Prologue or Epilogue?

Once upon a time...

That is how many of these stories start, isn't it? Those words pique your interest and make you lean in to listen to the tale that is spun in front of you, sparking your imagination and giving you reign to dream. Yet, you never actually meet the characters of these stories, you never hear how it feels to be a part of those life-and-death struggles...

You never hear how their hearts were ripped to shreds as they watch or listen to a fellow character suffer.

This is the continuation of a story that was concluded many months ago. Why add to a story that was already finished, you may ask? It is because it wasn't complete; two hearts, two hearts overflowing with emotion did not get their happily ever after. Yes, the prince and princess rode off into the sunset, but what about everyone left behind?

What about them?

The knight that gave up his sword in order to stop the tragic tale from ending the way it was going to, the duck who became a girl, who became a princess to help the prince of the story in order to see him smile, who held in her confession of love in order to keep helping him and stood there, smiling and a duck once more, as he choose another to stand by his side...

So, a new story was started and an old one was continued. In this story, everyone was going get a happy ending, for the writer has a personal interest this time, other than watching a tragedy unfold. He has been practicing and writing for the townsfolk for days now, making sure his skills were polished until they shone. Now, he is ready.

Ready to finish the story he started before fear of losing her had caused him to put a knife through his hand, to stop the words that were causing her pain, ready to do more than watch, tears flowing down his eyes, as he wrote of the dance filled with hope that allowed the prince to defeat the monster raven and save his princess. A title that should have belonged toher.

Yet, in a selfish way, the writer was happy that the prince had chosen another to be his princess, for it meant that his happily ever after could happen, that the one he loved wouldn't disappear in a flash of light and that he could claim her as his princess.

The writer hoped that his selfishness wouldn't hurt the one he was writing this story for, that the duck that was now nestled on top of the cabin he shared with Charon would once again be happy as a girl, only this time, he would be her prince, her protector, and she wouldn't disappear if she confessed to loving him.

That was another reason why he had chosen to wait to start the story of the duck-turned-girl-than-duck again; he was afraid, after he swore that he would never feel fear again, that she would despair of being a girl again, still be in love with the prince or consider the writer only her friend, breaking a heart she couldn't put back together again.

Days and nights of wondering had only ended in shadows under his eyes and a grumpy attitude that earned him upturned noses and concerned quacks from that little yellow duck that held a special place in his heart.

The ex-knight finally decided to write that story, her story, late last night. After lying in bed, unable to sleep as usual, when he had climbed out of bed and onto the roof, silently creeping to the softly sighing form of his muse as she slept.

Laying beside her, the writer looked over the treetops to the town in the distance. Now that the wall was gone, people had been moving into the surrounding forests, almost unconsciously trying to put some distance between them and the tragedy that had happened there. The writer couldn't blame them, it was the first thing he did.

From this position, the first thing the writer could see was the bell tower on top of the ballet school, the school that he first met her, first came face-to-face with the clumsy, persistent, interfering, caring girl that a simple duck had turned into.

At first, he had been driven by the fact that she had been getting too close to Mytho, the prince of their story, and was determined to help him get his heart back and was cruel to her, fearful of the pain Mytho would feel if his heart was returned. He warned her away, yet she stayed close and even watched over him in her own clumsy way which earned his grudging respect but not his trust.

Finding out that she was Princess Tutu wasn't as big a surprise as finding out she had been the little duck that he had rescued. Princess Tutu had much of the same characteristics as Ahiru, although Princess Tutu was a bit more graceful. Her being a duck was more embarrassing than surprising, due to the fact that he had been crying once when they had met.

Afterward, they had formed an uneasy alliance and his feeling for her had grown from annoyance, to friendship, to compassion and then finally love. He had tried to show her that when they danced their pas de deux at the bottom of Lake Despair and even swore to be by her side even if she did stay a duck. A promise he had kept for six long month, long enough for him to miss the insistent chatter that he used to hate about Ahiru, but now added to long list of things he lost.

Petting the duck beside him, the knight-turned-writer swore that he would try to write their happily ever after, try to give her the happiness that she never got and deserved more than anyone else. He, Fakir, was going to write a story as full of hope as her last dance had been.

May Ahiru forgive him if this wasn't what she wanted.


So our story ends for today. What awaits us tomorrow? A happy ending? A sad ending? Or maybe...?

A/N: This is my first Princess Tutu fic and I really, really want it be good. I saw the anime and absolutely feel in love with it. I HATED the ending and wanted, no, needed, to add a ending for Fakir and Ahiru. Please review the chapters I add , I want this too be GOOD!!

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