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Chapter 2: Not Good Enough

The pain was like dynamite, burning in his body, causing him to meet the muddy ground. His face soon was covered by it.

Aragorn was hurt, more in the heart than the body.

Knowing the pain riding his body, driving his mind into madness, the emotional part started to rise, as he remembered the conversation between his friend and his adopted father.

"You are taking a great burden in your way, Legolas," Elrond told to the Mirkwood's Prince, as he sighed heavily.

"Indeed," Legolas replied, as his blue eyes settled upon the man who seemed to be teasing the twins.

"You have to watch him. I do not wish to lose him. He is like a son to me."

"I am aware if that fact, my lord Elrond, and I will do my best to keep my eyes on him," The prince told the lord of that issue, as he locked his eyes with Elrond's to tell him how serious he was.

"Then I do hope to see him for once return without any bruises on his body, and I put it to you to watch him," Elrond told the prince and then he added, "Do not disappoint me."

"Why?" Aragorn's pained voice sounded weak to the prince, who leaned closer to his fallen friend. Aragorn could see the frown on the elf's face.

"Why is what?" Legolas asked, not knowing where his friend was going with that simple question.

"Why am I treated like a boy by Lord Elrond and you?" Aragorn asked weakly, and found it hard to breath. He gasped for air.

Legolas stared at his friend with frown, though somehow Aragorn could see the surprise on the elf's features.

"I did not treat you as a boy, just as a friend," Legolas replied to his friend.

"It is not good enough!" Aragorn snapped, and let the pain drive his mind, not seeming to see how the hurt from his words hit Legolas.

"Look, Aragorn, now it is not a good time for this… you are bleeding-"

But before he could say more, he was cut off.

"Then when it is going to be a good time for you?" Aragorn's grey eyes glared at him, Aragorn not wishing to let himself be weak in front of the elf.

Legolas ignored the hurtful words, and tried to proceed to keep his friend from falling apart. He needed him to be alive, not the other.

Aragorn cried out as Legolas touched him, and tried to move away from the elf's hand, but ended up crawling on the ground, holding his wrist with one hand, as one lay in the bloodied grass below.

"Please, Aragorn… do not fight me." Legolas sighed heavily, noticing how much strength the man had used to fight against him. "Let me help you."

Aragorn gasped as the pain sent waves through his body, leaving him to crumple to the ground. There was nothing he could do but sink into the welcoming darkness that waited for him.

This was not the way that Legolas wished to act, but knowing that he had no other way to do it, he knelt beside his friend. Moving his hands to hold the man, he settled him upon his horse. Then he mounted, holding the limping form of his friend, while he whispered to Aragorn's horse to come along and follow his trail.