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Chapter 30

Sunshine and Rainbows

Gray eyes scanned the vast lawns of the peaceful estate, thanking God time and again for the miracles that come everyday in her life. The setting sun colored the Japanese sky in a warm orange hue, delighting her vision and making her appreciate the view from where she stood.

"MOM!" a laughing voice resounded through the still air. Before Inoue Orihime could react, a damp little boy hugged her clothed form.

She looked down at the grinning face of his eldest son, Kurosaki Daisuke.

"Dad showed me a soccer trick this afternoon! It was really cool!" the ten-year-old boy gushed, his expression animated. "But Aunt Karin said that move was for amateurs. I don't get it though, I think daddy was really amazing!"

"Really?" Orihime said, smiling warmly and patting her son's head.

"Always the tone of surprise," Kurosaki Ichigo's low voice said from behind her, making her body grow warm once again. There was always something about loving someone that made everyday fresh even though you've been together for years. Distance or time didn't matter, love would always be there when you see them again. There would be no difference because love would make the difference.

Orihime turned around to see Ichigo, fresh from the shower, carrying a delighted three-year-old girl. She giggled. Kurosaki Haruhi looked so fragile in his father's hold. The little girl had her father's eyes, warm brown and had Orihime's hair. The clips Sora gave Orihime were now pinned to the toddler's short hair, holding the bangs in place.

"Mama," Haruhi said, reaching out to Orihime. "Daddy wants play."

"Play what?" Orihime asked, her eyebrows rising at the mischievous smile Ichigo wore.

"Nothing Hime," he replied innocently. "I just wanted some quality time with my family."

She smiled at that. Ichigo had always found time to spend with his loved ones. He kept Saturdays and Sundays open, leaving his businesses in the capable hands of his trusted associates. He had been married to the most wonderful woman for three years now, and he wanted to spend every moment he could with the ones he loved the most.

He couldn't imagine what life would be like if the two of them still lived with the anger and denial of the 'mistake' they made ten years ago. Sometimes, life can get you in really funny situations. Mistakes can be a mistake just because our minds label them so, and not because it was really a problem to begin with. If only they had trusted each other more and allowed each other to love freely, they could have spent more years together.

But that was not their concern anymore. Here they were, blessed with two adorable children. If someone told Ichigo that he would be happy and have kids with his scheming ex-fiancée Hikaru, he would have laughed. This was when Ichigo would always realize that he could not picture his future with anyone other than Orihime.

He watched with gentle eyes as Daisuke took hold of his little sister's hand. Haruhi was happily blowing saliva bubbles out of her mouth as Orihime held her close, laughing. The afternoon light spilled on the three, embracing them in an otherworldly glow that made Ichigo's chest swell with pride and love.

"You look weird dad," Daisuke commented, snickering. The boy still had this keen observance in him that made Ichigo sigh most of the time. He was very sharp for his own good, but he knew that these instincts would bode him well someday. Daisuke's powers remained a secret to those who knew. Ichigo and Orihime did not want their son to lead a bloody life as they have. They knew the cons of growing up amidst the supernatural and they did not want that life for their son. The wars could take a toll on his innocent mind. The couple also knew that Soul Society's upper class might not take it well when they find out that another human possesses high spiritual powers, including shinigami abilities.

Fortunately, Daisuke had been adept in masking his reiatsu and was careful with his abilities. He was responsible enough to follow his parents' orders.

"Really now?" Ichigo said, smirking. He wished to himself that those supernatural powers would not be passed on to Haruhi, even if it's just a small chance.

Orihime's eyes grew warm at the playful exchange. She knows that their family has been through a lot. They had to deal with the sudden exposure to the media, which can be attributed to Ichigo's vengeful ex-fiancée. The paparazzi had been hounding the pair before they were married until Ichigo had finally decided to go public on the relationship since there was nothing more to hide anyway. At the time of the wedding, where they invited their closest and dearest friends from this world and the next, Orihime was already two months pregnant with Haruhi, so there was even more reason to be happy at that day.

"Hi-Haruhi," the little girl said, her lips forming a delightful pout, "wants cereal."

"Cereal for dinner?" Ichigo said, his eyebrows knitted in exasperation. "I swear, Orihime, all of our kids inherited your weird taste in food!"

Orihime pouted, mirroring the expression of the toddler she was carrying. "Don't joke, Ichigo, you thoroughly enjoyed the ice cream, chips and gummy worms combination I made a week ago."

Yeah, I pretended to enjoy it, Ichigo thought, but did not say it aloud. He did not want to incur his wife's anger. And this was something that even the strongest shinigami could not handle.

The family walked through the glass doors of the porch and into the vast dining room. It seemed that Eiri-san, their cook, had already finished preparing the meal. The table was laden with various selections of healthy and balanced food. Orihime sighed inwardly as she reminded herself everyday that she was married to a very wealthy man. This is why I often eat like this.

"Yay!" Daisuke and Haruhi said together. Daisuke quickly arrived at his seat while Haruhi struggled in Orihime's arms, reaching out to her chair.

"Alright, alright!" Orihime said, trying to contain the thrashing girl. "Don't worry now, mommy's gonna put you on your chair."

Ichigo snickered and sat at the head of the table, reaching out for food. There was nothing and no one to disturb them now. The silence had gone on for three years. If there ever were a time that another problem might come by, they knew that they could face it – stronger than ever. No accident would ever be strong enough for the Kurosaki family.

Love could never be defeated.

The End.

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