assassin in campus

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Summary: Alice Academy is a school for exclusively rich students. An assassin is inside the campus- who has a mission to kill a student studying there. Who is the assassin and who will be the one to be killed? NOTE: There will be a roller coaster ride in the story.

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About the story: Mikan and the rest of the gang is already 15 years old, they just got 5 years older. Alice academy in this story is not a school for persons who have alices. they are just plainly rich students who are the children of the high society. Natsume here is just a transferee and there will be some OCs that i made. Kindly bear with me. thanks

the upcoming end begins

"I have to kill her"
it was the last word the boy uttered after he left the organization.

It was morning in Japan. There is a certain place wherein you can find a school with rich students- whom are the children of the high societies. This exclusive-for-rich-students school is called Alice Academy.

"Mikan, you're getting loud again" her best friend warned.

"But Hotaru, I really missed our school!" Mikan said with her eyes really being amazed. All that Hotaru can respond is a soft sigh.

"Hey! You guys!" a boy with blonde hair greeted. Hotaru looked back with her cold eyes, while Mikan is still busy admiring the school.

"Uh..." the blonde boy blushes as he and Hotaru share glances. Mikan turned around, letting her to see her friend- Ruka.

"Ruka-pyon!" Mikan hugged her friend- that made Ruka blush again.

"Mikan, we are already 15 but you still call me as Ruka-pyon" the boy complained.

"But, I want too!" Mikan pouted. Ruka just gave his friend a little smile.

Mikan hurriedly ran. "I want to go around in our campus!" Mikan yelled. She ran excitedly as she got near at the gate of the school.

"That's the girl" A boy whispered with a hi-tech one eyed glasses-use for zooming, while holding a picture of a girl. He is spying from a tree, standing on a big branch of it. "Alice Academy…" he whispered again, looking at the big gate of the school.

Mikan and her friends went inside their school. Mikan was amazed. "They sure have those renovations…" Ruka commented as he scans the buildings of the school.

"I wonder where will be my room" Mikan asked to no one.

"Good question Ms. Sakura" a robot popped from no where. Mikan got shocked but quite excited. "Wow! A robot who is talking!" Mikan yelped.

"Yes, I am talking, you must register your name for your ID right here" The robot pointed at its stomach.

"Huh? How?" Mikan asked, bewildered. "Wow, I thought there's no one stupid in here" The robot said sarcastically, "Just get over here" the robot pulled Mikan.

The robot's expression changed. "Mikan Sakura, 3rd yr high school, room 18G, class-A, 15 yrs old. Please say cheese" the robot said. "huh?" A sudden click and a flash surprised Mikan. "Wait for a second" the robot made some strange sound. It opened its mouth that revealed a card. It was Mikan's ID.

"Wow, hi-tech" Ruka was amazed by what he is seeing.

Mikan get her ID from the robot's mouth. She looked at her ID, it was complete in information. When Mikan looked at her picture, it looks like, "Hey! I look stupid here!" Mikan complain. "well…" The robot moved away a little. "I said 'Say cheese'" Mikan just pouted.

"I need my ID too" Hotaru said. "Yes Ms. Imai" the robot's expression changes again. "Hotaru Imai, 3rd year high school, room 1G, class-A, 15 yrs old, my creator. Please say money" the robot said. "Money..." then a flash appeared. The robot made a funny sound again.

"W-wait… you made this Hotaru?!" Mikan asked, amused.

"Yeah…" Hotaru answered plainly.

"How? What? When? Why didn't you tell me?" Mikan said.

"I don't know… I just don't feel like to tell it to you" She said plainly.

"But we are best frie-" Mikan was cut off when the robot opened it's mouth containing Hotaru's ID. Hotaru got it and it's Ruka's turn to have an ID.

"Ruka Nogi, 3rd yr high school, room 2B, class-A, 15 years old. Please say rabbit" Ruka was confused. He was about to say rabbit when a flash suddenly came. After some second it revealed his ID too.

"You're picture is much worse than mine." Mikan said laughing. Ruka just blushed.

"I'm going to go in my room" Hotaru said plainly.

"But Hotaru, I want to go see around" Mikan complained.

"Nogi is here, he can accompany you." Hotaru said plainly. She walked away.

"But- HOTARU!!" Mikan called. Ruka just blushed again and again.

"Hotaru is always leaving me like that, I am lucky you're here or else, I'll be alone." Mikan complained again. Ruka just simpered.

A boy entered the school. He is quite a hottie for girl's eyes. While walking up the stairs to the hallway, murmurs and eyes are all in the boy's features.

"What have we have here… a new student" the robot from before greeted the boy in front of him. "sir, you need a test before entering this school"

"What are you anyway?" The boy asked with cold tone. "I am a robot, duh?" the robot answered.

"Whatever… so what's the test?" The boy asked.

"Ok, answer this correctly and you will be enrolled here in a flash. What is the name of our school?" The robot asked. "you only have 10 seconds" it continued.

"Are you insulting me? What kind of test is that?" The boy asked, looks like annoyed.

"Just answer it please…" The robot said, looking annoyed.

"Whatever, stupid robot. Alice academy" The boy answered with bored face.

"Please come closer" The robot pulled the boy closer.

"Natsume Hyuuga, 3rd yr high school, room 2B, class A, 15 yrs old. Say hottie" the robot said. The boy called Natsume was confused, without showing it. He just made a plain reaction. After some seconds, the robot revealed Natsume's ID.

"And Mr. Hyuuga, you have a room mate… that's all and goodbye" the robot flee.

'a room mate? such a disturbance...' Natsume told to himself. He buried his hands in his pocket, walking to search for his room.

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