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Chapter 2: Tarots

Mary went back down to the party. She was looking at everyone who were either half drunk or in a serious conversation with one of the guests.

She saw that none of her brother's enemies were there. They didn't stay long she pondered. She looked around and saw her husband…



At least he wasn't flirting. It usually hurts when he starts flirting with someone openly when she was there. It was like being alone in the streets again…

She sighed, and brought her children to where their father was. Standing in front of them, she spoke. "Dear, go to bed."

Oscar turned to her sharply. "What? Oh! Hello Mary love. What may I do to please you?"

"Bed." She replied firmly.

"What was that?"

"GO to sleep Oscar."

"Not now dear. I'm still busy…"

"Oscar, do as what Lady Hargreaves tells you."

"Thank you Crehador. Now, bed." Her tone was that of no questions asked, no complains.

"Fine. I'll tuck the children in."

Mary sighed heavily. "While at it, go to our room and lie down for a while."

He nodded, thinking it was reasonable. And left, completely forgetting the children.

"Mama…why did father leave us behind?" asked Andrew.

"Who knows what goes in that head of his, dear. Now, will you two wait awhile so you can open your presents?"

Both children smiled largely. "Yes please!" they both cried in unison. Most chuckled, no one can say those two are not twins at all.

"Lord Crehador goes first as always."

"Uncle always goes first mama." Alice spoke.

Crehador gave a wry smile. "Is that so? Well then, look at what I got you." He spoke giving the two their presents.

"WAO! Mama look! Uncle got us a pretty card!" said one of them. Mary took a peak and gave a loud gasp.

"Crehador! What is the meaning of this?" she hissed at him, grabbing the two rectangular cards from her children. Crehador looked at it and his eyes went wide. "Those are not my presents." He explained. "They must have exchanged while they were here."

Mary felt the urge to growl. But instead had the servants have ALL the guests leave and gave them each a bottle of the Hargreaves best wine.

Giving the twins a room where they can open all their presents, she dragged Crehador to the parlor shutting it close so no one not even her husband could hear.

"What did you mean by it?" she hissed at him.

Crehador sighed. "Mary, listen, my gift to both of them was a book on alchemy. I did –"

"ALCHEMY? How could you?" she screeched at the man.

"Calm down Mary. Let me explain, it was a book on alchemy, but-let me explain, but it deals with only the concept of alchemy, nothing more-just the concept. Nothing about doing it or anything – Mary place that chair down! Mary!"

Mary sipped a cup of tea, Crehador beside her, looking wary; man women can be scary when angered. "So…how did these two cards come to be as their gifts?"

"Perhaps they switched I don't know. Believe me; I don't want to bring your family to the past your brother saved you from."

Mary placed the cup down. She bit her lip and sighed. "But why did they leave these two tarot cards in place of those alchemy books?"

"Maybe because they were rare and different."

Mary stayed silent. "…you gave them heretical books. Then you tell me they're more dangerous because they're rare, and that they're different. Tell me what else are you forgetting to tell me Crehador?"

Crehador smiled. "Aside from them approaching me earlier telling me that they have a place for the 4 of us in their inner circle…I don't know what else to say."

"Four? Are you counting Oscar as well?"

"No. you, me and the twins."

Mary dropped her cup, making the contents spill on the carpeted floor. "What? They what?"

"Mary breath. Breath Mary, breath."

"So…these cards symbolize…they're role in the major Aranca? No…Crehador please tell me no."

Crehador sighed and looked at the distressed woman in front of him. Before he could he speak words of comfort one of the twins screamed. "Alice!" both of them exclaimed. Rushing to the room, they saw glass everywhere and the twins huddled at one corner staring at the figure at the window.

Mary stepped forward and placed her hands on her mouth. Crehador shook his head, "it can't be…"

Mary moved towards the man. She held his face in both hands and whispered.

"Emile? Is that you?"

The blond figure moved forward and smiled at her. "Yes. It is, Mary Weather."

That was all she remembered before she closed her eyes, and escaped this reality.

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