The highly anticipated sequel to 'Hybrid Rainbow' (jk) anyway this picks up a few weeks after the whole Tritter thing so I hope you guys enjoy and I'm sorry for the delay but I had finals. Anyway this chapter was really fun to write so hopefully you guys will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

House made his way tiredly up the steps to Chase's apartment. He hadn't gotten much sleep the night before thanks to Chase who had the day off and he had had non stop clinic duty with Cuddy basically breathing down his neck making sure he didn't slack off and watch General Hospital or flip through a Rolling Stones magazine he had swiped off of Chase's coffee table that morning.

Sliding his hand into his pants pocket he wrapped his fingers around the key that Chase had given him three weeks after his case had been dismissed and Tritter became just a bad memory. Things had been going as smooth as they could be for the two of them. Wilson was still drooling over Merryn who was getting frustrated with the man's lack of smoothness and was just about ready to molest him if he didn't get it through his head that she liked him. House had admitted that he would pay money to see his best friend get molested which had earned him a slap on the arm from Merryn.

"Robbie I want spaghetti," he called as soon as he had opened the door.

"Ha I knew it," he heard Chase call from the kitchen.

"What are you psychic now?" House asked as he closed the door and threw his book bag down and made his way to the fridge to get something to drink.

"No you're just getting predictable; you always want Sketti on Thursdays," Chase said as he turned from the sink where he had been draining the large pot of the boiling hot water. He smiled at House who stood as still as a statue, the fridge open and hand out stretched to retrieve a beer.

Chase quirked an eyebrow and chuckled "Don't tell me you threw your back out getting a beer."

House blinked and shook his head and then looked back at Chase once more. "What in all things considered holy did you do?" House asked his voice laced with shock.

"Nothing," Chase said innocently as he set the pot down onto the cutting board. House shook his head once more "No nothing would be lazing on the couch all day naked which would have been nice to come home to but this…this is not nice…I don't even know what this is a mid life crisis maybe."

"That would make more since if I was in my mid life but I'm only 31, you on the other hand are a 6 year old trapped in an older mans body," Chase said with a grin as he loaded up two plates and tried to hand House his plate which had considerably more spaghetti than Chase's.

"Well that would make you a child molester wouldn't it," House said with a smirk.

"Really I thought you were the one robbing the cradle in this relationship, are you gonna take your plate or not," Chase asked as he held the plate further out for House to take it.

"Not until you tell me what the hell you were thinking, did you hit your head or did the energy drinks finally fry your brain?," House asked as he stared at his lover trying to diagnose the situation. Change in personal preference could indicate a brain tumor and this was a total change of preference for his lover. "Stop mentally diagnosing me with your eyes you know how much that turns me on," Chase said sarcastically as he sat House's plate down on the counter before maneuvering past his lover to go and sit on the couch.

"Well stop be interesting and I'll stop my brain from getting all hot and bothered," House said as he grabbed his plate and went to sit next to the Aussie. "Aww but then you wouldn't like me anymore," Chase said.

"Maybe, you'd still be hot if you were boring…and sane and House jr has gotten used to all the attention," House said.

"I thought we were talking about your brain getting all hot and bothered," Chase said as he propped his feet up on the table, looking rather smug.

"It's more fun when the second brain gets turned on, happier ending too," House retorted.

"Your sketti's gonna get cold if you don't stop staring at me soon," Chase said, glancing over to the older mans untouched plate.

"You're never allowed to have a day off again," House said as he forced him self to focus on his dinner.

"Aww why not?" Chase whined.

"Because you're not to be trusted and I think you may need to have an MRI done and I'm throwing out all your Blue Demons they're fucking with your head," House said and before he could threaten any more Chase had set his plate on the table and shot over to the fridge where he stood hands outstretched a deathly gleam in his eyes. "Touch my fucking drinks and House Jr. gets an unhappy ending," Chase warned.

"You have issues you know that right," House asked amazed at how possessive Chase was being about replaceable energy drinks.

"This coming from the King of Issueland," Chase said as he once more moved to the couch confident that his threat had been made crystal clear.

"You look horrible," House said.

"I like it and you will too," Chase said as he picked up his plate once more and began to finish up his dinner.

"No I'm serious I fucking hate it what the hell were you thinking and why didn't I get a call or a text at least?" House asked as he reached up to poke Chase's head but the young man batted his lovers hand away.

"Cause Merryn and I knew you would say no," Chase said simply.

"Merryn was in on it too, I'm going to have to have a talk with Jimmy about his girlfriend being a bad influence on you," House said as he once more tried to poke Chase in the head.

"Would you stop that and you're one to talk about bad influences," Chase said as he once more batted House's hand away.

"Were you taking beauty tips from Marilyn Manson?" House asked.

"I was actually going for Gerard Way."


Chase looked over at House in amusement. "You are so old."

"Shut up whipper snapper," House grumbled as for the third time House tried to poke him in the head.

"Would you stop it?" Chase asked as he grabbed House's hand and pressed it down into the couch cushion.

"I have another hand you know," House said as he waved at the young man with his left hand. "Just let me touch it ok," House said and Chase sighed and threw his hands up in defeat.

House grinned as he reached up for the fourth time and ran his fingers through Chase's raven black hair.

Chapter 2