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Ever lovin'


It's not enough.

Not anymore.

It was, Harry knows that.

"Are you alright?" Was all he though he needed.

But he knew that was all he needed.

All he needed,

But now …now he wants more.

Now he wants three different words.

Now he wants three different words that mean much more and sometimes he thinks that could happen.

But just as Draco gets closer he gets further away.

Harry swears that sometimes he can almost see feeling break through that cold exterior and then just as soon as it shows itself it's sucks back in and Draco is Malfoy once again.

He wants days that he will wake with the blond …

Just that.

Days where he will wake up and that silver eyed beauty will be right next to him under the covers.

Breathing deeply, eyelids fluttering with dreams, and lips sleep puffed.

He wants every round about second of every useless fight they have to mean that at night he gets to hold that gorgeous body and kiss that vile, sweet, beautiful mouth.

Because at least then …at least then he will have something.

Something he wants.

Something he needs.

In one conversation they discussed what side of the bed they both sleep on.

Oddly enough it was the right for the both of them.

But Harry would give up that side.

He would give up his side of the bed gladly.

But no matter how much he wants that he can't get the guts to say anything.

No matter how much he wants to press his mouth to the others he cant seem to ask for it or just take it.

Him of all people.

Harry James Potter.

The man who faced the most fearful being on the earth when he was thirteen can't ask another man out.

The man who defeated a mountain troll before puberty just can't seem to go up and ask for a single date with the other that he wants.

And all Harry can think is that he is an idiot.

So he goes out and runs again.

Because that's his way of not kicking the crap out of himself for not asking.

His lungs burn and he revels in it.

His legs start to ache but that's alright.

And suddenly he realizes that he has run right past the time he normally meets Draco.

True they had never really set a time but it had been going on for three weeks now so it was something of an un-written rule.

Like standing in line or facing forward when you were waiting for a door to open.

He shook his head, he highly doubted Draco cared much but either way he made his way to their meeting place and walked inside still breathing heavily and sweating profusely.

Obviously he was wrong though.

Draco was upset.

He was upset enough, in fact, to throw a book at the other the moment he walked inside.

"Where the hell have you been?" is shouted and Harry's is confused.

So he voices his confusion.

Which earns him yet another book to his noggin.


Harry replies, stupidly, that he didn't know they were supposed to meet.

Emphasis on the stupid part.

He gets another book to the head.

Now he's mad and Draco's mad but Harry's still can't figure out why the other is mad.

So he asks why.

Which Draco avoids the question completely and continues to yell until Harry stops him by grabbing his arms and asking again why he's so upset.

The blond says nothing.

And Harry asks for the third time.

Draco looks at him …and then looks away.

And in a voice so low he has to strain to hear it Draco says,

"I was worried."

And then Harry thinks that there is hope …

Maybe just a little.