Title: Just A…

Author: Sivan Shemesh

Beta: Kalisona

Disclaimer: Not mine

Rate: T for Author safety

Warning: Angst/friendship, AU.


A promise has been broken,

Legolas feels betrayed

His friend was the cause,

If only Aragorn had told him…

"Lord Elrond will kill me…"

Chapter 1: Broken Promise

Metal struck metal; sounds of iron meeting each other were loud as the battle continued.

As soon as the bodies covered the grass below them, Legolas walked toward his friend, relieved that it was over and wanting to make sure that Aragorn was not hurt.

"Are you hurt?" Legolas asked. As he clasped his friend's shoulder, he noticed the way that Aragorn winced.

Aragorn looked away from his friend, and moved himself away from the elf's touch, not able to look at his blue eyes as he answered.

"No, I am not hurt," he said and, noticing the glance that Legolas gave him, he added in a firm voice, "I am fine."

Legolas sighed heavily as he asked his friend to look at his eyes when he answered him.

Instead of answering the elf, Aragorn walked away from him.

"If only you knew how much care and concern you have in Lord Elrond, you would not act that way… mellon-nin…" Legolas muttered, and followed his friend.

As he did, he noticed a track of blood dripping from his friend's sleeve, and thought, 'Does my friendship means nothing to you?'

There was tension in the air as the two walked.

Legolas wanted to tell him that he knew Aragorn lied to him, and yet he did not wish to cross the line of their friendship. Not knowing how the man would take it, he feared that Aragorn's reaction might ruin their friendship.

Aragorn tried not to make any sound while they walked. He gritted his teeth as the pain sent a wave through his body, not wishing to lose his pride. He did not understand why Legolas made such a great deal about his welfare.

Aragorn swallowed, his hands starting to rub the wound unconsciously, like he was trying to push the pain away.

Legolas noticed, but said nothing, not wishing to rise and have his friend angry at him on this unsafe path to Imladris.

Noises of broken branches alerted the elf and he alerted Aragorn.

'Why did I ever think of the worst thing possible while we walked the path?' Legolas questioned himself, as he readied one arrow on his bow, ready to aim at whatever tried to strike at them.

Those horrible noises that the orcs made…Legolas cursed as he muttered, "No wonder why they found our arrows in them so soon."

Legolas was careful to watch his friend's back as he fought, not wishing him to get wounded, as he was not certain how injured his friend was.

While fighting, Legolas noticed Aragorn fell down to the ground, holding his chest, and cried as the pain seemed to push him to the end of his rope.

Legolas fought alone and hard, not wishing to see his friend dying in front of him in a worthless fight.

The elf noticed the way that one orc snuck closer to his collapsed friend, and instinctively he shot the orc with his arrow, letting him fall backwards, not even touching Aragorn, who seemed lost in a trance.

Legolas sighed in relief when he killed all the orcs. Then he noticed the red color falling like rain from his friend's body.

"Aragorn, where were you hurt?" Legolas asked, moving his hand gracefully to his friend's shoulder. Noticing the way Aragorn winced at his touch, Legolas feared for the worst.

"You promised you would tell me if you were hurt!" Legolas exclaimed, trying to ease the anger that caught him.

Aragorn lifted his head, and stared at the angry blue eyes of his friend as his own grey eyes filled with tears, the tears falling down as the pain sharpened in his body.

Legolas noticed the tears falling from his friend's grey eyes, and asked as gently as he could, "Why have you broken the promise? You should tell me, Aragorn. I am your friend."