"Reforming Kenny"

Summary: When Duncan MacLeod once more runs across the Child Immortal
Kenny, he decides it's time someone took the boy in hand. A firm hand.

Author's Note: Post-Series; before "End Game".

Rating: PG to PG-13--for swearing (this IS Kenny, after all)

Warnings: This fic will contain spanking of an Immortal minor.

Disclaimer: I don't own these characters. I just wrote this story for

Chapter 1: Running into Kenny

Duncan MacLeod walked down the chilly streets of Seacouver in the
late afternoon, deep in thought. It had been a year or more now since
he'd last been here. The overcast skies that threatened rain didn't
bother him any, as it reflected the somber mood he was in nicely.

More than a year ago, he had decided it was best all around if he
left Seacouver. Not only were there too many good/painful memories,
mostly of Tessa and Richie, here; but also there were too many
Immortals. With the Gathering coming, more and more challengers had
started to crop up, and most of them usually of the dishonarable
variety. To protect those closest to him, he had left.

So, why had in returned now? That was a question he was still asking
himself. Joe was still around, of course; as his Watcher it was the
man's job to follow him whereever he went. Methos was probably
lurking about somewhere, and Amanda was who knew where. There wasn't
anything or anyone left here for him, so why had he returned?

Perhaps it had to do with the mood he'd been in lately. After
wandering for more than a year, revisiting "old" friends or their
graves, spending some time with Connor in New York, and even
returning home to Glen Fenin, he had finally returned to Sea Couver
to settle down. Paris held no joy for him anymore and Scotland was
the land of his birth, it too did not appeal to him in any kind of
way. So, it was to this city in Washington State that he had returned

He still owned the dojo, but had yet decided whether he was going to
re-open it or not. He had actually been considering taking a job as a
history professor that one of his old mortal friends had mentioned.
They were looking for someone who was an expert at Celtic History and
who better than Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod, a true-born Celt.

The presence of another Immortal washed over him and he sighed. He'd
been wondering when a challenger would make an appearance. He had
been back now for several weeks and there hadn't been any sign of
another Immortal, friend or foe. He had actually been hoping his
arrival back hadn't been noticed by anyone, but apparently that was
not the case.

Out of the alley in front of him came barreling a boy straight for
him. He was a lad of ten in filthy clothes with dirty blonde hair and
even dirtier face. At the sight of him, Duncan's face hardened. This
was one boy he knew all too well. It was the Child Immortal, Kenny,
who had crossed his path on two seperate occasions in the past and
neither of them had actually been friendly.

The boy was over eight hundred years old. He had survived by using
his own innocence as a weapon. Luring gullible Immortals in with a
child-like demeanor, he would then take their heads while their backs
were turned. He'd actually tried it with Duncan, but had failed; both
times. Of course, the kid was also a frequent target of head hunters
out for an easy Quickening so he had a reason to fear someone taking
his head.

The kid apparently didn't see him or didn't care at that moment
because he plowed right into him, nearly knocking him over. Kenny
landed in a heap at his feet, letting loose a barrage of swear words
that would have gotten his mouth washed out with soap if he were
a "normal" ten year old. Looking up, he found Duncan glaring down at
him and groaned.

"What are YOU doing here?" The Child Immortal asked him, getting to
his feet. "I'd heard you went off to bury your head in the sand or

Duncan scowled at the boy. "The question is, Kenny," he said,
coldly, "what are YOU up to?"

"I ain't up to nothing, MacLeod," the boy said, rudely. "In fact, I'm
kinda in a hurry..." He trailed off as the presence of another
Immortal washed over both of them.

Duncan looked back towards the alley as a man in black, and carrying
a rather large broad sword, stepped from it. He had a mean looking
face and an even meaner scar.

"A friend of yours?" Duncan asked Kenny, smirking.

The boy's face had gone very pale and he was actually
trembling. "Dmn!" he swore. "I thought I lost him! Thanks a lot,

"I don't know who you are," the black garbed Immortal spoke to
Duncan, "but the brat is mine!"

Duncna raised an eyebrow. "Just exactly, friend," Duncan said,
coldly, "what did an unarmed boy do to you?" He knew EXACTLY what
Kenny was capable of, but he also knew that the kid didn't stand a
chance in an actual fight with an Immortal. He may not like the kid,
but he certainly didn't want him dead, either.

The black garbed man laughed. "That brat is no boy," he snarled. "I
do thank you for saving me the trouble of chasing his scrawny as all
over the city, though. It makes my job that much easier." With that,
he whipped out a hand gun from behind his back and shot the Child
Immortal before Duncan could react.

That did it! A challenge was one thing, but cold blooded murder was
another. As Kenny fell to the ground in death, Duncan purposely
placed himself in between the boy and the head hunter. His katana was
in his hand and at the ready in an instant.

"I am Duncan MacLeod of the Clan MacLeod," he spoke his traditional
challenge, "and afore you take this lad's head yer'll hav'ta take
mine and be assured, friend, I am not so easy a target."

"Damien Karne," Mr. Broadsword said, smiling wickedly. "All to the
better. I'll take the head of the Highlander and get the brat as a
bonus. What a lucky day's its been!" He moved to attack.

"We'll see how lucky you are," Duncan said, counting the man's wide
sweep of his broad sword with a block of his own. The clash of swords
echoed off the building around them. Thankfully, due to the whether,
no one was out and about today. Plus, this area was scarsely
populated which also gave them a measure of privacy.

The two adult Immortals fought for several minutes, gauging each
other. Karne began to sweat, realizing too late that the Highlander
was by far a better swordsman than himself. Duncan knew it, and was
just waiting for the man to make a fatal mistake before delivering
that fatal blow. When it came, he struck.

The Quickening that followed shattered windows and cars, caused a
hyrdrant to burst, and caused man holes to blow off their covers.
When it was over, Duncan was exhausted. Looking over at where Kenny's
body still lay, he scowled, "What am I going to do with you?" He
shook his head in disgust as he got to his feet.

Hearing sirens in the distance, he knew it was time to leave.
Retrieving his katana, he walked over to the Child Immortal. He had
once been sympathetic to the kid and that had come back to bite him
in the butt, both times. Could he afford to do it a third time, or
should he do everyone a favor and just take the kid's head himself.

No! That was out of the question. He would never again take the head
of a child, not after...but that didn't matter right now. No matter
what he couldn't just leave the kid lying there. Bending down, he
scooped the boy into his arms and made his way from the scene just
moment before several police cars appeared.

Getting into his black T-Bird, he carefully put the still unconscious
Child Immortal in the back seat, got in and headed for home. What he
was going to do with the brat when he got there, he had no idea. He
supposed, he'd play it by ear...or he just might box the kid's ears
if he gave him any trouble. That thought definitely had some merit to

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