a/n: HI. I wrote this after some stuff happened with our family. communications totally broke down, and people got things screwed up. Without being long winded and turning this in to a novel I was greatly distressed by what took place.

this poem is a result of what happened and how I felt about it all. I hope it blesses someone and brings comfort


Even When It's Dark and We Cannot See

Tonight my heart is broken.
I am weeping all night long.
I despair,
I rage,
I don't sleep.
I feel like a child who has lost her mother,
like a sheep without a shepherd,
Totally lost,
drowning in grief.
finally I sleep.

I wake in the morning,
Feeling no better.
I think my tears have dried up,
Only to find I'm totally wrong.
Then in a moment of clarity,
I call out to my father god.
the only wwords I can utter are please help me,
I don't know how to work this out.
My thoughts are jumbled,
However, I know he has heard.
I wait, still grieving,
Still not understanding.

Then miraculously,
things start working out,
turning around,
Hearts are changed,
People start communicating,
My heart starts to heal,
I lift my head and smile.
Now the only words that come to mind are,
Thank you father,
thank, you, praise you,
Thank you.

If you are broken hearted,
living in a jumble,
think there is no way for the mess to be sorted out.
Cry out to father god,
Reach out and wait.
He will understand,
He will be near.
He wwill hold you in his arms,
Working all things out for good.
Cling to hope in the midst of despair,
Cling to your Heavenly father.
He will not forsake,
never let go,
he carries us,
He has a plan,
He holds us safe in the palm of his hand.
We may not realize,
We may not know,
but our heavenly father works on our behalf,
So stay strong,
hold on,
for he is near you,
caring for you.
He is ironing out the problems,
binding up your wounds,
cleaning up the mess,
of that you can be sure.
so trust in the Lord your god,
know he is in control he will show you his love and mercy,
he will get you through.
Be still and know that he is God,
Even when your hearts in tatters,
dreams in ruins,
can't speak,
can't hear,
can't think,
He is still holding you near,
His plan for you in him is clear.
even wen it's dark and stormy,
and we cannot se.