Warnings: Mentions of incest…a lot of spoilers included.

Summary: 7 years since Cain died, Mary has finally accepted Oscars proposal for marriage. She finally gave birth to twins, Alice and Andrew. But the group called the Shadows wants her and her children. How will Mary react when the ones she loved were resurrected? How will she protect her family?


Chapter 1: Family

Mary Weather has finally given birth. Twins in fact, Baron Oscar couldn't be any happier; their names were Alice and Andrew. 5 years pass, the children have grown. Their birthday was coming and they planned a ball. Just as they were to have a grand ball to commemorate their birth, they came; the White Owl and his posse. They appear to be normal guest to some, chatting, eating dancing away, though Mary knew better.

Being the Lord of the Hargreaves, she approached the 'guests'. 'My lord, to what pleasure do I owe you for your visit?' Mary smiled her cute sweet smile. The White Owl smiled back, took a bow and replied, 'You and your children, Lady Hargreaves.' Mary nodded and said, 'Care to explain that, My Lord?' The White simply smiled, and spoke before leaving. 'You and your children shall take part in the destruction of this world.' He whispered, 'And you shall take part renewing it, Lady Hargreaves.'

She inhaled and exhaled, and excused herself from the festivities. She cried silently in her room, her children went in the room. Alice, being the curious yet meek child, went over to her mother and just sat beside her. Andrew, being the shier and silent child, did the same. They waited until they heard no more of their mother's sobs. 'Mama…?' Alice asked, their mother smiled at them and whispered. 'Hush love…I'm alright. Mama just had to let out the frustration of being the head, that's all. Now tell me, why aren't you down stairs?' Mary asked. 'Papa told us to look for you. Wait, it was Sir Clehadol…' Andrew replied. Mary being Mary stood up and left with her children, with one thought in mind.

'If they come after me its fine…but if they come after my family. I will not hesitate to kill them.'


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