He's dead. Gone.poof. he wasn't in my life anymore.i felt a lump in my throat as I tried to swallow my dry sliver. A tear trickled down my face as I saw the police holding the people back. Mum was crying furiously. I didn't know what to do. I just ran, ran as fast as I could I didn't know where I was going, it didn't matter either. I finally stopped running hearing the calls from behind me.

"April, wait up." Finola said putting a hand on my shoulder. Paige, Hayden and James followed behind. I was hoping she would say this was all some sick joke and none of this was real but all of it was real it was as real as anything.

"April, everything's going to be ok." Hayden said puffing . but every thing wasn't going to be ok I just knew it. I started crying the cries were getting lost somewhere in the noisy city.

"you don't know he's dead you know what our cops are like they don't do their jobs right they'll do anything to get out of a case, you know what we'll investgate it your dad was cop he'll have cop stuff around plus all those training he'd give every Saturday is going pay off April and until no matter how hard it is we know whether he's dead or not we're not going to stop."James said confidently. My black hair stuck to my face I wish I could be as confident as him but I couldn't whenever I try to speak all comes out are sobs. I cried harder. Paige got me a tissue to wipe my tears with. I sat down on the bus stop.

"get put of here you pesky kids." a bus driver said rudely. "this is not a playground its for people who wants a ride now leave before you lose my customers." James said something to the bus driver which I couldn't catch but it only made the bus driver angry.

"if you don't leave our call the cops."he screamed. The cops. My dad was a cop and now he was gone.

"go ahead call the cops see if they care their best cop is gone."I screamed. The bus driver looked taken back.

"get out of here." He screamed. James led me to McDonalds as I started to settle down. Paige ordered us some food as James, Finola and Hayden comforted me. I finally stopped crying. I was all worn out I still felt like crying but I had used up all the tears in me. I drank some of my Fanta. James was right the cops didn't do their jobs properly they wouldn't give a care even if the whole city was on fire they'd do anything to get off a case. Get a grip April I told myself we'll find out whether Dad is dead or not and we wont stop till we find out.

"April are you feeling better?"Hayden asked. I nodded.