Summary: Max meets his ex, Roxanne again after all those years, and starts having funny feelings he doesn't want to laugh abou

Summary: Max meets his ex, Roxanne again after all those years, and starts having funny feelings he doesn't want to laugh about. But the trouble is his girlfriend, Mona… will sparks fly? Mona/OOC

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Chapter 1:

Sixteen-year-old Max leaned out of the car window and let the wind blow through his hair. He let out a sigh and pulled his head back in again to continue driving.

"See anything interesting?" the brunette asked from the passenger's seat.


The girl's chin-length hair moved a bit as she chuckled. "Silly. You looked out the window. I just wanted to know why."

"Oh, nothing really," said Max honestly as he swerved. "I guess I should drive more safely."

"You drive perfectly fine," said Mona seductively, inching closer to him. She would have reached her goal if he had suddenly turned his head and noticed something.

"Oh, Mona, you should put your seatbelt on." He turned back to the windshield. His girlfriend groaned a bit as she did as he said.

"Maybe too good of a driver," Mona muttered under her breath, pouting with her arms crossed and her shoulders in level with the top of her head. The rest of the ride went smoothly without any interruptions. There were hardly any cars on the road, much to Mona's dismay. Well, they weren't exactly in the city, so she shouldn't be surprised, but still

"Say Max?" she spoke after a long time.

"Yeah?" said Max as he made another swerve. She was slightly annoyed that he wasn't paying very much attention to her, but she didn't let that show.

"Remember that you're turning seventeen soon. And then you'll be able to live on your own, without Mr. Goof." She smiled sweetly at Max, who didn't look at her once.

"Yeah. It'll get a load off our shoulders, but I guess I'll miss him a lot. I'll visit him sometimes."

Mona nodded patiently. "And we'll share an apartment!"

"AH!" Max abruptly stamped on the breaks, having nearly hit a chipmunk. "Sorry, Dale!" he called out the window. The little chipmunk brushed himself off before accepting his apology. Max was already driving when he responded to Mona's statement. "But I thought you already had a roommate," he said impassively.

"Yeah… but when I heard we'd be in the same public housing, I called her and she agreed to exchanging with your roommate instead! It turns out those two already know each other."

"Oh, that's good," said Max. The way he was acting reminded Mona of a grown up on the phone wherein Mona was the child, asking favors which Max appeared say 'yes' to—when in fact he was saying it to the phone.

But it didn't matter. Mona set herself back comfortably on the seat to enjoy the rest of the ride. Nothing would go wrong…


Or so she thought before they arrived. It turned out that Mona still had many more belongings to move to her new apartment, so she had many more work to do before settling down.

"Don't worry," said Max kindly when he saw her disappointed expression. "I'll help."

This statement cheered her up. It gave her the feeling that Max would always love her that way, and no one else. That would never change, Mona decided. "Well… I'll start with this box then," said Max, then picked up the heavy box below him and started to hobble after his girlfriend into the apartment when he heard a noise.

"Agh! I can find my room number myself, thanks!"

Max looked up and a few yards away, saw a girl with billowing red hair struggling with a tall, bulky man who was clinging to her arm. Max frowned; knowing at once that this was harassment.

"Don't worry… if you don't find your apartment you can just stay in mine…ha, ha, ha!"

The girl cringed and made another attempt to loosen her arm away from his grasp. "Please…"

"Please what?" the man said in a low voice. He wrapped his hand around her waist and pulled her closer, to which she winced. He breathed on her the top of her red-haired head and she tried to escape. But this made him press her against him harder, so that she was almost suffocating.

Max, now furious, was already marching over there when Mona peeked from the doorframe. "Max, where are you going?"

Not answering, Max continued until he was close enough to shout, "HEY! LET GO OF HER!"

The man looked up and growled, annoyed that he had been interrupted. "And whatcha gonna do about it? You gonna fight me? Huh?" he laughed, knowing that he was twice the size of Max.

"No," said Max sternly. "Fighting is only for idiots who can't find anything better to do… or are too stupid to know what is better."

Insulted, the man let go of the girl's arm, whose owner began to nurse it at once. The man approached Max with an air of fury and lunged a fist at him. Max immediately crouched to the side with his right leg outstretched, causing his opponent to trip and fall on his face with a might crash.

"Let's make it look like he tripped on his untied shoelaces so we won't have to pay for that," said Mona, eyeing the broken wood. She crouched down and untied the laces of his right shoe.

"You're so smart, Mona," said Max, grinning.

Mona grinned back proudly at him. After two seconds she noticed the redheaded girl. "Oh, are you okay, honey?"

She smiled. "My arm's a little sore but yes, I'm okay. Thanks to you two."

"No problem. There are some really big jerks here, so you better be careful," Max warned, stepping a bit closer.

"Y-yeah…" she responded, as they got closer. Mona blinked.



The next thing Mona knew, the two of them were hugging and Max was twirling Roxanne in the air. With intense force Mona ripped them apart and shifted her gaze from her boyfriend to the 'newcomer'. "You know each other?" she demanded fiercely.

The two did not seem to notice her tone of voice. Cheerfully, they slid their arms around each other. "Hell yeah…" Max said. "Mona… this is Roxanne! I've known her through high school… And Roxanne, this is Mona!"

"…His girlfriend…" Mona added, emphasizing the word 'girlfriend'. She was giving Roxanne a frosty smile. "And we're sharing a room now. We were just moving my stuff so if you'll excuse us, we'll go back to our work…"

"Oh!" said Roxanne. "Can I help?"

Mona was about to angrily refuse but Max was quicker. "Golly, Rox, that's real nice of you to help us the second we see each other again. But yeah…" he eyed the multiple boxes sitting in the corner. "I guess we could a little help. Mona would be especially delighted." Mona moaned inwardly at this. "Oh, and carry only the little boxes, mind. We don't want to trouble you that much."

Roxanne giggled. "Oh, I think I can handle it." She made her way to a heavy-looking box and started to lift it, struggling at first. Mona prayed that she would topple over, but the redhead gradually yet determinedly stood upright. Max was impressed.

"Well you sure proved me wrong," said Max, smiling. Then, probably to impress her in turn, he picked up an even bigger box and in its weight started to fall backward. "WHOA—"

"Ah!" Roxanne cried and grabbed his elbows. She, however, had pulled too hard and both of them began to fall in her direction. The box flew out of Max's hands and slid to the side, hitting Mona's left ankle. Then the position that followed was a very awkward one. Max was on top of Roxanne, on his elbows. Roxanne was also on her elbows, due to the wall behind her. They froze, staring at each other's startled expressions for a while until a sharp voice interrupted them.


The pair looked in her direction. She was wearing a stern expression. Then they looked at each other, gasped, and blushing, pulled away. Max leaped off Roxanne and helped her up, scratching the back of his neck. "Um… sorry," he said, his cheeks red.

"Yeah… I'm all right," replied Roxanne, her cheeks still pink. They both smiled at each other and they didn't let go of each other's hands until Mona picked up a small box and said, "Ahem? Shouldn't we be getting back to work?"

The two responded in an awkward and goofy way.

"Oh, oh yeah!"

"Yeah, we should…"

These were the last two sentences of their jumbled rambles. They each gave each other a lip-biting look then turned to help Mona with the rest of the boxes.


"Whew! I need to take a break." Panting, Max collapsed onto the mini-couch and rested his left leg over his right thigh. His arms were outstretched and his head faced the ceiling. His tongue hung over the side of his mouth.

"You're right," said Roxanne, plopping on beside him. Mona tried to look cheerful and sat opposite them.

"So how did you two know each other?" asked Mona.

"Oh, we've known each other all through high school," said Roxanne, wiggling her eyebrows at Mona. Then she added in a stage whisper, "so I can tell you anything about him if you want to—"

"Aw, come on, Rox," Max groaned. Roxanne giggled and patted his shoulder, making him smile.

"Don't worry, Maxie, it's just for your presents and stuff…"

"Great way to make me seem 'cool' in front of my girlfriend, Roxanne…"

"Um…ahem?" said Mona, directing the couple's attention back to her, "that's great and all, Roxanne, but I asked how you two knew each other… what kind of relationship you had…"

Almost immediately, Roxanne gulped, and blushing, looked away. His face red, Max scratched his head and looked at his knees. Mona raised her eyebrow suspiciously. If Max and Roxanne were just high school buddies, then surely they wouldn't have acted this way. Max lifted his head to respond.

"Er… well, you see, Mona… Roxanne and I…"

Mona leaned slightly forward.


Mona leaned even more so that her elbows almost touched her knees, her eagerness now apparent. But the couple, who were not looking at her, didn't notice anything at all.

"…We… we used to be boyfriend and girlfriend."


A/N: You will have to get used to my cliffhangers.