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Yeah, let's begin.

The orange sun was setting. It was beautiful, since it was brighter that the other sunsets before. Sasori and Deidara walked together again when they saw the sun. They headed to the shore and sat on the soft white sand.

"Sasori-danna, the sky is so orange. Un." Deidara said, laying his chin on his knees. The color of the place was absorbed by Sasori's maroon eyes, which Deidara really loved. He slightly rolled his blue eyes to his left and stared at Saosri's serious face. "What's wrong, Sasori-danna? Un."

Sasori didn't respond. He closed his eyes and listened to the splash of the waves. Deidara was curious so he just stood up and splashed on the water. His pants were wet, yet he didn't care. It was a very precious moment with his Sasori-danna.

Sasori opened his eyes, hearing the laughs and shouts of Deidara. He had never seen him as happy as this before. He gazed at the beautiful blonde and noticed every detail. Sasori loved Deidara's smooth, shiny hair that sways freely when he moves. He could see every strand swinging along while he runs.

Sasori headed to Deidara, who was enjoying the water. "Brat, you're wet!" he shouted. Deidara laughed, "It's fun, Sasori-danna! Come here! Un." He ran to Sasori and grabbed his arm. "W-what are you doing, Deidara?"

Deidara splashed some water to Sasori's face. "Danna, we're having fun. Un." He splashed more water to Sasori, but it seems that Sasori wasn't having fun. His eyes glared at Deidara. "What's wrong, Sasori-danna? Un."

"If you do not stop wetting me, I'll kill you." Sasori said.

"Kill me? Danna, you won't scare me with those. If you don't want to play, then go home, okay? Un." He continued playing, but suddenly stepped on a sharp seashell.

"What happened?" Sasori asked.

"I stepped on a seashell. Un." cried Deidara, walking with his one foot. He was having a hard time going to the sand part so Sasori carried him.

"You're strong, Sasori-danna. Un." Deidara smiled. When Sasori laid Deidara on the sand, he held Deidara's bleeding foot. He tore a piece of cloth from his shirt and bandaged Deidara's wound. "Are you okay?" he asked.

Deidara was extremely blushing that time that he couldn't answer Sasori.

"I told you not to play there, brat." Sasori scolded. "Stupid brat!"

"Sasori-danna, you should have left me alone. You were about to leave when I accidentally stepped at that frickin' seashell. Un."

"It's because I care for you, idiot!" Sasori shouted, blushing. "Honestly, I don't want anything bad to happen to you! Don't you see it in my actions?"

Deidara smiled, "I saw it when you saved me from those Shonen High bastards. Un."… "But, do you really care, Sasori-dan--

The blonde wasn't able to finish his words because of Sasori's lips stuck in his. Sasori's hands gently held Deidara's hands, and kissed him more passionately. Deidara's eyes were wide open in surprise. Suddenly, Sasori grabbed Deidara's body and embraced it tightly. "Shut up, brat. I told you I care for you." he whispered.

It may be difficult to tell,

So what I feel

My actions reveal


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