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"Inuyasha . . .NOW!" The young raven-haired girls voice rang out across the field.

"Kagome, if it didn't work the first three times, what makes you think that the backlash will suddenly manage to destroy Naraku this time?!"

Kagome looked across the clearing to where Kikyo stood. The two women locked eyes and nodded once to show they understood each other.

"Listen Inuyasha, if I say it will work, then it will work! Just trust me for once will ya?"

"Keh, whatever! I suppose it can't hurt to attack him again."

Quickly, he swung the Tetsusaiga towards the evil hanyou ahead, and at the same time the twang of bows could be heard as two pink shafts of light raced ahead to join the raging tornado of winds. The arrows swirled around Inuyasha's backlash wave, bathing the fields in an eerie warm glow.

From their various positions around the clearing the members of the Inu-Tachi held their breath as they willed the half-youkai and both the Shikon miko's combined attack to hit its mark, and finally obliterate Naraku.

However, seconds before the purifying winds made contact with him, he was blasted out of the way by another attack of light, though this one was blue. The pink backlash wave continued straight on, missing the hanyou by inches, and destroying the area of forest in its pathway.

"Kagome!" Inuyasha grabbed her round the waist and jumped backwards just before a large branch fell from the sky, hitting the ground directly where she had been standing merely seconds ago. Landing a few feet away from Miroku and Sango, Inuyasha kept hold of Kagome, even as he looked around to see if the undead-miko had managed to get out of the line of danger. He managed to seek her out, though he was surprised by what he saw. She had turned her back and was walking away, her ever present bow slung over her shoulder, and her soul-collectors following her into the forest.

"Kikyo . . . KIKYO! Where are you going? You can't just leave!" Inuyasha shouted after her. The priestess showed no sign that she had heard him, but merely continued on her path, away from the battle.

: Damn her. Why must she always feel that she needs to face these things on her own? I've sworn myself to protect her, yet she still battles without me. I've asked her to join the group, but she says she won't while Kagome is here. She's asking me to pick between my first love and . . . well, Kagome. I could never do that. I know I love Kikyo, but I'm still not sure how I feel about Kagome. She's always there, and would never try and make me to choose, and she just wants me to be happy. Ow, all this thinking is giving me a headache!

Inuyasha hung his head, and let his bangs cover his eyes.

: I've promised I will love Kikyou, but how can I when she will no longer let me near to her heart?

Kagome looked over at her hanyou friend standing next to her. She could tell he was thinking about her incarnate. It had been a long time since she had thought of Inuyasha as anything more than a friend. She had been sure that he didn't think of her like that the day of her 17th birthday, almost a year ago.

Begin Flashback

After going home for the night so she could be with her family for the morning of her birthday, she had returned to find a well-worn track around the well. It was remarkable there was any grass in the clearing at all after 3 years of Inuyasha's pacing every time she left for the present. However, there was no Inuyasha. Figuring he must have gotten bored of waiting she began the long trek down to the village of Edo. However, half way down she had heard a yell that sounded very familiar, and so dropping her big black bag (her yellow one had finally given up after she was kidnapped by a bird demon) and grabbing her bow she had run off in the direction of the sound.

She had burst into the clearing, before quickly back tracking to duck behind a tree. Standing under the Goshinboku was Kikyo and Inuyasha. She tried to slow her heavy breathing, and trained her ears to their voices. She knew she shouldn't be eavesdropping on what was obviously their private conversation, but she couldn't help herself. Besides, she had reasoned, if she left now they would no doubt hear her and then would assume that she had been eavesdropping for ages. So instead, she had held herself as still as possible and waited it out. She could still remember their words, for at the time each one had cut through her heart like a knife.

"Inuyasha, do you still wish to be with me, even though I am no longer of this world?"

"Of course I do Kikyo. I've told you so many times before, I love you. Let me protect you!" Inuyasha tried to pull her towards him, but she placed her hands on his chest and pushed him away, releasing just enough of her miko powers to shock him into stepping back. The hurt in his eyes was obvious, but still she went on.

"While you protect my reincarnation you cannot protect me as well. I won't allow it. She has stolen my soul, and I will not allow her to steal you as well."

"No-one could steal me from you Kikyo. There's never been anyone but you!"

Kikyo narrowed her eyes at him, and accusing said;

"So you admit that you do not love that girl, a mere image of myself?" Inuyasha did not even hesitate to answer her.

"Of course I love Kagome, but I love her as a sister, much the same as I love Sango. I love you as my mate. I could never love anyone like I love you. I would die for you Kikyo."

At this point Kagome had been too hurt to listen anymore, and had fled the scene, not caring if the couple heard or saw her. She just had to get away. Picking up her bag from the ground where she had dropped it only 10 minutes ago, she had made her way to Kaede's village with tear filled eyes.

End Flashback

After that she had endeavored to grow stronger, so she did not have to rely on Inuyasha to protect her all the time. While she harbored no hard feelings towards the hanyou, she had decided that she needed to be able to look out for herself, just in case he should ever choose to return to Kikyo's side.. She had taken up archery and sword fighting classes while she was in the present and had shown a natural aptness for the skills. She could now shoot a moving target accurately from a distance of 200 meters, and wield a double-edged sword and a pair of Sai as skillfully as chopsticks. She had attended Kendo classes and was now skilled in hand-to-hand combat. She had been sparring with Sango and Miroku now for 6 months, and had finally managed to beat them both two weeks ago.

She had also been working on her miko skills with Kaede. She had mastered the art of healing, by practicing on her self because she could not stand to see the others get hurt for her benefit. She could successfully shoot purifying and binding arrows, and had recently begun trying a method of creating a barrier around an object by shooting an arrow at it. This had however had mixed results. One time she had managed to create a barrier, while purifying the rabbit she had been trying to protect. She had also managed to pin Sango to a tree by her ponytail, and had been unable to break the spell for a whole 8 hours.

All this training had resulted in a tougher Kagome, but no less kind and considerate. She cared for every one she saw, and acted before she thought in battles, especially if it meant putting herself in danger to save another.

Both Inuyasha and Kagome were pulled out of their thoughts by a loud crack, as the last tentacle of the pink backlash wave destroyed a tall tree.

Once the light had faded and the debris had settled, the group looked towards the east from where the unwanted intervention had come from.

There, standing with sword still raised and platinum hair blowing in the wind, was a familiar white armor-clad figure. His golden eyes flickered towards the group, before moving back to Naraku, who was currently escaping, surrounded by Saimyosho.


Inuyasha was fuming, and looked ready to kill his brother, which in all honesty he was probably about to try.

"Inuyasha," Sesshomaru calmly spoke, without even looking at his half-brother, "I have told you before. I will be the one to take Naraku down, and you will not get in my way."

"You can't stop me! That bastard has done more to me than he has ever done to you! I will kill him, but not before I finally kill you!" He raised Tetsusaiga and made forward as if to strike Sesshomaru when he heard a voice from behind him.

The rest of the group had been watching the confrontation with growing anticipation. However, after Inuyasha's outburst, the hentai monk had stepped forward and addressed the demon lord.

"Lord Sesshomaru, forgive me for asking, but what is it that Naraku has done to you which warrants your wrath?" His purple eyes searched the demon lord's face for any sign of emotion, but the youkai's stoic mask never slipped.

"The filthy hanyou threatened the life of something that belongs to this Sesshomaru, and hence I will have my revenge." While his words showed his anger towards the evil being, neither his eyes nor face displayed any emotion other than distain for the ningens in front of him.

:Of course, Kagome thought, Rin. The little girl that followed Sesshomaru around. It is odd that he should care so much for the girl. I mean, she is after all a human.

Over the times that the two groups had met, Kagome had developed quite a bond with Rin. She had begun to love her like her own daughter, though Rin called her onee-sama.

"Sesshomaru. . ."

The taiyoukai turned his golden pools towards Kagome, and she melted a little inside.

:Damn, why does Sesshomaru have to be so hot!

Pushing the thoughts from her mind, she asked the question that had been worrying her for the last few minutes.

"Where is Rin? Is she safe?"

The demon lord's eyes narrowed suspiciously.

:Why does my brother's wench wish to know of the welfare of this Sesshomaru's ward? Could it be that she cares for the girl? I know Rin has taken to calling her sister."

"You dare to question my ability to protect those that I am responsible for, girl?"


: Funny, Inuyasha constantly calls me wench, bitch or woman, and that's fine, but when Sesshomaru does it. . .that's it! You're all going to die! Hypocritical baka!

Inuyasha charged at his brother, and released the Kongosoha. Sesshomaru's eyes widened in surprise at the new attack and barely had time to jump out of the way before the shards of diamond hit him. One caught his shoulder, spinning him in the air as it tore through his clothing. Blood dripped from his hand, but if the wound caused him pain, he showed no sign of it. He landed a few feet away, and went to draw Tokijin but for once Inuyasha was quicker. Before Sesshomaru had even landed he had released another wave of diamond spears at him, and this one was heading straight for Sesshomaru, and he had no time to avoid it.

Kagome, watching the fight from the sidelines, saw Inuyasha throw the second round of spears at his brother and knew that he was not going to be able to move out of the way. Thinking quickly, she did the only thing that she could think of, and just hoped it worked.

She grabbed her bow off of her back, and slid an arrow out of the quiver and strung it. She pointed the arrow at Sesshomaru and fired, crossing her fingers that her plan would work.

The arrow flew across the field, quicker than Inuyasha's attack, heading straight for Sesshomaru's heart. She had filled the arrow with everything she had; her fear for his life, her anger at Inuyasha's stupidity, and her will for them all to survive. The arrow hit true, piercing Sesshomaru's heart and instantly disintegrating. For a moment, she feared that it hadn't worked as the diamond spears neared him. However, as the first of the shards hit his armor and the taiyoukai closed his eyes for what he thought was the last time, a beautiful pinkish light filled the clearing, forcing everyone to shield their eyes. A tugging feeling at Kagome's heart forced her to open her eyes, and she was thrown into a new world.

Looking around, she could see the others, with their hands over their eyes, but time seemed to have stood still. Sesshomaru stood ahead of her, and she began to jog towards him, chanting under her breath, praying to every Kami that he was alright. As she drew close to him she could see that while his body was also frozen, his eyes were following her. Obviously he was still conscious. It was then that she realized time was standing still, merely moving at an incredibly slow pace. She could see the Kongosoha hit Sesshomaru squarely in the chest, and yet as they touched him, they shattered into pink glitter, spreading out across the whole field. Looking closer, she could see that his whole body was covered in what she could only describe as a second skin, though instead of being made of flesh, it was a net of pink light, the strands making it up almost invisible.

Turning around, she saw that the others still faced away, and that she was still standing 20 meters back, where she had fired the arrow.

:So this is what having an out of body experience is like. I guess it's not that weird when you think of everything else I've seen while I've been here, but it sure is freaky!

Turning back to the demon lord she looked up at his face. She studied his features, knowing that he was looking back at her. She reached out and touched one of the magenta lines that ran across his cheek. As she did so, she noticed the crescent moon that adorned his forehead. She reached her hand up to touch it, when suddenly a pink glow shone from under his skin. It looked almost identical to the one that she had in her side, when she first came through the well, before the Shikon no Tama had burst out of her body. She slowly reached one finger out and lightly touched his forehead, just over his mark and the pink glow.

Light erupted from under her fingertip, and she was thrown back into her body. She immediately turned round and watched as the beams of light from Sesshomaru's form quickly dissipated.

She watched as he slowly reached his hand up to his forehead and touched his mark where her fingers had been only seconds previously. Pulling his hand away he turned to face her and searched her eyes for some answers.

Her eyes moved from the crack in his armor where her arrowed had hit him, up to his eyes, and then up to his forehead. What she saw there made her gasp. At the same time she felt a piercing pain in her left hip, and she fell to her knee's at the sensation. Inuyasha moved towards her, but Sesshomaru was there before him. He wrapped his tail around her wrist, before lifting her chin up to meet his gaze with his only hand.

Meeting his eyes, she saw his confusion, but she could also feel it in the back of her mind. Stuttering, she tried to speak.

"S…S…Sess…Sesshomar…maru…Oh Kami...I'm…I'm so sorry."

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