Supremely Annoying A/N: Alright people, you guys ain't reviewing much so I'm not gonna grace ya'll with another chapter. Don't you know how desperate I've been, checking my inbox everyday? Tell your friends and maybe you'll get your chapters faster. How will I know if I'm being appreciated?

Anyway, I can't just leave my pretties with nothing so here's a few things I wanted straightened out; I'll even include already-answered questions :D.


1) How did Mona manage to hurt Roxanne with that knife? It seems impossible to me!

You may have noticed that it was impossible for the knife to hit Roxanne in some sense, but I'll explain: Mona did not drop it from hip length. She sort of threw it upward (it was hesitant and she did it unconsciously) and it dropped to form a rainbow, scraping Roxanne's skin as it went down; as she saved Mona. It wasn't deep cut, it just scraped a wide area of skin. It didn't damage her bone or anything making it hard for her to walk, but I've been in that sort of situation so you'll have to trust me: I couldn't walk. It was even just a scrape on the KNEE for me! How much more if the scrape covered almost your whole leg?

2) Will Mona still be a main character seeing as her evil side has been exposed?

She will still be an important character in the story and we'll still be following her. I'll manage it somehow ;). I've already decided whether or not she will have a happy ending, but that's only for me to know.

3) Does Bradley love Mona? What about Roxanne?

Well, he seems to like the former; I'm not sure and definitely not telling about love, but for certain, he has taken a very large interest in Roxanne and may even like her too. (Shrug)

4) Did Mona really love Max?

I suspect she did, but he wasn't any more special than the rest of her boyfriends and I guess her feelings for him didn't overpower her unfaithfulness. Maybe she feels something for Bradley?

5) Will we be having more of Conscience?!? Is she really Roxanne's Conscience?!?

Hmm…. For your first quessie, I don't know! Do you guys want her??

6) Why did the cow jump over the moon?

Clarabelle: To get to the other side!

It's possible for me to edit this, so put in as many questions as you want and I'll include them.