Chapter 3: The Misotoe

As everyone was enjoying their meals, there was a slow dance, singing, and playing. Celebi walked around and saw Liyu, sitting on a chair alone. Celebi had never seen her sad and lonely face, when she stepped forwards. Liyu spoked.

"It's Okay! I'm fine, you should go look for Jirachi instead of seeing my desperate face." Every time she always knew what people really think.

"Liyu, I think you are the one who need to look for," Liyu's head slowly up and turned to Celebi and tried not to cry in front of her, but it was too late, she did.

"There, there, at least you had made the right choice." Celebi gently patted her head and Liyu still sobbed.

Team Rocket had been hiding behind the brushes when everyone an their pokemon were laughing and dancing.

"Look at them! They had their funs and we are going to ruin it!" Jessie said angrily.

"But Jessie, Christmas is suppose one of the time with our friends, our family." James tried to clam Jessie down.

"Well I don't care. Mewoth, did everything settles?" Jessie turned to Mewoth, the pokemon who was holding a control, and said "Ready when you are! Mewo!"

"Good! Then let's give them the biggest party that they will never forget." Jessie laughed evilly, even James and Mewoth got scared.


When Mewtwo(In human formed) tried to look for Liyu, he noticed something. His big brother, Lucario, kissed his future wife, Mew, also Liyu's big sister. He really gladded that his brother had found his true love. He also saw Lugia and Latias, Latios and Eliza, Celebi and Jirachi, Suicune and Entei. As for he, he had nothing. Suddenly, someone has patted Mewtwo's back. He turned his face slowly, and he saw it was Liyu.

"Hey! I'm so sorry!" Liyu said it with guilty.

"Sorry for what?!" Asked with confused.

"About running away from you….that I really, really sor….." She haven't finished her words, Mewtwo hugged her tightly, liked never wanted to let go.

"It's okay! I'm always forgive you, always." Mewtwo hugged Liyu more tighter.

They looked each other, when their lips almost touched. Then,

"OH MY GOD!!" This scream had spoiled everything. They followed the scream and saw an unexpected thing, Ash kissed May!( under a misotoe)

"Wow! Maybe in the nearly future we will be in-laws." Delia said quietly to Norman and Calorine.

"Hey it's not funny! We were just followed the traditional." Ash said it stated.

Then, Lucario walked towards to Mewtwo and Mew did the same walked towards to Liyu. And told them," Don't move." They both said together." Huh!?" Mewtwo and Liyu looked confused. As Lucario and Mew pointed up, and they looked up, there was a misotoe above them. They looked each other and their face were blushed.

At this moment, Mewtwo have the courage to tell Liyu what his feelings.

"Liyu, all these time we had known each other for a long time, and I don't what to say, but I…..hum!!" Before he could finished his words after Liyu stepped fast as lighting and kissed Mewtwo tender than Lucario and Mew used to. Mewtwo didn't release that how soft her lips were, and he kinda liked that. Everyone around them felt happy and gladded.

As their lips were parted, people and pokemons ( including the legendaries) were clapped and cheered. As Celebi stepped forwards with Jirachi to Liyu and said : "You did the bright choice."