Chapter 4

Sophia stood in stunned shock, staring at her mothers beautiful face. Marie was smiling gently at her, patiently waiting for her daughter to recover. Tears began to stream anew down Sophia's face when the emotional impact of this reunion hit her like the force of a freight train. Marie placed her arms around her and held on tightly, making Sophia wish that they were free of this barren realm and back in reality where she would be able to feel the full force of her mother holding her once again.

"How is this possible?" Sophia choked when the tears seemed to reside for a small amount of time.

"You are at a crossroad in your life and those that control fate, have decided to offer you a choice sweetheart. Because you are the hybrid and the pain you have suffered because of my blood that runs through your body, I asked for them to give you a choice in the life you want. They granted it and have made me your guide in this place." Marie informed her in that gentle tone that Sophia had missed so much in her life.

"I don't understand. There must have been others like me in the past, were they given this choice? What makes me so special?" The questions tumbled out of Sophia's mouth.

"You were never given a real choice in the life you lead. I see now that I made a terrible mistake by asking your father to raise you as a normal girl. I shouldn't have been so careless and selfish. The pain you suffer is my fault because I made him promise something that neither you nor himself had any control over. You are a special young woman and you have earned this privilege. You have survived the taunts and the cruel barbs of those around you better than any that have come before you. In fact you have stood your ground and showed incredible strength and courage every step of the way." Marie told her, pride in her tone.

"I never blamed either of you. I just learned to live my life and take each day as it comes, I could never blame you for wanting the best for me." Sophia had to let her know that. Ever since her father told her about his promise to her mother, she had needed her mother to know that she wasn't to blame for the suffering she had endured for being the half breed. This was what life had dealt her and she accepted even if she did fight it every so often.

"I am so proud of you Sophia. You are an extraordinary young woman and I am glad to claim you as my own. Now it is time we began your journey." Marie informed her gently.

Sophia looked at her with apprehension evident in her dark eyes. This was going to get interesting!

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