A/N: This does have some spoilers for the end of episode seventeen: Women on the Verge, which was incredible. Although you might want some insight as to what happened the episode, it's not completely needed to read this, there are direct quotes in here, and I claim no responsibility to creating these wonderful characters, I just want to borrow them occasionally when the episodes don't come out quite as fast as I'd like them to.

"What's gotten into you?" Chuck said when he turned and saw a giddy smile on Blair's face.

"What if I told you I knew where Georgina Spark was right now?"

"I'd say let's get the bitch."

Spotted: Blair and Chuck reunited to defend Serena's honor. With friends like these, who needs armies?

"Some date we got here. You even brought your friends, the ones I can't stand."

"Where's Georgina?" Blair suddenly said, cutting anything that Nate and Vanessa may have said.

"What're going to do? You heard was Serena said." Nate quickly stated.

"Yeah, like we care." Chuck said with contempt.

"Georgina left." Vanessa informed Blair and Chuck, trying to keep the two from making a scene.

"Left for where?!" Blair said, a hint of panic in her voice.

"I don't know, if I could only find Dan, he's around here somewhere."

"Well, let's go look for him. Alone."

As Nate and Vanessa quickly walked off, in an attempt to find Dan, Blair and Chuck were left alone in each other presence, one of the first times since she had chosen to end their secret affair. Chuck began to open his mouth as though to say something, when Blair quickly turned around and saw Serena running into the concert behind her.

"Hey, what are you doing here?" Serena and Blair said together.

"Uh… I'm a big Leaky Hawk fan." Blair said quickly, in an attempt to cover up their plan at getting revenge on Georgina. Chuck just stood behind Blair, with his mouth hanging open, shocked that she had managed not to remember that the bands name was Lincoln Hawk rather than Leaky Hawk.

"I'm looking for Dan, and Georgina."

"You're out of luck. Georgina's gone." Chuck informed Serena.

"And Dan?" She said hopefully.

"I'm out of luck, he's still around."

"It's all over now. I can finally tell Dan everything, will you help me find him." Serena asked as Blair forced a smile on her face and nodded her head.

Chuck's eyes followed the girls, wondering whether Blair had the heart to forgive him, and whether he would ever get a chance to ever ask for that forgiveness.

"No, thank you." Chuck watched as Blair sat down. She looked beyond defeated, as though her world had collapsed and there was no way to repair it. "I came to congratulate you in person." As she looked him up and down, watching him sip from his scotch, she continued. "You ruined my relationship with Nate, Serena, and all of my friends. Even Little Jenny thinks she's too good for me… so. Bravo. Just like you wanted." She paused for a moment, wondering if he would say anything to her yet, when he didn't, she continued. "I have no one to turn to but you."

"Actually… you don't even have me." He said, slurring his words.

"Enough," Blair said in an attempt to keep control of the situation, but Chuck wouldn't hear of it.

"I'll try to be more succinct. You held a certain fascination, when you were beautiful, delicate, and untouched. But now you're like… one of the Arabians my father used to own, rode hard and put away wet." He waited, wondering if he could go back from there, apologize and see if she would ever forgive him. Seeing the hurt look in her eyes, he choose to continue, to show her the same amount of pain that she had showed him when he saw her entering the hotel room with Nathaniel only moments after she had ended things with him. "I don't want you anymore… and I can't see why anyone else would.

He took another drink of his scotch and rested his face in his hands, instantly regretting what he had said when he saw the look of utter pain in Blair's eyes. The shock the resounded when he finished his small speech, that he no longer appeared to care about her, when in reality, he had never cared about her more. Chuck waited to be slapped, a reaction that he deserved and more from the Queen B, when he realized that she wasn't who she had been, she wasn't the Queen B anymore, and she wasn't his Blair. As he watched her get up and leave without a sound, he regretted the text message, what he had just said, and most of all, losing the one person that he had cared about other than Nathaniel.

Once she was out of the building, he watched her slowly walk away, as though she was expecting him to get up and run after her, telling her that it was all a cruel joke that wasn't real. When he couldn't see her anymore, he covered his face with his hands and let the few tears escape that he had covered up with alcohol and anger.

At that moment, Chuck desperately wanted to tell Blair that he had sent Serena a text message, saying that something had happened and he had left Blair devastated and that he needed her to fix it. To make sure that she didn't do anything rash that she would eventually end up regretting in the end. He had waited for days, spent every day until Serena finally called four days later completely drunk. Beyond his usual drunkenness, just wondering what else he could do to screw up his life, never realizing that there wasn't much more that he could do though. He was just glad that Serena had managed to fix the mess that he had made out of everything, that Blair was okay and that she was staying in the Upper East Side.

Chuck followed Blair up the stairs as her phone rang, watched her glance at it before handing it over to Serene. As Blair turned to look at Chuck, obviously wondering what was going on, and if the two of them were okay again, Serene dropped the phone not even a minute after it was handed to her; as it fell down the stairs, Blair and Chuck quickly turned their heads to look up at their friend, the one that they had been shoved together to protect and save. She had a look of shock on her face before she walked down the stairs and towards the door when Chuck sprang into action and grabbed her.

"Serena?" Blair said just loud enough to be heard by her and Chuck.

"Georgie's with Dan. They… they… can I please just go home?" Blair nodded her head and helped Chuck guide her through the people to the outside, with Blair's hands underneath Chuck's.

As Chuck let go of Serena's shoulders and Blair's hands, Blair turned to look at Chuck with a questioning look on her face. "Limo." He whispered. Blair quickly nodded and moved her hands off of Serena's shoulder's to grip one of her hands.

"Serena, you were right; Dan's a good person and he won't do anything."

"It's Georg-Geor-Georgina. She can… god, she can get you to do anything that she wants you to do." Her words were coming in between short gasps, signaling that her strength was starting to waver dangerously. "Please just take me home, I don't want anyone to see me like this. Not even you Blair."

Blair glanced over at Chuck as he was pulling his cell phone from his ear, "Five minutes," he whispered as he put his hand on the small of Blair's back. He quickly took a few steps closer to her before sliding his hand around her back and to her waist. She leaned against him and began to shake her head before looking up at him, with obvious worry showing in her eyes, along with some other emotions that Chuck wasn't quite sure what they were. "She'll be okay," he quickly whispered to her and she placed her head on his collarbone, she quickly nodded up and down before turning her attention to Serena.

"We'll get you through this, okay? You're going to be okay, and no matter what you'll be fine, regardless of what happens with Dan in the future." All Serena did was nod as more tears streaked her cheek, leaving more lines of mascara running vertically across her face.

As the limo pulled up, Chuck quickly picked Serene up as her legs had started to wobble, while Blair gave him a thankful look, showing him how grateful she was that he had been the one that was standing next to her as she attempted to help Serena through all of this. Chuck climbed into the limo before setting Serena down in the corner, making sure to lean her against the wall before turning to Blair, motioning her inside while he moved aside, making room for her to slide in next to Serena.

Quickly closing the door, he watched Serena collapse against the wall more and begin to sob as Blair rubbed what was exposed of her back, trying to sooth her. Blair turned her head around to look at chuck, as though wanting him to do something about the condition that Serena was in, when he shrugged his shoulders and whispered that he had never been all that good with crying women. She glared at him before turning back to Serena, hugging her to her body and whispering soothing words into her hair.

Chuck watched the two most important women in his life, one whom he loved and the other who was soon to be his sister but that he loved to tease and banter with. They were in two very different positions than they had been just a month ago, Blair was back on her feet and quickly gaining her position as Queen B back, whereas Serena was had just been crushed by her ex-best friend and ex-boyfriend. Seeing a van der Woodsen crushed was a once in a lifetime thing, and for Chuck to see it twice in the past week, was something that he wasn't sure he could handle. As he put his arm around Blair's waist, effectively giving her his support and comfort without saying something that may have just made the situation worse.

He watched over Blair's shoulder as the scenes of New York blazed by, quickly realizing that the Palace was near, he removed his hand from Blair's waist and set his other hand on her shoulder before telling her that they would be there in a second. She nodded and stepped off the seat, still slightly holding Serena, waiting for him to move in so he could carry her easier. "She's in no condition to walk, Chuck, just help me get her to her room and settle in for the night and we'll figure out where to go from here." It was all that he could do to nod.

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