And here it is, the end of the road. I had fun writing it, and I hope you enjoyed reading it. I'm not entirely washing my hands of it yet, though. I wanted to revise it's brains out. I'll probably repost it after I'm done messing around. But other than that, it's over.

And uh, hopefully this isn't too cheesy. I tried my best.


The Memories of Isabella Marie Swan.

I suppose I should write Isabella Marie Cullen, but that is a relatively new title. I have not had it for most of my memory. Indeed, I have only been a Cullen for two months now. Edward, my soul mate and husband, and I have just returned to the Cullen home outside of Paris after our honeymoon.

This book was given to me upon our return. Inside are all the human memories the Cullen's could remember. (Which was a blank page in the case of poor Alice.) The circumstances of their births and deaths were truly fascinating.

And not it is my turn to add my history to those who came before me and welcomed me with open arms when I finally arrived.

But I am getting ahead of myself.

I was born to Charles and Renee Swan in a tiny, rainy town in northern Briton…

I closed the giant, leather-bound book with a gentle thump. It had been harder to remember my previous life than I had thought. Details, names and faces, slipped through my fingers like sand.

The last five months of my humanity were easier to recall. They had been about Edward, and that made them simple to remember. I could never forget anything about him.

For instance, though it had been an unimportant detail at the time, I still recalled the first time I saw the Memory. Though that day it had simply been a large book in Edward's Arthur Room that I had wanted to read.

He wouldn't let me.

But I was a Cullen now, so it belonged to me too.

I smiled involuntarily at that thought. I'm a Cullen.

The wedding itself had been a surprise. A delightful surprise, but still very much unexpected. Edward and I had spent close to eight blissful months in the north of Scandinavia perfecting my control. When I was ready, we rejoined the rest of the Cullens in Paris. They had left Briton shortly after we did. When we arrived at their estate, Alice had our wedding all ready. Carlisle walked me down the aisle the next day.

The day after that, Edward and I were on a private isle in the Mediterranean. So much for spending time with the family.

When we returned yet again, just a few days ago, Alice filled me in on the recent exploits of my father and former compatriots. I missed them.

My father, after months of grief, took over rule of the area. The Cullens wouldn't return to that estate for at least three centuries or so.

The pack had finally ended Jacob's punishment. I was glad. Immortality, even in small doses, helped make one more forgiving to one's fellow men.

The pack was largely the same. They sent their best wishes to Edward and I, along with a message that they wished I didn't smell so badly now. Ah, my boys. Maybe someday they'll grow up.

The rest of the town had pretty much returned to normal. The Cullens had caused ripples, but no real change.

And that was it, the end of my past.

Now I had the whole of forever awaiting me. And an angel to spend it with.

Strong arms enclosed me from behind.

"Speak of the devil and he shall appear," I teased lightly.

"Devil? That's a bit harsh, love," Edward growled lightheartedly in my ear.

I smiled and leaned back against him, remembering our troubled and bizarre courtship.

"What are thinking of that makes you smile so?" He questioned.

"You. Always you. Forever."

He buried his head in the crook of my neck. "That's all I want. All I've ever want."

Forever would go by too quickly.


And that's all she wrote, folks! Thank you for reading. I sincerely hope it pleased you.

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