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"Sasori! Kisame! Hidan!" Aki-sensei shouted; his voice echoed in the corridors. "LOOK WHAT MESS YOU'VE DONE AGAIN!!"

A redhead at the by back part of the room sighed. "Tsss. Did that nerd told his mama what we've done?" He laid his legs on his desk, and placed his hands behind his head. "Yan Yan indeed is a mama's boy."

Nobody laughed even though they knew it was a joke. Nevertheless, Kisame and Hidan smirked.

Well, Sasori is probably the coolest and hottest guy in their school. Although he was somehow feared, he still had a lot of fangirls- no wonder; he had the charm that made 'em all goin' crazy.

He had friends, Kisame and Hidan, and they also love bullying. However, they're not as appealing as Sasori, so every Valentine's Day, both of them spend their time watching him munch his chocolates.

"Um… Uh…"

"Common, kid. Introduce yourself."

"Hi, classmates. I'm Deidara. Un." He blushed in embarrassment. Oh my god. I couldn't stand here any longer; all their eyes are staring at me! "Sensei, where will I seat? Un."

Aki pointed him a chair far away. The left part was the window, at the right was Sasori, with his usual position, and behind was Hidan, drawing little figures on his desk. Kisame was sitting in front of Sasori.

Deidara first noticed the redhead. "He's cool. Un" Definitely, he was attracted by the charisma of Sasori.

Deidara walked to his seat, and couldn't resist glimpsing at him. He had never seen such a gorgeous guy like him in his entire life. He was about to greet Sasori, but was surprised when he looked.

And he spoke...

"Nice hairdo."

Everyone giggled; Deidara was totally embarrassed.

"Is that hairstyle the hottest craze today? If that is, IT'S CHEAP" Sasori brushed his hair with his fingers. "Why don't you curl it? Hmm… or braid it? Or…"

Deidara was pissed off. "What is the fuck'n problem with you, huh?! Un."

Sasori was so shocked with this blondie. See? He was the first man to shout at him.

"Fuck yourself, weirdo!" Sasori was awfully fuming that time, and nearly punched Deidara in the face. But he didn't.

"Tsss. If you're just an old student here, I would have punched you."

Deidara was so frightened. "Maybe I'll need a buddy to join me at recess… Un…"

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