that there were three ladies and four men and that each had beautiful pale skin.

The formalities began. I let my mind wander as each self-important dignitary in our town began to make pointless (and truthless) welcoming speeches. Finally, my father stood. I could count on my father to wrap things up quickly. He hated ceremonies as much as I.

"As Constable of the town I wish to extend a welcoming hand to the Cullen family. I'll say no more for I'm sure you all have better things to do than listen to me. I would, however, offer a chance to Count Cullen to say a few words, should he desire to." My father stepped away from the podium and gestured to a tall blond man.

The blond made a negative motion with his head and then gestured to the bronzed-haired man beside him.

The man stepped to the podium and cleared his throat.

"Good day, new friends," his voice rang out above the square, soft but authoritative, and smooth like silk, "Thank you for this delightful welcome. We are glad that you welcome us so readily into your hearts. My name is Edward Cullen, youngest son of the Count and Countess of these lands, Carlisle and Esme. I speak for them today for it has been decided that I will take over the day-to-day affairs of this town. So though my father is the Count, I am Lord here.

"But do not worry, kind friends. We do not wish to intrude into your lives. You've managed quite well without us so we won't interfere. However, should you require assistance of any kind, please come to us without hesitation. We are here to serve you."

The formalities ended here and Lord Cullen returned to his former place amongst his family. People began to disperse, pleased that our lord had no intention of running our lives. I waited on a bench for my father to conclude exchanging pleasantries.


I looked up into the dark eyes of my closest friend, Jacob Black. He was my father's assistant and was expected to take over once my father was no longer able to perform his duties. It was also expected that he and I would marry someday.

"Yes, Jake?"

"Your father wishes to speak with you." He was acting very formally. Probably trying to make a good impression on Lord Cullen.

I followed Jacob over to where my father was conversing with Count Cullen.

"Ah," my father gently took my elbow and pulled me closer forward, "here she is. My lovely daughter Bella." He turned towards me with a slight smile and said by way of explanation, "Count Cullen was just asking if I had any family."

I blushed and curtseyed as gracefully as I knew how. When I straightened and finally got a good look at the Count I was so surprised I nearly stopped breathing. He was ridiculously attractive.

He just smiled gently at me. "It is nice to meet you Miss Swan. Your father tells me that you enjoy reading. It is unusual for a lady such as you to take such interest in books."

I cast my eyes to the floor. I knew what he meant: not unusual, but shameful. I had heard that often enough.

But Count Cullen was still talking: "My son Edward is also very much a bibliophile. Perhaps you and he could compare libraries sometime."

I swallowed. He didn't think I was bad for liking books? "I would like that, my lord." I kept my eyes firmly fixed on the ground. No need to seem presumptuous.

"Edward," Count Cullen's voice rang out suddenly, "Come meet Miss Swan."

I looked up curiously in time to see the bronze-haired man turn contemptuously on his heel. He took a step towards us, not trying to disguise his open staring at me.

I swallowed hard. He was stunning. I could feel my breath rush from my lungs when I saw his face.

He was not only very attractive, but also very upset. I recognized the irritation on his face. I too had been introduced to countless members of the opposite sex in hopes of an attraction occurring. I always felt exactly as he looked.

As he took few steps more steps closer, the wind kicked up. It blew fast and hard from behind me and blew sand all around.

The atmosphere changed very abruptly. Lord Cullen's eyes widened abruptly and he went very still, his gaze locked on me.

I dragged my gaze from his perfect face to attempt to straighten my mussed skirts. But at the sound of a terrifying growl, I looked up. What I saw was terribly surprising. Lord Cullen's beautiful face was twisted into a mask of pain and anger. The two other Cullen boys had him by either arm. A snarl ripped from Lord Cullen's throat as his two brothers began hauling him off.

I caught one last glimpse of his face before he was practically dragged from the square. He was staring at me, his eyes filled with a murderous rage.

As soon as he was out of sight I took a huge gasp of air. I had been standing petrified without breathing while the scene unfolded. It only took a matter of seconds.

Stunned silence overtook the remaining bystanders.

Finally, my father broke the silence: "Is…is he all right?"

"Oh yes, of course." Count Cullen's voice was like a cool glass of water on a hot day. I could feel my worry leaking out at the sound of his confident voice. "My son dislikes meeting new people. He sometimes gets a little overdramatic. That is one reason why I encourage him to be in charge here. It will help him gain better social skills."

The whole of us relaxed completely. He was just antisocial, that was all. Still, a feeling of unease had settled over the square and everyone quickly departed.

My father and I walked back to our home in silence.

He was just being overdramatic, I reminded myself. Just throwing a tantrum so he could leave.

Still a little voice in the back of my head was whispering insidious thoughts: There was no petty anger in those beautiful, black eyes so fixed on me. There was only hate, and rage, and murderous intent.

Fin de chapitre un. (Si vous ne voyes pas, j'aime la langue français. Je l'aime beaucoup.)