Hello, Sex And The City fans! I'm obsessedwithstabler, a new fan of Sex And The City. I have a horrible habit of getting into shows once they're over, and I recently got swept into the SATC craze. But I have to be honest. I'm a massive fan of Law And Order Crimal Intent, and one of the major actors in it just happens to be Chris Noth. Hello, Mr. Big! (grins) He was the reason I decided to check the show out finally, and I've absolutely fallen in love with it. But I can't seem to get any of the episodes in order, so the first episode I wound up watching was The Domino Effect. I couldn't help but screech at the similarities between Mr. Big and infamous detective Mike Logan. I also couldn't stand the way the ep ended, and I vowed to write an alternate ending, cause let's face it, I may be a newbie, but they are so a match made in heaven. I'll probably write a few more of these, and for any of you CarrieBig shippers, I could really use a hand to get my timeline in the proper order (their first date, him getting married, the surgery) I'd gladly dedicate a story to anyone who can help me out.

Okay, I think I've scared you lovely new fans with my rambling. Enjoy, and please remember to review!

Very big thanks go out to Podie1, who totally encouraged this. Thanks, hon!

Disclaimer: Not mine. But I ordered a Carrie and a Big doll, and as soon as they arrive, I plan to put them together and make kissy noises!


"What are we doing?" he whispered again, his eyelids heavy but his dark green eyes intently focused on her.

And it hit her. Here he was, offering her everything she had ever wanted, in true Big fashion. And she knew that it wasn't the fever that was talking. She looked away, at the wall on the other end of the room. When she met his eyes again, her voice was soft.

"I want you, Big."

His tired eyes lit up with surprise.

"I want everything you just said." She settled closer to him, resting a small, gentle hand on his chest. "I want it all. The early bird dinners, the board games..." She lowered her head and pressed a soft kiss to his forehead. "Everything."

"The dominos, too?" he asked hoarsely.

She chuckled softly, reaching back to shut the light off before she snuggled into him again. "Yeah, the dominos, too." She ran her hand over his side, almost in disbelief. "I want you."

He leaned in for a soft, innocent kiss. "I love you, kid."

She smiled at the nickname. "I love you, too, Big."

They laid there, watching each other intently, until he finally faded off. And when she was certain he wouldn't awake, she let her mind wander. She finally had him. After years of games, of heartache, of screwing around, she had him. And she had no intention of letting him go.

"Marry me, kid."

His voice startled her, but even more so, the proposal. She stared down at him, his eyes still closed. But he was awake. And he had just asked her the biggest question of their lives. Were they moving too fast? But it all felt... right to her. It wasn't the fairytale proposal she had imagined from the first time she dressed up as a bride and had a play wedding. But it was something that she expected from him.

He wasn't the fairytale prince, nor she the princess. But he was her prince.


The End

A/N: And there ya'll have it. My first SATC story. I'm pretty nervous, so holler and tell me if ya'll want to see more, or if I should just stick with Law and Order. Thanks for reading!