The beginning

"I'm going to keep traing you so every Saturday from 6am at 960, be there together." He said. we nodded, we knew the codes for the whole city. 960 was easy it was the Athletic field near to our apartments. I met Finola, Paige, Hayden and James when I moved into the apartment. They lived right beside me apartment after apartment.

"you guys are going to need the basics, bracelets talking device. All you need to do is click the button and speak into it then it will be recorded and all the other people will get it and it will start vibrating when you have a message then you have to press your button again and you'll hear what they wanted you to hear." Martin said handing us some bracelets. There was girls and boys ones, the girls ones were love heart and the boys were skulls. There were 7 skulls or love hearts and each one of them had a button on them.

"you guys choose a colour each." Martin said. I chose red the 2nd button, James chose the blue Hayden chose the pink Paige chose the purple and Finola chose yellow.

"ok the colour you chose will be the colour the person uses to send it to you. If James wanted to send Hayden a message he'd press the pink button because that's the colour she choosed. My colour will be green and when you want to send it to every one it's the very last button, I'll put the start of your names on the buttons and e for everyone." Martin said.

"cool." All of us said at the same time.

"You need to bug Diego's phone and his room." He said giving us each 2 chips.

"April you'll have to do it seeing as he wants your mum to be his wife then he'll have to be nice to you. You guys will also need computer hacking training." Martin said.

"do you all have a laptop?" Martin asked.

"yep, got mine for my sweet sixteen." I said.

"good, so lets start with the rules of spies, you need to know more then the basics. I've got these books that will help you get started." He said handing us some books.

"Read those by Saturday. I've got to go now do you need a lift?" he asked.

"no we've got a train with our names on it."James said. We said bye and headed outside realizing it was raining heavily.

"ohh… nice goin James now I have to get my self wet." Paige complained. When we got onto the train the bus driver gave us this filthy look like if-you- get- my- train- wet- not- only- are- you- dead- your- dead- meat look. We looked like we just jumped into the pool and forgot our towels. When I got home I found mum in the lounge looking at our family photos. Carefully turning every page like it was on fire. I knelt beside her.

"hello honey would you like pizza for dinner both of us can make it what do you say?" she asked cheerfully.

"yep." I said playing along. She was trying so hard to make me feel happy. Then I felt vibration on my rist.

"hey Mum im going to wash my hands ok." I said as I stood up.

"sure honey I'll get ready to make pizza in fact why don't you go down to your friends and ask them if they want to make pizza?" she asked. Boy was she really trying.

"sure mum." I said leaving. The message was from James it said,

"hows it going sweet thang." I replied

"If that was saying hi your beautiful meet me outside my apartment in twenty second. I sent one to the others without the start.that was private. James was first out he gave me a quik kiss right as Paige was coming.

"hey love birds get a room." Paige siad.

"by the way hows your mum going?" she asked actually waiting for the answer.

'fine she's trying to support me you know." I replied noticing every one was here.

"wait a minute Diego." I said.

"yeah what about him."James asked and like he read my mind.

"oh got the devices." He asked.

"hello lovebirds just cause you got your secret way of mind reading does not and let me emphasize NOT mean we know what your thinking so care to tell us?" Paige asked sarcastically.

"think we could make the girl suffer." James said smirking.

"GUYS." Paige screamed.

"God Paige you spend too much time on your nails, 'oh I broke my finger' and too less time here." Hayden said pointing to her head.

"tell me about it, James and April were going to plant the bug into Diego's cell remember." Finola said.

"hmpf and your calling me dumb he carries his cell phone around with him DU-ER we'll do it tomorrow right now lets get baking." Paige said going into my apartment.

"hey kids wash your hand first." My mum shouted from our kitchen.

"ok." We said going o the toilet. After that mum gave us each a ball of dough and we started beating it. My phone went off.

"hey sorry got to get that." I said leaving to answer it. It was Rick my history partner and the boy who's liked me since pre-school.