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it's a sad fluff puff day

It was a peaceful afternoon in central town—the temporary store for students who are inside the school—a certain girl approaches the town. The town was in total fright but had no choice but to be open for her.

"I want to buy some fluff puff!!" Mikan yelled gleefully. She opened her wallet and saw—"My money? My money is gone!" Mikan cried while holding her wallet.

"as if you have money" Hotaru said blankly.

"I know I have money, but it was all gone now! Where did it go?!" Mikan cried louder, looking at all over the place.

"Mikan… I can lend-" Yuu was cut off when Tsubasa talked.

"I can treat you a whole box of fluff puff if you want" Tsubasa said smiling.

"Really Tsubasa -senpai?" Mikan suddenly stopped from crying. Her eyes were now shaped like a fluff puff. "You will treat me?" Mikan asked. "yeah…" Tsubasa answered still smiling. "We'll be back" Tsubasa said as he put his arms around Mikan's shoulder while they walked towards the fluff puff store.

"Hey Hotaru… is it ok for you that Tsubasa is like that?" Yuu asked the girl beside him.

"I have more important business than that. Let the kids do whatever they want" Hotaru said blankly as she walked towards some store. Yuu followed Hotaru quietly.

It was a long line in the fluff puff store and Tsubasa and Mikan was on the end. Tsubasa looked at his watch, 'it's really a long line for just a cotton candy' He thought.

"Hey Mikan, if you want I will be the one to wait for the line and just wait me in that bench. Is it alright?" Tsubasa asked Mikan.

"But why?" Mikan asked.

"I won't let you get tired" Tsubasa smiled. "oh…" Mikan said. "alright!" she smiled. "thanks for being kind Tsubasa-senpai!" she continued. "no prob" He beamed. Mikan walked and sat on the bench. She waved at Tsubasa that made the boy blushed a little. "I hope the line is moving…" He said to no one in particular.

After an hour, Tsubasa was finally at the counter. "one large box of fluff puff please" Tsubasa said. "for your girlfriend?" The cashier asked. "uhm.." Tsubasa looked at Mikan who is sitting on a bench. "yeah…" Tsubasa smiled shyly as he rubbed his head.

"Well, how sweet of boyfriend you are!" the cashier said as she prepared the fluff puff. "The girl must be very lucky to have you as a boyfriend. A sweet, handsome, hot and nice boyfriend like you is perfect!" the cashier lady continued. Tsubasa just smiled and blushed. "Here you go" the cashier gave the box of fluff puff to Tsubasa and he paid it. "thanks!" Tsubasa walked and went to Mikan who is sitting on the bench.

The cashier saw that Tsubasa gave the box of fluff puff to Mikan. Mikan hugged Tsubasa while smiles widely. "teenage love… how sweet!" the cashier blushed lightly.

"thanks Tsubasa-senpai! Thank You!" Mikan shrieked while she is hugging her beloved senpai. "You're welcome Mikan" Tsubasa smiled and hugged Mikan back.

"er- Mikan. I think we need to stop hugging now" Tsubasa said.

"but why?" Mikan said, smiling.

"People are looking at us. I think they are thinking we're a-- couple." Tsubasa said, blushing.

"oh… " Mikan suddenly let go of Tsubasa. And you know what happened, she blushed.

'nice going Tsubasa, you made an awkward situation. Tell something or I'll kill you!' Tsubasa said in his mind.

"I uh-" Tsubasa was going to say something when a sudden… "AHH!!" of a girl heard from a store. Tsubasa and Mikan hurriedly went to the destination of the girl and they saw…

"Hotaru!" Yuu yelped.

"H-hotaru?! What happened!?" Mikan asked. Tears were forming into her eyes. "Yuu, what happened to her?" Mikan asked, crying.

"I don't know…" Yuu said. "when I was looking for a paper she asked me to look for, I saw her lying on the ground and then that girl shouted." He continued pointing at the girl who shouted before.

"Hotaru?! Can you hear me? Please wake up!" Mikan said as she moved her friend back and forth.

Tsubasa lifted Hotaru. "Tsubasa-senpai?" Mikan was confused. "Let's get her to the clinic. So don't you worry Mikan, it will be alright" Tsubasa said smiling.

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